The sensational victory against Barcelona Six times Note 1 for furious Bayern Stars

the The game was available to Read in the Ticker-Protocol votes for Bayern spectacle: "Against Brazil, we had not reached it, so as it is today" The Do

The sensational victory against Barcelona Six times Note 1 for furious Bayern Stars
  • The game was available to Read in the Ticker-Protocol
  • votes for Bayern spectacle: "Against Brazil, we had not reached it, so as it is today"

The Double winners FC Bayern München in the semi-finals of the "Final 8"-tournament of the Champions League in Lisbon. The Triple-a dream lives on. In the Estádio da Luz, in the Arena of the house of the Lord, Benfica, overran the Munich coach Hansi Flick in the quarter-final to FC Barcelona with 8:2.

A madness. In the semi-final next Wednesday in Lisbon, the FC Bayern will now face the winner of the quarter-final between Manchester City and Olympique Lyon. AP Barca - Bayern

MANUEL NEUER, NOTE 3: The goalkeeper won the direct duel with Marc-André ter Stegen, his Challenger in the DFB-Team. In his 109. Use in the king class (this season, eight goals against in nine games) in Alabas-arc lamps-own goal and Suarez's hit powerless, otherwise he parried all the other Barça-Tests scores.

JOSHUA KIMMICH, NOTE 2: Due to Pavards injury back to his previous Position as a right defender. Perfect edge to Miller's 4:1. Learned is learned. Should restrict the circles of Jordi Alba, who went from his left-back Position, often initially very effective – steep. Pushed to Davies' Pass locker for the 5:2.

JEROME BOATENG, NOTE 3: The Central defender was made in 2015 by Messi in front of a goal is ridiculous. However, in the 2014 world Cup final he had put the Argentines cold. This time after only three minutes with important rescuers-Tackling. Yellow looked for a tactical Boarding against Suarez, leaving the Uruguayan in front of the 4:2 bit unfortunate (but not Messi-like!) manner. AP Barca - Bayern

DAVID ALABA, NOTE 3: In a duel with one of his desire clubs, the defense Boss acted in his 80. Champions-League-game total scores, and prudent, however, in one scene, super-unhappy. A clarification attempt, slipped to him over the right Slippers: arc lamp on New, the 1:1.

ALPHONSO DAVIES, NOTE 1: The Canadians (19) players, the absolute master, but only the experience of now six king-class operations. Against Barça, he will not forget for a long time. His adversary Lionel Messi gave him a Kick, because the wanted to withdraw him almost completely. World-class Davies' inaugural irresistible velvet preparation of Kimmichs 5:2.

LEON GORETZKA, NOTE 1: The duration of the burner with a mucky increase in the engine room of the game actively active against Barca's midfield colossus to Busquets and De Jong. Claimed usually, super aggressive and present. Started with a Chip Pass deluxe the 3:1 from Gnabry. Only his second Torbeteiligung in now 17. Champions-League-Game. AP Barca - Bayern

THIAGO, NOTE 3: Starred up 2013 at FC Barcelona, Pep Guardiola took him to Bayern. As a holding midfielder instead of Kimmich with many battles and encounters with Messi, he (not got to pack a fair). In the Offensive, with its space passes better than in the backward movement.

SERGE GNABRY, NOTE 1: Can Lisbon, the winger also? He can! In London, the Ex-Arsenal professional scored all of his six Champions League goals (in 17 games). So far! Strong, open, Pass 1:0, a good offshoot on Perisic in front of the 2:1 and then as a cream bonnet is the consistent conclusion to the 3:1.

THOMAS MÜLLER, NOTE 1: Scored his hits in five and six in the K. o.-duels with the Catalans. A typical Müller goal (4.) with the left of the 4:1 twirled, then from a short distance (31.). World-class! Just "a way station", says Müller, is to be 113. Champions-League-game – so he is now ahead of Philipp Lahm (112) and the German record held. Peter treasure / the Pool Barca - Bayern

IVAN PERISIC, NOTE 1: was Awarded on the left wing in preference to Kingsley Coman and delivered once again: His brisk left-footed shot into the far corner of the 2:1 was clever. Again and again, with strong advances, snappy, assertive. The 31-rented Year round, for a season from Inter Milan, is fighting for a connection contract – he needs to get!

ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI, NOTE 2: "to Show the world that you're better than Messi", he may have a coach Hansi Flick call out to. The Bundesliga top scorer, top scorer of this Champions League season, with 13. Goals in one season, supplied the template to Miller's 1:0. Met then, for 6:2. According to. Competition are to be cross with say 54-season goals (in 44 games).

KINGSLEY COMAN, NOTE 3: The far left was against Chelsea, against Barcelona in the starting lineup. The Frenchman came after 67 minutes, was blocked seconds later, the 6:2 on the foot.

PHILIPPE COUTINHO, NOTE 1: especially for the Brazilian who is on loan for a season from FC Barcelona. Against his former teammates, he allowed his art (came in for Gnabry) from the 75. Minute prove. And? Two goals in few minutes against a disintegrating Barcelona. A Madness. dpa Barca - Bayern

NIKLAS SÜLE, NOTE 3: Second competitive game since his cruciate ligament tear at the 19. October. The Central defender came on in the 75. Minute for Boateng, replaced him on the right Central defender Position.

CORENTIN TOLISSO, WITHOUT a GRADE: The Frenchman shone against Chelsea after coming off the bench with a hit. Against Barcelona to Celebrate (84.) substitute.

LUCAS HERNÁNDEZ, WITHOUT a GRADE: of The 80-million-Euro-man in the Joker role. The Frenchman came in the 84. Minute prepares a short use, even the 8:2 from Coutinho.

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