The perfect resume: These ten points lead to success | career

applications require a lot of patience and self-awareness. But what is also important, and the CV. Because this is often the entry card to the job interview.

The perfect resume: These ten points lead to success | career

applications require a lot of patience and self-awareness. But what is also important, and the CV. Because this is often the entry card to the job interview.

The resume is the part of the job application, the recruiters usually considers as the first. He gives him an Overview of the totality of the experience and skills of the applicant. Thus, the Curriculum Vitae is an important part of the application and is often the key to the interview.

Just because of the content of the CV wants to be considered good. What is the resume is supposed to convey? What kind of Job do I apply, and what skills are required? the These ten points constitute a guide for the perfect CV:

notes to the Person at the top

The resume starts with the most important information about the Person: in addition to the full name, the address and telephone number, and E-Mail address should also be date of birth and place of birth called.

Professional photo Application

the photo for the application should be up to date and as professional as possible to present. Also, it should not be older than twelve months. In the ideal case, it is white and also not black-and-photography. Standard passport photographs from the vending machine or full body photos are taboo. Take your time to have a picture of you make. Pay attention to subtle jewelry as well as clothing, Makeup and hairstyle. Less is more here. The recruiter should be able to have the best possible image of them. You show so professional and the best.

The most Important first

A Curriculum Vitae today is not sorted chronologically, but starts with the most recent and most important event of the career. You catch - unless you already live in part-time work on - with your work experience, then education or vocational training, school and, finally, foreign consequences, languages, and other skills.

meaningful formulations

each of The sections to work experience, studies and skills should be described in bullet points exactly. Concise examples of your experience provide the hiring Manager a better Overview.

be brief

But be careful: Concise assumes, also really short and crisp. An HR Manager needs a resume for a first Overview. A CV should include no more than two pages. The art is the most Important of your qualifications, to filter out and to leave a very good first impression.

Thorough top priority

Absolute No-Go: the Form or grammar errors Work. This makes the resume really well and will be considered by the HR negative. Thus, the resume is completely error free, you should let him in front of the Ship once more proof-read.

formatting note

Also here, thoroughness is necessary. Font size, spacing, formatting, and Font must be uniform, to work, you accurately here. With the standard fonts Times New Roman or Arial in font size 11 or 12 pt is usually on the safe side.

you can Stack higher - but do not overdo it

Also in your other skills and language knowledge you should show your best side. You can have a good conversation in English? You give the resume a "very good" for this! You are proficient in Office? You write so clean! Always remember that there are pro application may be up to 500 more people who want to represent themselves in their best light and the Job to get.

formulations: how-to

With the right expression, gaps in the CV can sell well, and So a holiday to the inter-cultural experience, or stay abroad for an expansion of the language skills will. A Phase of the job search, however, can serve as the "vocational orientation". Be creative - but they remain, in any case, the truth! At the latest, in the interview you will decloak you.

don't forget last but not least: plants

to confirm your skills and experience, to add appropriate references and samples. But here it is: Please don't overdo it. Therefore, you should only add for the body content that is relevant to the application. No hiring Manager wants to have to go through a novel of their qualifications rooting.

managed to write the application the first hurdle. In order to be in the interview or an Online application successfully, you will find a comprehensive Overview.

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