The legend is amazed: Feuz is in the head stronger than me

is Either the Coronavirus, the Beat Feuz early for the best driver of the season. Or he does it himself. On Friday, it is decided whether the Final in Cortina

The legend is amazed: Feuz is in the head stronger than me

is Either the Coronavirus, the Beat Feuz early for the best driver of the season. Or he does it himself. On Friday, it is decided whether the Final in Cortina d'ampezzo in mid-March, will be launched. If not, no more is required of the Emmental at the weekend in Kvitfjell. If it is, would have been enough for him on Saturday rank 24 to victory in the discipline standings – even if Thomas Dressen would win, this tough German who wants to compete, although it is both shoulders, has him in the Super-G in Hinterstoder, most recently, the same dislocated. Feuz the new coronation will not be in the king's discipline.

For the third Time in a row he will win the small crystal globe in the downhill. It is a feat that is only managed a few: Franz Klammer, Luc Alphand, Stephan eberharter and as the only Swiss Franz Heinzer is. Didier Cuche, the coveted trophy went home with the same four, but with a break. The new Burger had its run from 2006, Heinzer at the beginning of the 90s. The Schwyzer says: "It is the most Beautiful thing we can experience a ski racer. He knows that he puts down what he can, he remains to be focused relaxed and at the same time but 100 percent, he will be in the front. This is a wonderful position to be in." Heinzer was between the call in 1990, and in 1993, in in this Tunnel, in this Flow, such as the athletes. Feuz it is now.

The Hammer in Lillehammer

In the last 21 departures has managed the Emmental 18 times on the podium, worse than Sixth, he never was. It is a constancy that has no equal. This is what makes the award so valuable for the ski racer: you were not only on the day, ready for the journey to a medal, they were there every weekend. "Therefore," says Heinzer, "have the balls for me more value than the world title from 1991. The rules would be as in formula 1, I would have been three times in the series world champion. It is the most Consistent and Strongest about four months wins."

The balls have get in Heinzers home in fountain in a showcase room a special place. "Almost 30 years of top level sport behind it. Because I always remember back fondly on the successes," says the now 57-Year-old. Just something that he doesn't get to see behind the large glass: an Olympic medal. In 1994, in Lillehammer, he had his last Chance, two years, he had only therefore to his career.

Win Beat Feuz in the downhill ball? (Photo: Keystone)

And then, as he was there, to this day, the living would have a large in Heinzers Athletes, happened, what belongs in the category of Slapstick instead of masterpiece. He joined from the start house, the Ski remained, binding crack. The race: over before it had begun. "This has been eating at me tremendously," says Heinzer. Most recently, he was once again on the scene, the 26 years ago, not much happened. As the coach of the Swiss Europa Cup athletes, who drove in Kvitfjell, before the does this weekend the Elite. Heinzer looked at the place. The mishap he was seen later as a fate, and so processed, he says. The Tolggen in the clean folder remained, this lack of an Olympic medal. Wherein Heinzer says, with the years he had seen it quite differently. Finally, no one could win it all.

The small sports miracle

is the also in Feuz, at least so far. He is world champion, Olympia has brought silver and Bronze. However, in Kitzbühel, this is a classic that seems to be created for the compact tempo bolzer with the unique feeling of not being wanted it to work. Four times Feuz on the Streif has already become the Second. Heinzer has won the event-exit three times and each of the five classics in Val Gardena, Wengen, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Kitzbühel, and at the time, Val-d'isère at least once. Feuz could deal with the series of second places, believe Heinzer: "If he is somewhere clearly stronger than I was, then this is the head." Noticed it at the world Championships 2017 in St. Moritz, where Feuz kept the pressure before the home crowd stood and won the Gold medal. But even in the early days.

As of the Emmental in 2007 as a Junior world champion at the Final in Lenz in his first world Cup race in the best Heath ride, stand Heinzer, at that time assistant in the world Cup team, on the Piste. And marveled. "It is an extremely difficult track, very twisty, a lot of terrain. He drove the curves exactly the way you need to go to." 14. Feuz was, "normally, the Junior world champion at the time of its Premiere Last will". Heinzer thought: "who has uncanny abilities."

"A with this Can there might be all of 15 years – if at all"

However, as of 2012, Feuz' left knee had to be more surgery, and severe inflammation followed, not believed in, the world champion from Saalbach in 1991 in what is now fact: That Feuz would dominate the downhill circus once. "A small sports miracle", the Heinzer's called. However, this has a certain logic.

"Where others struggle and fight, looks at him, there's nothing Simpler"Franz Heinzer, world champion 1991

Feuz' driving style makes it possible for him, even with havariertem knee attack, until finally, in the most turbulent and icy slopes, "he is on the final sections often the fastest," says Heinzer. "He was always very economical, is incredibly Central on the Ski, the surface pressure is wrong, it goes slightly forward, he glides across the snow, is aerodynamically on the road and therefore makes hardly any mistakes. Where others struggle and fight, looks at him, as if there were nothing Simpler."

there Is one who comes to him there? "Lasse Kjus maybe," says Heinzer, "he was so inconspicuous, it seemed so easy." Marco or Matt think of him, the big talent in the Swiss Team. And otherwise? None. "With this Can, there are maybe all of 15 years – if at all." Consequently, it is now for the third Time for the coronation.

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