Tennis women's 50 Bavaria League TC because home is subject to the TC Schongau | Weilheim

As the Name suggests, he is supposed to bring good luck. The lucky charm of the ladies ' 50 of the TC because the home refused to do in the Derby against Colch

Tennis women's 50 Bavaria League TC because home is subject to the TC Schongau | Weilheim

As the Name suggests, he is supposed to bring good luck. The lucky charm of the ladies ' 50 of the TC because the home refused to do in the Derby against Colchester first, but its service.

because the home – to tell If we're talking about Corona, Ulrike Chab of course, the adventure of the previous week. The tennis players of the Weilheimer ladies 50 in the district of Ebersberg to Steinhöring. The host cleared inside a locker room. The really funny things happened afterwards in the restaurant after the 5:4 victory. "We are in the next room," says Chab, the team leader of the women's 50 in the Bavaria League. Separated from the Rest of the sweet-smelling clientele. The smell of success, refined with a personal touch, didn't need to scrub it clean. Showers remained to the decree of the government closed and unused. After they had won as a community, they would have stunk even "community", quips Sabine Diesel-Kemper.

Tennis: first home appearance of the Weilheimer ladies 50 has occurred to a touch of normality

last Saturday, the weilheimer ladies 50 now for the first Time at home – and that felt refreshingly normal. Next to the Parking lot, the children trick again on their Skateboards. The archway greets are still the guests. Only the frog in front of the terrace is. A faithful member has it for 20 euros in Friedberg only a bargain, and on the dead tree set, you don't want to are cutting down at. Its wide mouth encourages guests to Grin. Laughter is never bad in the months after the great Corona-Depression. All have to laugh a little. The memory of the joy belongs to filled in. Not a frog, not quacks.

Tennis: because home team leader Ulrike Chab, knew that it would be against Schongau hard

luck of the bring. But in this Job, he has failed tremendously. His ladies 50-the balance sheet now stands at 0:1. The Weilheim-based players lost their County of Derby with a 2:7 against the TC-Schongau. Ulrike Chab had an inkling of what a challenge the newcomer is. Certainly, because home for years to the better Clubs in the Bayern League, was 2018 master, but did not jump in the Regionalliga. But they are all older. Schongau moved in with a younger Team, three under the age of 55 years versus only one (Christiane Quint) in the TCW. The guests also have to Liselot Prechtel, who knows the scene only as "Lisa". The Lisa is a world and European champion in various age classes, is currently the number one of the ladies-55-world and Lisa is going to lose in this League, no game, no set, maybe even a couple of points. "The Wow," says Luise Humml, captain of the TC-Schongau, prepared by the Deal. The Weilheimer number one, Diesel-Kemper, made no counter. 6:0 and 6:0 the Lisa, power class 4 won.

Tennis: because home Sabine Diesel is Kemper against Liselot Prechtel't stand a chance

Prechtel on running in the background even for Murnau in the national League. Last week, she has a Eggenfelderin defeated, who was 27 years younger. By the Board of Directors of the Team after that, but received no praise, but a complaint. What occurred to the women just to let viewers on the system. Because of the sensitive subject has been dealt with differently. Spectators were allowed to enter the grounds. You should keep a distance and "healthy people" activate the mind, such as Chab says. So many sports keeps the Virus in the headlock, he was not limited to the Tennis. The club has placed a disinfectant. Guests will get any locker room – and even before Corona. Since this week you are allowed to shower again. The Weilheim-based systems, stone walls separate. This is a luxury. "We really have the best conditions," says Chab.

Tennis: handshake and hugs are still prohibited

On square need to get used to the ladies only to a significant Change: It has prohibited the embrace, the handshake. "Missing me already, when I double-abzuklatschen", says the captain because home. But for a season, she could go without. A few weeks ago, as the Association deferring the season, she asked all of the opposing teams. Is it worth it? "The uncertainty was there," says Chab. But then loosened Bavaria, the restrictions. Up on a Team all with make. Seven clubs, the last game to deny the because home on the inside of the 25. July, on the last round on 1. August you game free. Promotion and relegation officials have deleted. They call the unique construct transitional season. "What was previously an ambition, now is the fun," says Chab. You would have to get used to. At least half of the squad which is very ambitious. Win, all want to. A goal you have spent in this summer none. "Just have fun in the game."

On the next weekend because of the home inside to the Scheyern. to Perhaps the tennis world looks different there. The opponents doubted a long time whether to participate. Play.

TC Weilheim – TC-Schongau 2:7

item: Sabine Diesel-Kemper - Liselot Prechtel 0:6, 0:6; Christine Reiser - Luise Humml 4:6, 2:6; Ulrike Chab - Paula Feith 1:6, 4:6, Christiane Creasing Monika Habersetzer 1:6, 3:6; Ruth Contactor - Cilly Gratz 6:3, 6:3; Christiane Quint - Sabine Hutter 6:0, 6:0. Double: Diesel-Kemper - Prechtel/Humml 4:6, 2:6; Chab/creasing Feith/Habersetzer 3:6, 2:6; Reiser/contactor - Alexandra storm/Gratz 0:6, 1:6

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