The Betis lift to Joaquin as a myth

Betis devoted to Joaquin as one of their myths. The footballer, 38 years old, received the homage of more than 10,000 betis who went to a Benito Villamarín deco

The Betis lift to Joaquin as a myth

Betis devoted to Joaquin as one of their myths. The footballer, 38 years old, received the homage of more than 10,000 betis who went to a Benito Villamarín decorated for the occasion. In front of other legends of the history of Betis, as Rafael Gordillo, and the champions Cup in 1977 led by Julio Cardeñosa, José Ramón Esnaola and Javier Lopez, the club wanted to stage the renewal of the front until 2021. Joaquin will be in the first template verdiblanca until almost age 40 years. The act, very emotional, and was attended by all the members of the first template, including Aleñá, who has already made his first training with his new teammates. Also attended by the components of the technical staff, led by Rubi, as well as fellow Joaquín campus, who won the King's Cup in 2005 and played the Champions League with Betis, in the case of Juanito, Arzu, Doblas, Varela and Rivas. Joaquin, being active, is already a part of the wall of the legends of the andalusian club.


Betis renews Joaquin Aleñá, on loan to Betis

“Joaquin was the star of that generation. We said to him that he was going to check out the first, because it hartaba of cakes and not taking care of it”, said Juanito, captain of the champion team Cup Betis in 2005 and friend of Joaquin. “We have withdrawn all and what is most amazing is that it continues to compete. In addition to genetically special, he knew how to take care of yourself to keep going. I hope that I can continue even beyond 2021,” added Dewey. “You are the example to follow for all the homegrown,” said Fabian in a video, squad Betis and current player of Naples and the Spanish selection.

“Joaquin has become a myth over the history of Betis. It is the flag of this institution and I believe that he is rope for a while because it has acquired a great knowledge of football. You have a great talent and knows how to be selected. Will arrive without sweat at 40 years of age in the Betis,” he admitted, for his part, Julio Cardeñosa, player of real Betis from 1974 to 1985, Cup winners in 1977 and one of the most important players of its history. “Joaquin, what we're going to have until 2022. Talked a lot with him and I am sure that will be. I always say that you do not remove it until you can't anymore”, said Rafael Gordillo, player of real Betis in two stages, from 1976 to 1985 and from 1992 to 1995. He won five Leagues of Madrid. “If you want to batirme need another season more,” said José Ramón Esnaola, the footballer in the history of Betis with more official matches. The goal vasco played 460 games between 1973 and 1985 with the Betis. Joaquin has been played 413, beating Atletico Madrid before the own Gordillo and Cardeñosa (412). “Joaquin has the great virtue of knowing how to be in each moment. Is a leader who knows when we laugh and when we get to work,” said Andres Guardado, second captain of the template andalusian.

The data of Joaquin exceed the scope of the Betis to become one of the legends of the national football. The footballer turned against Atletico on the last day of League your game number 772 in 20 consecutive seasons as a professional footballer, scoring in each and every one of them. This same course, after scoring three goals to the Athletic, the first hat trick of his career, he became the oldest player in LaLiga in doing so, beating in this record to Alfredo Di Stéfano, who did it in 1964. Joaquin takes 535 matches in LaLiga. It is the fifth all-time behind Buyo (542), Eusebio Sacristán (543), Raul (550) and Zubizarreta (622). In addition to Betis, Joaquin has played in the Valencia, Malaga and Fiorentina. In addition, he played the World cup of Korea and Japan 2002 and Germany 2006, as well as the european Championship of 2004. It has been 52 times international, scoring four goals with the Spanish team.

Joaquin is excited in various parts of the tribute that he received from the Betis. “I can't get used to having it, and return so much affection. I feel privileged and I am grateful to my family, to all my peers and Betis and their fans everything they have given me,” said the player himself.

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Date Of Update: 30 December 2019, 21:00