Tennis - Whole world is watching Amateurs, because, otherwise, no Tennis is played

Last weekend, the 9.400 inhabitants large town of Höhr-grenzhausen was the center of the tennis action. Since then, the Tour was interrupted with the cancellati

Tennis - Whole world is watching Amateurs, because, otherwise, no Tennis is played

Last weekend, the 9.400 inhabitants large town of Höhr-grenzhausen was the center of the tennis action. Since then, the Tour was interrupted with the cancellation of Indian Wells in March, was held the first tennis tournament. Before Dustin Brown (ATP 239) went to Yannick hanfmann (ATP 143) as Topgesetzter into the race. Its peak position was in the Karlsruhe and secured the tournament victory. With tennis MAGAZINE, he spoke about the mood among the players the large amount of media interest and the modified set of rules.

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Mr cannabis man, you have won at the weekend, the first professional tournament since the cancellation of Indian Wells. What was it like for you?

It was nice to win the tournament. But I don't want to exaggerate now. I am glad that I have not forgotten how to Tennis, played well, and me have increased. In the end, the fun factor and the competition factor were the most Beautiful in the four days. I missed out on the tennis free time at the most.

What say you to the fancy Cup?

(laughs) The Cup I see with some irony. In the current Phase of the best trophy you can get. It is really useful.

How have you been preparing for the tournament? Have you trained in tennis free time?

The preparation was quite normal, since it started with me in the tennis base in Oberhaching again. I had three weeks of training, in which it was about to get into the rhythm and to integrate structures into the day. There was no specific preparation for this tournament. the

hemp man: "I immediately accepted"

What led you to participate in the tournament?

The tournament Director Rodney Rapson had already informed me about a few weeks ago about the concept of the Exhibition. It was not worked out in detail, but you know if there is a green light from the relevant authorities. But I was very glad that I was asked and had the Chance there to play. Accordingly, I have not thought much about it and directly says.

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How is the game without the ball boys and line judges?

We had a chair arbitrator who has to have the big picture taken care of. Without any ball boys this is not bad, because the place was relatively small and with gangs equipped. We have also played on Sand, so it was with no line judges, no Problem. The prints we were able to determine so even and everything on your own rules.

hemp man: "We have received a lot of attention"

The tournament was also the international media focus. How have you perceived this?

The international interest was great. We were to be seen all over the world. I think Dustin Brown and I, as those who had in the event, the biggest names, have a relatively get much attention. My social media that I may not so often visits, were very much in demand. In those days I was a lot on Twitter and Instagram on the go. In the end, me has annoyed the but rather. Nevertheless, it was very nice that we were able to achieve a bit of attention for Höhr-grenzhausen. It was cool, but also exhausting.

How was the mood in the cabin with the other guys?

The atmosphere was cool. We had all of our small cabins in the club restaurant. With masks and at a distance you could entertain yourself quite normal. The mood was very funny. For cool points, we have knocked against the window pane. The mood came on the court a little bit. It was something Special.

How do you have warmed up?

to warm up we were on the next seats. There were five Indoor clay courts. On the first we played, and on the fifth, we were able to warm up with a game partner. We have made it mostly so that, if we played the second Match and the boys in the first Match started, we are back in, in order for us to record. After the completion of the first Match, we then went directly to the Court.

What security precautions have been taken?

We had, apart from the cabins, where we ate, as well as on the pitch, mask mandatory. Everywhere the disinfectant stand. If we moved somewhere, have wiped out the employees that were in the vicinity, everything. Of course, the Respect of the distance was. We have looked at that not to many players are at the same time in the club house. We should, if possible, a maximum of one hour before our Match on the system. Then we had to go directly back to. I went to my first Match directly to the Hotel, so that there is as little traffic as possible is created. It also kept everyone.

We have seen that the police showed up. Have you noticed that?

We have seen that the police was on the first day. The wanted to look that there is anything fishy is going on. I guess that you have seen, because you are not stayed so long. You looked around once more and looked up, how people behave.

How did you like the mode with the shorter sentences?

For that kind of tournament, it is a very good Format. It is very entertaining. It was also for us as spectators. It goes very quickly. You can hardly fault it and it goes straight to the point. I can't find into the Match, because it is the same. You must be vigilant, otherwise the set is gone quickly. The Format is really good.

In terms of the changed rules in Höhr-grenzhausen. What rule changes would you like to see on the Tour?

You might think for a couple of ATP tournaments about reduced rates or No-Ad-rule. But I would start with the spectators. You should be able to go and come whenever you want and not consistently quiet must be. In the direct field of view of the player during the impact, you should stay maybe better seats. Similar to College Tennis. There you can sit down during the ball exchange elsewhere. I don't mind if it is in between and during the points according to. If you want to call in, that may happen sometimes. This could be experimented. I also like the idea with the Headset, in the Next Finals, where you can work with the Coach to talk like that. Then something comes over well on television. But here, too, I thought it would only be for some of the tournaments appropriately.

This article was Brülls Uli Hoeness written by Franziska: Without mind games, it would be for some clubs, closely PCP Uli Hoeness become: Without mind games, it would be for some clubs tight

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Updated Date: 21 May 2020, 21:27

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