Test of AirPods Pro: What you must know before you buy

- What did you say they cost? Over 2000 crowns? After all, it is crazy! How has the reaction in recent days sounded, when I have the latest version of Apple'

Test of AirPods Pro: What you must know before you buy

- What did you say they cost? Over 2000 crowns? After all, it is crazy!

How has the reaction in recent days sounded, when I have the latest version of Apple's popular in-earhovedtelefon, AirPods Pro, forward.

For many, it is smertepunktet for similar wireless headphones 1000 crowns, so I can well understand their reaction. The prices have been crazy high.

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Here is the new AirPods Pro and its predecessor - with their respective cases for charging - together. Photo: Heine Jørgensen/Idea: Marques Brownlee

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A check of the waiting list at Apple reveals, however, that the 2199 dollars, as AirPods Pro costs, has not put a stopper in the sale.

Right now you need to wait up to three weeks to get the new headphone delivered. And after our first test to understand the interest. AirPods Pro provide all what Apple promises the buyers.

What you get in the sales box

AirPods Pro

free Wifi opladningsetui

Silikoneørepropper (three sizes)

Lightning to USB‑C cable,


Model has got a new and tighter design, where you can now switch øredutterne out. There follows three sizes, making it possible for far more to get model to fit in the ears.

the Headphones sit really well fixed, but our experience is that the units take up a little more by ear, and therefore can long-term lytteri well give a bit of tenderness. However, it is not worse, than that one is ready to listen further after some minutes ' pause.

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For and against the AirPods Pro Therefore, you must buy
* excellent noise reduction. Apple has really found 'the sweet spot' when it comes to noise reduction. There is a pressure equalization when you put the headphone in the ears. And the noise is not removed so much that you lose your orientation in the rest of the world

* the sound is really good - best with noise reduction. AirPods Pro is, however, not at the top when it comes to the best sound on the market. Not at all. But it is perfect for most users who just want a stable connection and a robust and easier basset soundstage

* better protection from sweat and dirt (sweat and water resistant, IPX4). The model is not waterproof, but better protected than in the past. It is good

* there follows more cool features when you use your headphones with an iPhone. You can easily switch between the different levels of noise reduction directly from the phone volumenmenu. You can also automatically test whether your headphones are correctly inserted in the ears

* fits better to the ears than before. There are three versions of the interchangeable øredutter. They have built a small net that catches the ear wax and protects the devices better.

* the design is more discrete and compact

* by default, you can wirelessly charge the supplied pouch

Therefore, you must consider the purchase

* they are expensive. Also too expensive - if you already own a set of functioning of the AirPods, you can find to settle with them, until Bahsegel they don't work anymore

* you can continue to not control the volume directly from the headphones. Apple insists that customers must be forced to use Siri or their telephone to the function. It is a clear failure of the needs which the customers have to control the volume on the way, as they will

* you may be sore in the ears from prolonged use. Fortunately, it goes quickly, so you can once again use your headphones

* the included USB-C to lightningkabel is maybe pro, but usmart for the many users who still have a normal USB charger lying around at home

* you are tied to Apple, when you will need new øredutter. The normal standard does not fit on the AirPods Pro

the big news is The improved sound and the electronic noise reduction. Here you can order the serious brand that you have bought a new product. Especially when it is about to reduce the ambient noise, AirPods Pro a marked improvement.

We have tested both on busy streets, in a crowded airport and during a flight that lasted a few hours. In all situations were noise reduced perfectly and without the pressure in the ears, which can sometimes be a problem. The sound is also more mellow and 'basset', when compared with its predecessor.

As we only have had the opportunity to test a few days, it's hard to give a final verdict on battery life. It is not better than before, but seems to be just as good, even if there to use extra power for noise reduction.

2199 dollars costs AirPods Pro. The predecessor with wireless opladningsetui costs 1749 crowns and 1379 dollars without wireless pouch. Both is still sold. Photo: Apple

That Apple really believes that the new headphones are Pro, one discovers, when the sales box opens. There is a USB-C to lightningkabel and not a traditional cable.

It will part buyers certainly be disappointed, as they still have the chargers with the normal USBstandard lying.

How to use them

Unlike its predecessor, you can now operate the AirPods Pro by pressing on the end of the devices.

It requires a bit of training, but once you understand how to press and how to get a small sound in response to the command - so it is easy to operate the headphones.

the Following functions are possible:

* Press once to play a song, to pause or answer a call

* Press twice to go to the next song

* Press three times to go to the previous song

* Press and hold to switch between Active noise cancellation and Transparency

Apple's own presentation of the AirPods Pro.

Date Of Update: 22 November 2019, 22:36