The end of growth: Less money for German football Clubs | football

The sale of media rights is the most important task of the German football League. Now there is the results of the billion-auction. The 36 professional Clubs ne

The end of growth: Less money for German football Clubs | football

The sale of media rights is the most important task of the German football League. Now there is the results of the billion-auction. The 36 professional Clubs need to plan of 2021, with less money. The DFL boss is still satisfied.

Frankfurt/Main (dpa) - Christian Seifert forehead wrinkles, as he announced the end of the seemingly limitless growth in the German professional football.

"The financial conditions are corrected downwards, in all respects," predicted the Boss of the German football League with the announcement of the media revenue from 2021/22 to 2024/25. A total of 4.4 billion euros, the 36 First and second division in the next Four - year cycle are € 240 million, less than the record result for the game times 2017/18 to 2020/21.

Despite the slight decline was Seifert with the result of the nearly two-week TV poker satisfied. "It goes without saying that this was for all Involved a very exceptional Situation," said the 51-Year-old on Monday to the DFL's General Assembly in Frankfurt am Main with a view to the Corona-crisis, which had brought the German professional football, mind games, and a great future debates.

After the successful completion of the auction, the DFL wants to propel their plans for the return of spectators to the stadiums with the beginning of the next season ahead. "We try to create the conditions," said Seifert.

more Important than the Ticket revenue but the TV money will remain for the Clubs. In view of the circumstances of the new statements was a "very good result", - said Seifert. "The League provides planning security and can also be in comparison with the other European top leagues see more than. At the end of the is still very a lot of money."

This is no longer distributed, as always, in a staggered manner, wherein the differences between the first and the fourth year are significant as in the past. According to Seifert, the clubs receive in the season 2021/22 "more than a billion Euro". Four years previously, there were only 975 million euros.

there are 2024/25 only a little more than 1.1 billion euros. This is significantly less than in the planning for the end of this legal period was provided. In the coming season should originally flow of 1.35 billion euros. Due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, and of the retreat of Eurosport, the DFL had to correct the sum but down. "1.2 billion euros of which the lower end of what it is. This is the balancing act, in which we find ourselves," said Seifert.

The light taking-Minus by 2025 means, in his view, for some clubs, "the need to tighten their belts". For the current legislation period, the sector had registered an increase of 83 percent. "This summer will be for Clubs in Europe is a very challenging," said Seifert.

it is Still unclear how the funds from 2021 under the Associations will be distributed. "In 13 of the Clubs crisis threatened in the Corona-the insolvency, despite the constant increase in TV money. Minimum revenue intensify already in the coming season, the Situation. This is a bug in the System, we must dispel" demanded Fortuna düsseldorf CEO Thomas Röttgermann.

Seifert expected in the next few weeks a "very, very intense debate. The Clubs need to know what funds you can plan." The licensing documents have to be submitted at the beginning of next year, with the DFL.

it is also still Open when the season 2020/21 starts. Although this would be spoken to on Monday about this issue, a final decision is pending. "It is quite clear that we have set for ourselves two goals. To start the new season and to finish the new season. Both require some consideration, very many plans, and the constant readiness, these plans adapt and change," said Seifert. Currently, you go from one season beginning in September.

clarity have been able to prosecute the Fans, where you the games of your favorites in the future in the TV. The most important Partner remains the Sky, even if the Pay-TV broadcaster is allowed to show as of 2021, less meetings than at present. 200 point games will run in the future on Saturday when long-time partners from Unterföhring. Sky also shows all matches of the 2. League and the conferences of the two leagues. DAZN, however, could expand its range of services to 106 Premier League games live. The paid streaming service shows the League one matches on Friday and Sunday.

at no additional cost, Fans can see the summaries of the League in the future in the "sportschau" ARD and in "Current sports Studio" of the ZDF. The ARD is one of the winners of the auction, and secured several parcels, including all of the parts for the Radio.

Audio of Amazon is that it is the of the season 2021/22 at. The in advance as a likely candidate for TV-rights traded online dealer has kept the Telecom back.

belongs To the winners of the betting betting also satellite.1. The Free-TV station has surprisingly acquired the Live rights package and may show of in 2021 at per season to nine games on Free TV. Include the meetings of the Supercup and League one games on the 1., 17. and 18. Round, the run up to the end of the coming season at the ZDF. Four relegation games coming up and the opening game of the 2. Bundesliga.

what is New is that in the future games of the 2. League at no additional cost see. 33 games on Saturday night, may transmit Sport1, parallel to the Sky. Was reported to have been fired from joy about the award from the Board office at Sport1 a fireworks rocket.


Updated Date: 25 June 2020, 11:36

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