The terrible downgrading of the ministry of Sports - The Point

" sport is not a priority ! "This formula, dropped during the confinement, was confirmed with the appointment of the new government of Jean Castex. On Monday,

The terrible downgrading of the ministry of Sports - The Point

" sport is not a priority ! "This formula, dropped during the confinement, was confirmed with the appointment of the new government of Jean Castex. On Monday, the ministry of Sports has been so diluted in an expanded portfolio of national Education, Youth and Sports. Until then minister, Roxana Maracineanu, therefore, becomes minister to delegate, under the tutelage of Jean-Michel Blanquer. A decision that can be explained in particular by the poor record of the ministry of Sports, marked by little concrete progress, a lot of clashes and approximations, difficulties to communicate and a huge lack of authority.

She was clearly not the first choice of the government of Edouard Philippe when he took office. After the revelations about the trials and tribulations tax of the former fencer Laura Flessel (ex-minister of Sports) in 2018, he quickly took the government to find a plan B. The choice was Roxana Maracineanu, former olympic champion, swimming and former regional counselor of Île-de-France (related PS), which was noted a few weeks ago during an interview granted to the Parisian, in the wake of the drowning of three young children in Chalon-sur-Saône. Figure of the swimming French, Roxana Maracineanu at the time had pushed a rant to make the learning of swimming his horse of battle. A position that had so captivated Édouard Philippe. They enter the game during the match (on September 4, 2018), Roxana Maracineanu, therefore, has benefited from nearly two years to make its evidence on the ground, and now the time is in the first balance sheet. Homophobia in the stadiums, sexual violence in the sport, or crisis of the coronavirus, the minister debutante has lived for two years very choppy, and its statistics show little convincing.

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If the swimmer can boast of having won victories, in particular on the issue of sexual violence in the sport, after the scandal that has erupted within the French Federation of ice sports where she was able to break the omerta, and to launch a national Convention (which led to the identification of 177 alleged assailants), its balance sheet, however, remains mixed. Very little concrete progress, and relationships to be catastrophic to the world of sport : in just two years, the minister has succeeded in alienating a large part of the professional sport in French. His squabble with the leadership of the football and the supporters, his refusal to prioritize the recovery of activity is professional sports – where in the neighbouring countries this was the case, and his inaction in general to the detriment of a sector sport stretched himself has earned his share of criticism. In accepting the post, Roxana Maracineanu does not seem to have taken the measure of the magnitude of the challenge that awaited him and was not able to embody a public policy ambitious. Worse still, the crisis of the sars coronavirus has also revealed many clashes and plethoras of approximations. Its rétropédalages have been many, and his lack of authority is revealed to be crying, for her first experience in government. From then on, his attachment to Jean-Michel Blanquer, known for its firmness within the national Education system, is not unimportant from this point of view.

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the dismantling of The ministry of Sports and the emergence of the YEAR

In France, the sport gradually loses ground. While a department of full-year had been devoted to Sports since the beginning of the quinquennium of Emmanuel Macron in 2017, now, just four years before the olympic games and paralympic Games Paris, the ministry of Sports is placed under guardianship. Here, Roxana Maracineanu will be in charge of the file of the Sports of which it must now refer the matter to Jean-Michel Blanquer. An ad that says a lot about the consideration of the practice of sport in our country, relegated to a secondary (if not third) of the government action. A decommissioning terribly revealing and particularly disheartening, especially as the next sporting year promises to be crucial. With the Euro 2021 football, where the Blue hoping to make a big impression, and especially the olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, last step before Paris 2024, the sport's French is shamefully abandoned.

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This development comes of course in the logical sequence of the creation of the national Agency for sport (YEARS of age) in 2019, the new instance, which act the shared governance between the State, the sports movement, the communities and the economic world. This public interest group's mission is to assist the " public policy and wear the objectives set by the minister of Sports in terms of high-level and sport for all ". Clearly, it is within this agency, and not the ministry, that will be decided on the broad guidelines for the high performance and the amounts of the subsidies granted to the associations to the high level. The objective of the minister via this agency is to succeed in establishing a link " more strong with the athletes, the territories, the corporate world ", showed it at the end of June. However, over the last two years, Roxana Maracineanu has accompanied the reforms that have led to a narrowing of the functions of his ministry, sabordant thus, its own position, and the disappearance of the ministry of Sports is no longer only a matter of time. For the time being, it is still difficult to make a balance sheet on this question, the communication carried out around this reform has been badly managed. But one thing is for sure : the industry of sport is in the hard. Relegated to the bench, sometimes even pushed him towards the exit, the French sport does may unfortunately not make its entry into play in act II of the quinquennium of Emmanuel Macron.

Updated Date: 07 July 2020, 09:33

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