The state government is responding to murmurings of the faithful In the Church Bank the masks | policy

relaxed in Bavaria, Corona limitations. In the Church's Bank, now the mask should be discontinued. be relaxed in Bavaria, Corona* restrictions. In the wors

The state government is responding to murmurings of the faithful In the Church Bank the masks | policy

relaxed in Bavaria, Corona limitations. In the Church's Bank, now the mask should be discontinued.

be relaxed in Bavaria, Corona* restrictions. In the worship services but the people must still wear masks. More and more of the faithful grumble. Now the state government for guides: the Church Bank the mask is to be discontinued.

Munich – "The surprise is already very strong, that in the Church so strict conditions apply," said pastor Michael man Hardt, Dean of the Vicariate of Miesbach. He does not know of faithful, who will not , therefore, come to worship , because you realize that you should continue to wear masks, while the great easing in the middle of Austria already. "This is a non-simultaneity, which surprised us," said the chaplain.

social media, there is also the archiepiscopal Ordinariate in Munich is becoming more and more angry reactions from worshippers, reported the press spokesman Bernhard Kellner. The Church had supported the Lockdown with Conviction, despite the protest of some of the very pious believer. "But in the meantime, a lot of people ask why you can stay in the tavern without a mask and in the worship of a mask to wear." the Why you should in the Inn, sit for hours, in the service, but only 60 minutes. There are many understanding people who have supported the restrictions. But now a point was reached where it could be difficult to explain: "Why are prohibited, such as corpus Christi processions, when a few days before, could demonstrate 25 000 people in the Royal square?"

Catholic and Protestant Church made of pressure - 60-minutes-restriction falls

The Catholic and the Protestant Church made of pressure – and now the state government* responding to the growing Protest. "We have now reached the pandemic as a result of our measures, a Phase that allows us to get significant relief," said Minister of state for Florian Herrmann (CSU) on Friday, compared to our newspaper. the From next Monday, 22. June, will kick a regulation in force , after when you Sitting in the Church Bank on the masks dispensed could be.

in Addition, 'm going to minutes 60-limit lifted . "The churches will in turn ensure that the attitude of the people singing is" said Herrmann. This is important, because the problem with the aerosol emissions when Singing was an important reason for the mask duty*. The state Chancellery-in-chief recalled the Worship of Baptists in Frankfurt, Bremerhaven or Berlin, which had fuelled the pandemic. "Infection prevention has top priority for us: It should not go out of God services infections."

churches want to> not be Hotspots of the pandemic It is a few believers can come to worship . But not a word about the masks. "In the churches only to inch forward", complained to the waiter in front of the new regulation. In a for the Church as the Central area, such as the Celebration of the divine service, too little passing.

"want to The more loose, the other want item no risks"

However, the churches remain on the alert. The Evangelical Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm has pointed to demand, that you had to be when you Sing in worship especially careful . He'll have very different reactions to true. "There are also people who call for these security. This is the Problem: those who want more loosening, and the others want no risks.“

The Corona-infection* according to Baptist Church services the Dean of mannhardt are known. However, he pointed out that Baptists were more likely to have small worship. "It is quite otherwise with us: We have large churches, because the people sit so far apart*. That seems right strange, that you have to wear the mask.“ the Loud Singing there is currently not . "It is the Cantor's singing that is far enough away. The congregation sings along quietly. This is behavior that I don't worry that something is going on.“ He therefore considers that it is appropriate, when you go to the Clean and to get out of the mask go wears. "But if you go to his place, I think it is absolutely reasonable, when you take the mask off. Because it really is a lot of space in our churches,“ says Mannhardt about the new development.

"In the Church, no one dares to Edeka."

likely to be Relieved also of the Evangelical Munich regional Bishop Christian Kopp, because he, too, had experienced similar reactions: "members of the community feel that the measures taken for the Church, as to rigorous. " he had written to a member of the community: "In the Church, no one dares to Edeka."

Other members of the community were behind the clear behavioural measures for the Church services. It is the art to come slowly in the conservative normalization.

Minister of state for Florian Herrmann stressed that the state government will go carefully and with level of facilitation, before the wise men, "because otherwise the danger no longer exists, that one has a handle on it and once all over again flock" are created. One of the first measures was the Opening of the worship services. I can work with the hygiene concepts so far good, "so the churches now additional relief is possible".

Claudia Möllers

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Date Of Update: 19 June 2020, 13:34