Tesla against Candela – the race to the Rhine

Who is between Cologne and Düsseldorf on? Car or electric boat? More precisely, a Tesla or the Hydrofoil wings over the waves, flying Swedish motorboat Candela

Tesla against Candela – the race to the Rhine

Who is between Cologne and Düsseldorf on? Car or electric boat? More precisely, a Tesla or the Hydrofoil wings over the waves, flying Swedish motorboat Candela said that Seven:. The flying speed boat will compete today with a real Tesla model 3 – the race to the Rhine route between Cologne and Düsseldorf. Anyone who wants to, can join on the day itself.

The Candela, Seven uses an innovative Design with Foils referred to wings under the hull, makes the 25-foot-long Bowrider completely over the surface of the water to fly. This reduces the water resistance of the hull in comparison to conventional boats to 80 percent. The result is an unprecedented range of 92 km, according to the manufacturer, it is three times as much as in the case of other electric boats.

The electronic System also controls the cornering © Kerstin Zillmer Float magazine Tesla is faster, but on the highway

Now, the Candela, Seven will compete against a real Tesla. 28. May (Thursday) is the Candela, Seven in the case of the program "auto – Vox car magazine" TV channel Vox TV. Here the boat is on race against a Tesla Model 3, between Cologne and Düsseldorf.

The race takes place between the centre of Cologne and düsseldorf city centre. The Tesla model 3 is faster, needs to assert itself on the highway but against the traffic. Also, the Candela will have to contend with heavy traffic, and sea state on the Rhine. But thanks to your goal is an advantage over other boats.

The Test-Tesla from the inside © Austin Thistle Float magazine Can to 250 km/h © Dylan Calluy Float magazine

The Vox host, the driving the Tesla model 3, has to walk from the Heumarkt in Cologne, Germany for the Tesla, which is parked four Blocks away accelerate, while Albert king Hausen, the second television presenter, is to the jetty on the banks of the Rhine sprint.

"is The distance of 26 nautical miles, we can easily make," says Candela spokesman Mikael Mahlberg. The Tesla has the clear advantage on the highway with a theoretical speed of 250 km/h. In reality, the E is hampered sedan, however, probably due to congestion – when in the Corona times, probably less violently. to find

"And a Parking lot is also in Düsseldorf is not easy," hopes Mahlberg. "Albert on the other hand, can simply down with a full speed of 55 km/h over the Rhine river, until he reached the port in düsseldorf's city centre." As far as the Plan of Sweden.

to the target in Düsseldorf from 26 nautical miles © Yusuf Evli Float magazine, it is "We'll fly just over the waves"

The Candela Seven is the first fast electric motor boat with a range and speed, with those of the competition with fossil fuels is comparable. float is the in Sweden developed and produced Hydrofoil-boat, as the first German Crew last summer hazards: Give me wings, and I hover right at the main headquarters of the shipyard in Stockholm.

A computer controlled stabilization system makes the boat against the waves and hard Use of the body immune and was awarded in the category "Best for Future" with the Best of Boats Award, the international Jury of awards each year at the end of November on the boat & Fun in Berlin.

The Candela Seven runs on T-Foils on the waves © shipyard Float magazine

"A conventional boat would have to travel at wave speed to be slower," says Kristian Sloth Lauszus, the strategy of the Swedish Teams for the race. He is the chief engineer for the control systems of the Candela. "But we just fly over the waves without being hit by them." The heart of the drive of the electric motor, a modified Deep-Blue-System of Torqeedo forms.

How the race will end and who is the victorious car or Hydrofoil boat is to be seen in June on Vox TV "automotive – Vox-car magazine" to. The aim of the TV-show is to show how comfortable the Fort can be movement by Foiling electric boat on the Rhine, especially if the roads put the country to the full.

if you want to experience the Candela Seven on Board on the Rhine, for a test ride on the 29. and 30. Cologne, may – or of 1. to 13. June in Hamburg – the importer VMG Marine log.

This article by Stefan Gerhard

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