The Super-Boom and a fear of the second wave

had to deal with During Germany in the second quarter of 2020, a larger decline in economic performance than ever, it's the boat and water sports industry in s

The Super-Boom and a fear of the second wave

had to deal with During Germany in the second quarter of 2020, a larger decline in economic performance than ever, it's the boat and water sports industry in some respects better than in times prior to the Corona pandemic. Topsy-Turvy World? Certainly not.

at Least, what chart the sale of boats, canoes, SUP Boards, and the boat relates to business in the domestic, the local boat business with full steam on course. At the same time international shipyards to the crisis, programs, high, close locations and lay off.

The money for the boat purchase is because

"The money is there, and it is output in the domestic", formulate it in a boot retailer to float. For extraordinary long-distance trips abroad and cruises this year were complete. "Even in those who have a lot of money available, the focus is to Stay Home," describes a dealer, the current mood.

This is also evident in the wholesale trade, such as Bernd Wegner, General Manager of the Hamburg-based Supplier Lindemann confirms. "Our shipyard and service customers report that – exaggerated everything that can swim, repaired, expressed," he says. "Consumer behavior is quite clear in the direction of holiday on the water in a safe environment."

One reason for the focus on local areas: On the boat in Germany, the applicable hygiene regulations, and Covid-19-distance rules are particularly easy to comply with.

"The situation is very good,"

boat dealer with many brands, such as the Berlin Bootscenter Keser totally satisfied: "The location is very good." After the first Corona-shock has died down, so managing Director Mike Keser, admit it since Easter is a special boom for the dealers of the brands Beneteau, Quicksilver, Parker, Ranieri and others. The bitter drop in sales, such as, for example, the Beneteau group heads for the second quarter of 2020, in the German boat and not felt accessories industry.

Christoph Steinkuhl © AWN Float magazine Mike Keser © Messe Berlin Float magazine

Christoph Steinkuhl, Director of the Hamburger chain stores and Online retailer of A. W. Niemeyer, confirms this Trend: "We have a good double-digit growth in the course," he says in a conversation with the float. One reason for the boost in sales is also on the verge of Lockdown for the first time organised in-house exhibition "the Hamburg Boat Show" with around 40 exhibitors, it was.

As a classic supplier was succeeded A. W. Niemeyer, to keep as a "system-relevant operation", the store's business during the lock downs largely open. Online it went already well. His current challenge: "We would like to sell more boats." In the case of the Hamburg-based company GRP and inflatable boats currently as good as sold out.

Everything that can swim, is

bought "It seems that many of the people escaping in boats and campers," observes Claus-Ehlert Meyer, managing Director of German boat and shipbuilders Association DBSV. "Used boats are in demand. Accessories runs well, and simple vests are hardly available.“

the new-boat market benefits for all budget sizes and types of water vehicles. A lot of offers for the current season are nearly or completely sold out. This ranges from the paddle Board from the Online Shop on sport boats to cruising yachts in the six-digit Euro range.

DBSV-boss Claus-Ehlert Meyer © Hamburg Boat Show Float magazine BVWW-chief Karsten Stahlhut © BVWW Float magazine

Karsten Stahlhut, the new managing Director of the Federal Association of water sports-economic BVWW, agrees: "Anything that can kind of swim, is currently being sold, whether used or new," he says. Particularly, the class of boat, the motor boats between 7.50 and twelve meters in length, stands out, so Stahlhut. "The dealers reported empty exhibition halls, because already everything was sold." Also at the service of shipyards, the crisis has passed, says DBSV-chief Meyer, in a conversation with a float.

container ships from China © Diego Fernandez Float magazine supply chains

gaps in the range have kept was, of course, so AWN-chief Steinkuhl are on the road again. His finding: "The more local the supplier, the better the ability to supply was." Rescue Western producer, Secumar, and the care provider yacht icon, both in the Region of Hamburg resident, supplied AWN directly and without interruption.

"Without a well functioning wholesale companies like Lindemann were a number of broken supply chains together" is Lindemann-authorized signatory Wegner is convinced. Bottlenecks due to operational shutdowns in Italy, Spain, France and the UK could be "avoided where possible". One thing is certain: By Corona of the consumer and purchasing behaviour changed. Where did the customer? "We can see a clear Trend to an increase in Online purchases," confirms Wegner Wait for the already in the retailer survey in may identified the Trend and go online.

Boom to the slump in sales

Starting in June, has recovered the German economy after the drastic slump in the first and the beginning of the second quarter. Never before in German post-war history, the economy had collapsed as a performance as strong as in the second quarter of the year 2020.

it had Been expected in the middle of the Lockdown maritime wholesaler to float the Boom at home. Robert Marx ventured to the middle of April, with an Outlook: "We expect that the German tourists will remain in 2020, probably in Germany. This is certainly can in the current of Corona-dominated business environment, a later positive pulses bring.“

Robert Marx, © BVWW Float magazine Mark Rutgers © Allpa Float magazine

it also saw Mark Rutgers, chief of the Dutch full-range distributor Allpa, in an Interview: "Probably, this year to southern Europe, but in their own country in the holidays. And this is good for our industry.“ And so it came to be.

The ifo Institute for economic research in Munich, predicted for the beginning of July, a strong economic upturn for the second half of the year. In the third quarter, is expected to grow as a result, the economy in comparison to the previous quarter to 6.9 percent. For the fourth half-year, 3.8 percent are expected. All is well so?

Unforeseeable consequences of a second Corona-shaft

This positive development is, however, threatened, for the past few weeks, the Corona rising infection figures, also in Germany. "A second wave could be economically more damaging than the first wave," said Marcel Fratzscher, President of the German Institute for economic research DIW, the daily newspaper Rheinische Post.

The Karsten Stahlhut looks so. "In the autumn of the second big wave, and then again to a total Lockdown," he says, "the consequences would be probably even more devastating and, above all, incalculable."

Unimpaired of the organizers of the fair plan, with the prudence and the circumstances of adapted concepts. On the first weekend of September, the boat & Fun Inwater takes place as the first boat show in the fall completely under the open sky. Airy venue is warm for the third Time in the Marina have in Werder. A few weeks later, the three countries show the following inter-boat as a Special Edition in the exhibition halls near the lake of Constance.

boats are allowed to look at again, not only under the open sky © Messe Berlin Float magazine industry regardless of the overall economy?

How independent is the boot sector of the overall economy, it will show in the next year. Many imponderables come together here. "Second Lockdown, bankruptcies, changes in buying behavior by means of forced savings – these are the current issues," analyzes Lindemann-authorised signatory Bernd Wegner. "But the forthcoming Brexit, global trade conflicts, and the associated monetary turmoil simply don't allow any sound statement."

accessory manufacturers make their money internationally, will suffer – so DBSV managing Director of the Meyer-under the economic weakness in other countries. "Should subside the pandemic, I expect a business on the same level by 2019," said Meyer.

Christoph Steinkuhl is more optimistic. "We will benefit next year from the Stay-at-home Boom," he says to float. Hope as many as possible New and re-entrants to share also in the case of Lindemann: "We hope that this Trend continues also in 2021, and we can have a strong start to the new year."

This article by Stefan Gerhard

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