The captains of the district League East talk about the exchange period and the planned Cup | Landkreis Ebersberg

the captains of The district League East Teams from the district to talk about Transfers in the Amateur area, the scheduled League Cup and the consequences of t

The captains of the district League East talk about the exchange period and the planned Cup | Landkreis Ebersberg

the captains of The district League East Teams from the district to talk about Transfers in the Amateur area, the scheduled League Cup and the consequences of the corona break.

County – In the second part of our "captain's summit" in the district League East refer to Fabian Kreissl (25, since childhood days when SC Baldham-Vaterstetten), Michael Steppan (28, since 2016 the TSV Ebersberg) and Mathias shepherd (29, since the B-youth of VfB Forstinning) position to the summer transfers, "Mercenaries", the League Cup and a potential Corona-implications for the Amateur football.

the modalities of the upcoming exchange period in the summer, it was a priority to the "protection of clubs" in front of non-consensual game outlets. Has deteriorated the Image of the Amateurs from your point of view, or has increased the Mercenaries?

Kreissl:I can assess the Situation over the last few years, I've noticed even in the men's area. And I am of the opinion that, unfortunately, in the Amateur area, often the money plays the most important role and thus, the "Mercenaries" is reinforced. The high levels of Fixed amounts, which are paid partially, contribute to a high degree. I, myself, and other team-mates already had offers, which I I say in part,’s time, friendly, was surprised. This is detrimental to the Team, and we have with us in the team feel. Because a high salary tempted to put the wrong setting on the day, according to the Motto: "I'll get my money anyway, and if there's somewhere else more, then I will go back there". Clearly, the effort that is put in should be rewarded accordingly, and I have especially for players in the training or study by age understanding, a better-paying club may be interesting. However, this destroys in some way the incentive of Amateur sport. To me clubs such as SG to impress, therefore, Reichert home. Since one has the feeling that the play simply because they feel like it.

Steppan: I met in the course of my career in such and such a player. Despite that, I feel, especially here in Ebersberg (but also at the stations in Heimstetten or Markt Schwaben), primarily a great bond between players and club, which I think is great. Sure, the "Mercenaries has not increased", however, it has the Amateur football in the width of the handle. TSV Ebersberg I know that the boys identify with the club and we are a TEAM. Therefore, I am convinced that we have to cope with a few exceptions, no retirements in the summer.

shepherd: I think it's a good scheme, but if a player is obviously demotivated and not behind the club, he can leave the club happy. In the end, a player can't be stopped. I can't be the judge of that with the "Mercenaries" bad, because I'm here at the us. I see in our Team no "mercenaries" and if so, then that would be determined by rules.

Before Would be in the district leagues scheduled League Cup with-, Intermediate -, and final round, as well as the additional opportunity for advancement and relegation for them is an adequate alternative competition until the beginning of the season 2021/22?

Kreissl: This new Format would certainly be a more interesting solution than to spend the first half of the year 2021 with the possible friendship games. However, the Start of the season 20/21 in September, I would rather have.

Steppan:of Course this is by no means comparable to that of a regular season. In addition, the Cup has, in principle, result in a, two weak games mean the early, and thus the loss of the "point character". After this long Pause, that is exactly not desirable. For already established intermediates who would have through a victory in the League Cup, no other benefits, this would mean even a year and a half of meaningless Games before the season 2021/22 starts. I can not understand why offering a shortened season 2020/21, if you want to end the current season on a regular basis. In time this could be, in my opinion, implemented. Better than to do without again on a year and a half to Play under competition conditions, it is still. Nevertheless, we are jealous of the rest of the country organizations in Germany, look, the go the other way – just the Teams that the League Cup is done quickly or no incentive.

shepherd: it's Better than Nothing it is, at least, Yes.

What conditions would have to be given, that you get as a player without hesitation in the "normal" training and game mode?

Kreissl: It should be ensured that the risk of Infection is higher than in other life situations. Not that it is, at the end, of the Amateur football has brought us a Corona back. I believe that the employers would not find this so funny, if all the teams would have to because of corona cases in quarantine.

Steppan: A difficult question. I, personally, would want to put the normal training operation, as soon as the law allows. However, I would have for each of understanding, the want to expose yourself to any risk – for whatever reason.

shepherd: I'm personally not a requirements, but the regulations. If back to normal Training with the body is permitted to contact, and the game, then I would go on or the Training as a useful view.

What you have been annoyed in terms of Amateur football ever since the forced break at the most and happy?

Kreissl: I have worked especially in the beginning, hardly with football. It was all so uncertain, no one could say how to do it in my everyday life, and since football was not an option for me in the first place. I enjoyed it, even partially, that Corona has slowed down the hustle and bustle of everyday life and not three times a week training sessions were scheduled. The time is now over and I think I can burn all out, re-kick.

Steppan:On the most of the fact that we need to renounce what we love to do just irks me. To me, the sporting Competition is very lacking, both as a balance to her professional life as well as for fun and get Together with the guys and the Fans. I was pleased in terms of Amateur football unfortunately to nothing. But that will change hopefully soon again!

shepherd:The football is still my Hobby, and thus there is not a lot of what I have to annoy me. Which of course was annoying: the fact that the cuisine had closed in this forced break – a joke. It was pleasing to see/is that I have a lot of time for other things/.

What are the consequences for the Amateur football, you can expect to Corona?

Kreissl:The depends certainly be a little more out of the final requirements of the Association, at the Re-Start. I do not believe, however, that for us, players, are the consequences of the first times as large. Games with few spectators, we are in Baldham-Vaterstetten anyway usual. But it sure will give one or the other, which is also new to us. I wish, regardless of Corona, that the money is less value attached to and the high Fixzahlungen may be covered. Higher success rate - and expense-related payments could compensate for this and would encourage the Team spirit, the setting and improve the incentive of the Amateur football again increase.

Steppan:I hope that after the Re-Start, the anticipation is not only for the players but also the Fans so large that they appear to be numerous, of course, with appropriate spacing rules, what is likely to be in the extensive Amateur stadiums rarely a big Problem. Also, I hope that no clubs are collapsing due to financial difficulties. Here, I hope that, if necessary, also support on the part of the BFV and the policy, as well as the relevant municipalities. However, I fear that some of the "regulars have landed on the side line" with alternative programs on the weekends friends. Especially for Teams that lose in the current season, nothing to win or. With the failure of the next season will be a negative impact on the audience and the enthusiasm for the Amateur, the impact of football. I think the Amateur football is not an easy time, but am convinced that this crisis will be overcome and we will soon return to normality.

shepherd:I hope that all players will appreciate when you re-start your Hobby and the social contact even more, and happy to be able to with others the Sport live. I'm afraid that one or the other will hang by the provisions of his shoes on the nail. As a result, I expect a speedy and reasonable decision on the further course.

Text. Julian Betzl

Updated Date: 23 June 2020, 12:35

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