The hurricanes will rage again

much of today, Even if in times of Corona to be different tomorrow, of the weather, and thus the first tropical storms in this season is still leaving:. Just hu

The hurricanes will rage again

much of today, Even if in times of Corona to be different tomorrow, of the weather, and thus the first tropical storms in this season is still leaving:. Just hurricane Douglas moved to Hawaii in the past, and hurricane Hanna has wreaked havoc in Texas. Sailors staying in the Caribbean, the Bahamas or in the United States, should, therefore, say that now a day the views of the before.

With the warming water moisture comes from may through evaporation enough in the air. Together with the strong sunlight and the Central Africa austobe thunderstorm cells disorders, which draw their energy from the humidity of the air result. These disturbances can be found then find, possibly as a hurricane your way in the direction of the Caribbean or the USA. So the classic way at least.

a Lot more storms than in previous years,

This year we also saw the formation of tropical storms off the coasts of the Western Atlantic. This has nothing to do with the wave disturbances in the tropical Ostströmung, the so-called Easterly Waves in the Cape Verde Islands, but rather with cold air from the North.

we Look at the development of the last ten years, we see that there is in this July, nine storms. In comparison, we had until July 2019, only two storms, in the year 2017 there were previously only two. We had storms this year compared to all other years, double the number.

It had been a highly active year, but the number of nine is impressive. Especially since it came during the day to the typical massive dust transport. These were stirred up with the Eastern winds from the Sahara and Central America worn. This has prevented the formation of tropical Storms.

fault no. 9 and two additional active zones (yellow arrows) © weather world Float magazine

we are now Looking at the latest satellite image, we see only the formation of storm number 9, is baptized at an appropriate development of the name Isaias. We'll also see more high-reaching clouds of developments on the way to and in the Cape Verde Islands. This indicates a strong convective activity, so the uplift of the air masses, and a lot of Transport of water vapor in the atmosphere. This, in turn, is the basis for the formation of tropical Storms.

Weekly, the new weather location

Because of this accumulation and due to the potential that the first possible storms are seen earlier than usually to inform we in the weather world weekly about the weather for Caribbean sailors. We were able to so routes, many of the sailors safely across the Atlantic. Some of them were really challenging. Already in may should show up with Arthur and Bertha, the first tropical storms on the Route from the Caribbean to the Azores, and the routes of the sailors to do so.

hurricane Douglas in front of Hawaii © NASA Float magazine

Not only to the Atlantic ocean storms are active, but also on the Pacific. Hawaii has to fight only had a few days ago with the hurricane Douglas. The island group came but fortunately there are quite a unscathed. There, too, we are already in a storm number 8. The first tropical disturbance with strong winds, it was even already registered in April.

extreme weather The world of stormy seas are 2020 a record-setting season

This season starts so only very early, so brings so far, the storms even more. If it goes on like this, we are heading towards a record season. Of course, the frequency of storm activity says nothing about the expected thickness: from 118 km/h, the storm becomes a hurricane. With this power, he is also very much harm. Especially the water masses that form in the warm moist Region, the rather unprotected Islands in the Caribbean, devastating.

The worldwide increase in temperatures the water temperatures of the oceans are warming. the evaporation increases, more water vapour and energy in the atmosphere. And that reinforces the hurricanes. Hurricane Irma in the year of 2017 was the strongest ever recorded hurricane. Climate and hurricane researchers expect that we will have to expect a hurricane of the highest category 5 with increasing frequency.

storms have a hard-to-predictable life of its own

With the predictions, one should still be careful. Because of the tropical storms often have a "life of their own" and are representations of the usual weather models, forecasters are difficult to accurately predict. This was clearly seen during the storm Gonzalo: All forecasting models were assumed to be up to 24 hours in advance that the storm passed the island of Grenada to the North. At the end he moved, slightly, directly over the island.

in contrast, hurricane Hanna was there. As a tropical storm, he was in the Gulf of Mexico and should also apply to Texas. Just before he reached the coast, he was on hurricane-level high-downgraded –for the first Time this year in the Atlantic. Isaias (number 9) could follow in the coming days.

It is caution for all sailors in the Region is warranted. The daily look at the weather models these days is absolutely mandatory.

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