The ZSC master is? Rises Kloten?

ice hockey is relatively simple: Who's going to shoot to score more wins. By the termination of the season due to the Coronavirus, it is now complicated. Many

The ZSC master is? Rises Kloten?

ice hockey is relatively simple: Who's going to shoot to score more wins. By the termination of the season due to the Coronavirus, it is now complicated. Many legal and organizational issues to come to the club, and two sports. Namely: Is there a master? There are ascenders? And in the middle of the two Zurich Clubs are: The ZSC Lions and EHC Kloten finished the National, respectively the Swiss League to rank 1 and feel due to the abrupt end of the season to your income bruised.

League Director Denis Vaucher was the questions to a master, and a climber (or several) in the phone conference from Thursday to deal with, was whistled back by the Clubs but. This insisted with 56:4 votes to negotiate these issues on Friday afternoon in the extraordinary League Assembly. It is three-quarters of a needed majority to elect in order to Cope with the ZSC Lions and Kloten and Visp to the ascenders. So 45 out of 60 votes, if all Clubs are present.

"If the title would be awarded, we would not reject for sure."ZSC sports chief Sven Leuenberger

But the city of Zurich, this title with the asterisk at all. "If he is spoken to us, we would not reject safe," says sports chief Sven Leuenberger. "Logically, it would not be the Same. But it would be a sign to say: These 50 rounds are worth something. The qualification has a cost of four coaches, the head, it is one and a half foreigners were pro Team seven in use, there are many investments have been made, come in a Playoff, and as far as possible to the front. You should not belittle."

in Addition, it is going to sell the product at ice hockey, so Leuenberger and more. "It is as well, if we have no master?" he asks, rhetorically. SCB's CEO Marc Lüthi said to explain the ZSC Lions of the Master. With the Anti-Zurich is likely to play effect. When you EV train, you are skeptical to distribute in this way, mostly in honor. A rogue who thinks that Zug would look at this differently, they would have the 50. Qualification game against the Lions won, and rank 1 is secured.

"We will fight until the end of the climb. We owed our Fans."Kloten-President Mike Schälchli

Even more significant than the ZSC Lions in the Champions issue of the EHC act Kloten terms of advancement. President Mike Schälchli says: "Our whole season was designed to create the rise. The stop of the championship has hit us suddenly. I would hope that we still play. Of course, we need to add ourselves to the decisions that health comes first. But we will fight until the end of the climb, we have our Team and the Fans are guilty."

in practical terms, this means that the Klotener to the League Assembly to make the request on a rise on the green table. Kloten meets the requirements of the National League without pads. Sporty the output location is Zurich a good thing that you are qualification the winner. Kloten can be paid in addition to the sporting badge and the Tradition of his spectators as an Argument to bring in more visitors in the Swiss Arena (4809) came in the qualification to the home games of the National League Teams Davos (4444) and Rapperswil-Jona (4050).

Kloten trump: waiver of TV-money

Kloten application is the first on the agenda of the League Assembly, and Clubs him in the meantime to study. The Klotener trump card: Should upgrade the EHC, would he as 13. Club of the National League the TV money is around 1.8 million Swiss francs) renounce (that is, the 12 current clubs would suffer no Loss.

As with all other applications, even a three-quarters majority is necessary so that at all addressed. This also applies to the EHC Visp of the claims as the Fourth, the qualification is also a place in the National League. And from the MySports League with the EHC Basel wants to move up in the Swiss League, he is called as an Argument that he would forego the TV money.

Kloten and Visp hope that such incidents as in 2003: at that Time, the League for the season of 2003/04 was increased to 13 Teams, because in the spring a severe error had occurred. Fribourg started with Sandro Abplanalp in the last two rounds before the Playoff Start, a non-qualified players, and later results have been corrected, the Playout and the League qualification abolished. There were no Losers – but the EHC Basel was allowed to ascend as the winner of the NLB.

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