TSV Eching: A year with Willi Bierofka | Landkreis Freising

, The FT looks at the framework of his series back to the year 1988, when the former Bundesliga footballer Willi Bierofka led the TSV Eching back in the nationa

TSV Eching: A year with Willi Bierofka | Landkreis Freising

, The FT looks at the framework of his series back to the year 1988, when the former Bundesliga footballer Willi Bierofka led the TSV Eching back in the national League.

Eching TSV Eching two nerve-wracking and difficult years behind. In 1985/86, it wanted to make the Club after his second Bayern League is better than the first attempt. However, instead of the targeted classes cohesion of the whole of the club, slipped into a crisis. In the Winter, Toni was dismissed Plattner, in April, the club had to go to chef Willi Frömel, the anlastete the rift with Plattner. Frömel had brought with Erich Beer, the Ex-national players of Hertha BSC and former lions Pro, a big name in the Dieter Heimer road, but underestimated, is that most of the players were largely behind Plattner. The exchange of Wolfgang Leitl to the lion in the winter break, weakened the team, apparently – at the end of the TSV has more than table last.

't had much more luck with the trainer for obligations Günther Bock, and who had taken over in April 1986, the office of the Chairman. Erich Meidert, Sigi Bönig, a relatively unknown Yugoslav, and most recently Michael Widhopf – in the national League to exhausted this day, four Instructors, and from increased nevertheless, in the year 1987, in the district League.

+ The Zero: goalkeeper Andi's age, and his front people were in the decision-making game in the Dante stadium your box clean and thus laid the Foundation for success.©Lehmann

a Coup, the new leadership of the Chairman Hans Lang and, above all, football-head of Department Robert Hofmeier: they came for the 1987-88 season Willi Bierofka and with him exactly the right man for a rebuilding, with many young players and home-grown as Witzl, age, Wolf, Portner, Schiller, and Lantenhammer. Bierofka helped not only in the squad planning, it managed to give the environment a lift.

And yet it was towards the end of the season, a lot of spat: The lions wanted him as their new coach, of all things, his old love. There, he was changed in 1973, as a 20-Year-old, where he was under Max Merkel, a regular player in the 2. Bundesliga. In the season 1976/77 he played a key role in the rise in the 1. League. For a long time, he denied reports in the tabloid Newspapers – ultimately, he went after only one season however.

The duel of the coach with the big B

Before he began the service at the grünwalder Straße, gave him his Echinger Team a fee farewell ends. In the League of the TSV was just ahead of SpVgg Feldmoching, a former team Bierofkas, as a master. It was the season, as the district's top League was introduced, the first and Second were able to skip all of these though.

The three masters of the upper Bavarian leagues determined-tier two country. It came to a duel the Trainer with the big B: Bierofka met first on Beer (TSV Grünwald), Bönig (FC Moosinning) waiting for the loser – all three of them were currently or in the past, coach of TSV Eching.

+ The Golden goal was scored by Jürgen Tits. A native of the Dürener was the defensive leader of the team. On the left of the front of the already deceased Stefan Reich, to the right of the former Echinger mayor Joachim Enßlin.©Lehmann

The Echinger feared before the game on Wednesday, may 8. In June 1988, their centre-forward Michael Witzl. Had seen on the third-to-last round of the Red card, however, remained, despite all the interventions of the Echinger for the game in the Dante stadium locked. There is doubt in one's own camp came, the squad was reduced after injuries arg. But Bierofka familiar to the young in his Eleven.

Echings defense chief makes the ultimate goal

The 90 minutes against forest green were a tough matter. Around 800 visitors have already seen in the 37. Minute of the Golden goal. Had made it with Jürgen Tits the defense chief – an impressive appearance both on and off the field of play, the second in addition to the unforgettable, much too early deceased Stefan Reich, the control of the midfield.

So that the consolidation was found after the two-time descent to a good conclusion. Bierofka was celebrated on the field and later in the sport home. He felt the victory as deserved ("We are closed occurred") and his departure from Eching to as "phenomenal". And somehow, he was sorry that he went now. His successor in the national League Louca Moussa Baba, a former player for the Amateurs of FC Bayern Munich.

TSV Eching – TSV Grünwald 1:0 (1:0)

(Wednesday, may 8. In June 1988, Dante stadium, Munich, Germany)

TSV Eching age – Lantenhammer, Tits, Portner, Botzang – Wolf, rich, Kowalczyk, Schiller (30. Möller), Böhlert (75. of Rützen) – Leutner.

TSV Grünwald: Thiel – Härtl, Böhm, book Berger, Hochmuth, Seidl, Maier, Doppler, Mayer, Schenk, Adam.

goal: 1:0 Meisen (37.).

referee: Scheurer (Munich, Germany).

viewers: 800.

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