TV channel shows better mind games than none at all

Why Clubs and League are for the League meeting on Monday so vague in your statements? Because of the legal Situation between the League and the TV rights hol

TV channel shows better mind games than none at all

Why Clubs and League are for the League meeting on Monday so vague in your statements?
Because of the legal Situation between the League and the TV rights holders MySports still needs to be clarified. Because it is, of course, to a lot of money. And because none of the Parties want to use the financially and athletically, the best possible Option in advance: playoffs in full halls and a full-length from the age of 17. March.

What would mean less or no more games for the Clubs, the League and the Federation?
No emotions, no title of the award, hardly resonance and attention, the absence of the big stage Playoff: All of this would be the product ice hockey in a high degree detrimental. However, the damage with the continuation of the spirit would play more, because these provide the Clubs with existential problems. The SCB is not represented in the Playoff. "But for us the playoffs without an audience would be unthinkable," says CEO Marc Lüthi. "Premium numbers without generating revenue: There would open a hole, which would not be close to." The Association's President, Michael Rindlisbacher said on Monday after the press conference: "We must be in solidarity. It is essential to prevent the existence of a club is threatened by the Situation."

Let the financial damage of spirit play for the Clubs to quantify?
He falls to individually, because the Clubs have different terms and conditions. The a and to numbers of staff per Matchtag, and from, the other per season. The one to pay the rent for the hall and ice per season, the other per game. According to the different financial losses are.

But: games without an audience, without occupied Boxes, without the sales in the catering industry, the hit each Club on the lifeline. The EHC Biel escaped in the spirit of the game with a home game against the ZSC Lions alone in the gastronomy is a turnover of around 100’000 Swiss francs. The SCB came against Gottéron on a Loss of a quarter of a million Swiss francs. The Bernese have completed a failure, insurance for force majeure. These covered a one-time sum of 200’000 Swiss francs. The majority of the club is not insured for such a case.

what is the Position of MySports?
UPC channel MySports keeps for a year, 35 million Swiss francs for the broadcasting rights. Mode and the number of the games are clearly defined. The Playoff will be shortened or cancelled, will not accept of the legal holder of this just so. Since the contract expires with the football Association 2022, and around MySports for some time the sale rumors. Accordingly, it is important for the program Director, Steffi Buchli, a strong Position. Buchli said in the SRF program "Club": "I understand that Clubs and associations want to games, no Spirit. A food escapes-essential amount. And the audience is more than just a backdrop. But there are also the optics as a program Director of a channel. And I say: We have a contract, we would like to transfer games. Whether the mind games or not, is in the end not decisive."

What are the Considerations, the Clubs make?
you will weigh what it weighs financially severe: The Minus of a mind game, or the loss of money from the TV contract in case of cancellation. For this, the Clubs need to know what it costs you, if games are cancelled. Currently, talks between the League Director Denis Vaucher and the TV partners (including the SRG broadcasts in the Playoff live).

in Addition, the club are looking for representatives for solutions on how to reduce the cost. One Option is to make occupational distress claim, for the staff short-time working demand and in this way, temporary Employment dips. Not to claim workers are in a temporary employment relationship (i.e. the player) or only temporarily employed are entitled to, however. The SCB, for example, 1200 people on the Payroll. Of which 900 work in the catering industry, of which 750 on a part-time basis. Managing Director Luthi says: "It is a thought, for the salaried people in the catering industry, the short-time work compensation claim. But we have a lot of part-time employees, which is now important is missing an income. For you it I'm extremely sorry. To these people I'm in the short term more than the professional athletes."

difficult to implement Considerations, meanwhile, that the players have to share the consequences of the failures. Georges Muller, lawyer and agent, says: "We hear the first rumors. But it is not in the given Situation is not the fault of the employee, that he can not fulfill his work. This is the Problem of the employer."

what's next?
Currently, the Parties are working to clarify the legal issues (reduction of the legal fee? The financial consequences of postponement and cancellation?) and to find a common denominator. The holder of the right MySports seems to be on a long lever. "But he will not serve, if the National League – and I times here, there are aware of black – and-later only nine of Clubs," says Müller. Lüthi says: "It's about who can be forced to what. It comes to keep a cool head and find a solution that ensures all parties Involved in the Survival."

The restrictions of the Federal Council for large-scale events for 1000 visitors, shall be valid until 15. March. In view of the rising cases of Corona is likely to be repealed Diseased you.

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