The Spanish football are a disgrace: Dirty game

Luis Enrique returns as coach of the national team. In spite of good work, must soft Robert Moreno who now feels humiliated. Old rank: Enrique (R) is the Chef

The Spanish football are a disgrace: Dirty game

Luis Enrique returns as coach of the national team. In spite of good work, must soft Robert Moreno who now feels humiliated.

Old rank: Enrique (R) is the Chef, Moreno (l.) again, free of responsibility photo: imago/Agencia EFE

It was a cozy evening without much excitement. The already-qualified Spain met in the European championship qualification on the already eliminated Romania. The Arena of Atlético Madrid was filled only to half, and also the TV had already been switched on once more and more people. In a way, you missed nothing. Because a place of honor among the infamsten chapters of the Spanish football history should win this evening, by earning what we saw: a 5:0 -. But by what you saw.

No Interview with the national coach after the end of the game. Not A Press Conference. No Comments from the players. Not the Manager and not the President. Only the growing certainty that there was something Strange in the bushes. The resolution followed a good twelve hours later, at midday on Tuesday at a press conference of the Association: Luis Enrique returns to the Job as a Spanish selection of a coach, he had abandoned due to the cancer illness of his daughter, Xana.

Eight months after the departure of one of the qualifying game in Malta, five according to his official retreat and three after her death, he feels strong again for the task. As President Luis Rubiales said that a solves the Association in order for a return promise that he had given Luis Enrique. "We have kept our word", he celebrated himself. As a sign of trust Luis is Enrique's contract up to the world Cup in 2022.

The victim of this decision, Robert Moreno. The long-time assistant of Luis Enrique was presented in the summer with all the Consecrate as the new head coach. After his last Retrobet game, he should be now bags formally combined. In tears he said goodbye to the players, without a word, he left the stadium. In the Job as a Vice of Luis Enrique, he will not return, sent to the termination of the contract talks he yesterday, only his lawyers. Moreno feels humiliated and betrayed. Although he had declared at the inauguration itself, "to make a step to the side", should Luis return to Enrique again. But had Inaugurated interpreted primarily as a gesture to a suffering friend, who had in turn communicated in a communiqué: "My stage in the selection is finished."

According to the Volte of yesterday now there are two opinions in the country. Those who are in favour of the Union action in the matter, but in the way of implementation of reject. And those who keep it in substance as the Form is wrong.

"We are a country of Narrentums – viva España", tweeted Iker Casillas, the legendary Ex-captain. A "circus", sekundierte the largest sports newspaper Marca in the title. Rubiales tried yesterday to explain the chaotic events with an Overreaction of Moreno. But his assessment of "not leaving, we are righteous, but super fair procedure", the listener, with an open mouth. One and a half years after the spectacular dismissal of Julen Lopetegui, two days before the world Cup-the beginning of the 42-year-old is pleased to have him on again in the cross-fire of criticism – apart from other open fronts such as the controversial award of the Supercup, after Saudi Arabia, the conflict in women's football, including the players ' strike, or his continuous feuds with the Spanish League LFP.

In the current case, has made Rubiales his Ego a stroke by the bill. After the 7:0 on Friday against Malta in Cádiz, he walked through the Mixed Zone to allow for a victory against the League celebrations, which had failed with your request of the transfer of a lot in the USA before the court. However, he was also faced with the question of whether Moreno will be sitting in the EM to the Bank. Rubiales responds evasively, and the topic was on the Agenda. Si tacuisses ...

Suddenly, Moreno had to fend off questions about his future. He naively kept for a media theme. With "ten out of ten" he evaluated the prospects to sit for the EM on the bench: His contract included the EM, in his work – six victories, two draws in eight Games – there was nothing to suspend. For Luis Enrique the success of his former companions means increased pressure: In surveys, two-thirds of Fans stated that they would prefer to keep Moreno as national coach.

Date Of Update: 19 November 2019, 16:00