Summer vacation, in spite of Corona: German tourists are allowed back on the Danish border | world

In some countries, is supposed to be summer vacation, in spite of the Corona-pandemic possible. Spain has now announced the opening of the border for tourists.

Summer vacation, in spite of Corona: German tourists are allowed back on the Danish border | world

In some countries, is supposed to be summer vacation, in spite of the Corona-pandemic possible. Spain has now announced the opening of the border for tourists. What are the chances for Turkey?

a Lot of German already want to make plans for your summer holidays . So far, a world-wide journey, however, applies warning to 14. June. In Spain the population is pressing on the opening of the border , the policy is called a time . Five destinations Joussen, according to Tui-Chef "very well prepared". Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. Also you can find here a variety of current case numbers in Germany, as a card*. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Update from the 24. May, 21.18 PM: Germans can go with the Sylt ferry via Denmark on the island. Denmark allow Fährpassagieren again to Pass the German-Danish border, said Tim art man, managing Director of the Rømø-Sylt line, on Sunday evening. A prerequisite of a booking confirmation, the Sylt ferry and the accommodation or campsite on Sylt is . Denmark could only be a transit country.

The Sylt ferry will be starting on Wednesday (27. May) and again in addition, two ferries and thus to the upcoming Pentecost weekend up to 30 daily departures to offer. The rides with "Sylt Express" and "RömöExpress" are available now. Because of the Corona-epidemic the driving is likely to remain guests during the Crossing in the vehicle on the car deck and sit, if you want to, so art man.

the daily use of two ferries was originally Planned 30. April. The closure of the German-Danish border on the 14. In March, as well as the North sea Islands, from 16. March in the Wake of the pandemic have thwarted the plans of the Sylt ferry, however. Since then, only a ship with a reduced schedule went. It took care of the vehicles such as for super markets on the island of Sylt.

holidays in spite of Corona: Turkey's hopes of German tourists

Update from the 24. May 2020 : Germany in March due to the Corona pandemic is a worldwide travel warning to 14. June is pronounced. The limits to the EU's neighbouring countries are closed for tourists. Many travelers are prevented from return and onward travel.

Before the summer holidays, global travel warning for all of the EU should be repealed in countries. The foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, wants to replace these with individual travel advice. As with countries outside the EU, is still unclear.

The Turkish government expected that the Federal government is reversing its worldwide travel warning, before the summer holidays to Turkey. The Turkey is from mid-June ready to receive tourists from abroad, said the Turkish Ambassador in Berlin, Ali Kemal Aydin, compared to the news Agency dpa.

"It is obvious that we have to overcome in contrast to many other countries, the Covid-19-the crisis successfully," said Aydin of the dpa. Turkey had defined the necessary precautions for safe tourism earlier. The recording of the air traffic was already in preparation. To domestic flights, according to Aydin, the flight operations are expected to be gradually increased before the middle of June with international flights.

opening of the border for tourists from Germany


the Hotel season


places to visit


3. June without quarantine for tourists from the Schengen area

No dates

- South Tyrol wants to from the 25. May Hotels/holiday apartments open


as of July tourists in a controlled Form

a state of emergency until 7. June in Spain.

- entry to the Schengen area currently is almost impossible (if only with a 14-day quarantine)


15. June

Restaurants are already open.

Hotels, museums should until the end of may


from 15 to follow. June for travellers from Germany

no decision

the Regional authorities open.


entering the country from abroad currently, with a 14-day quarantine (Stand: 24. May).

- to restart the tourism 1. July planned.

1. July start to the season for foreign tourists.

- closed attractions

- some of the beaches are re-opened


borders is still open.

at the beginning of June, further steps

entry for German tourists, possibly with a rental agreement for a holiday home or hotel reservation.

the Netherlands

1. July should be allowed to visit leisure camping again.


9. May be allowed to enter the country, foreigners who have an accommodation booking without quarantine requirements. This also applies to boat and property owners.


Only the opening of the border between Greece and Serbia 1. June - without the otherwise mandatory quarantine


No borders open. Turkey plans with German tourists from 14. June

holidays in spite of Corona: Spain sets the opening of the border - Tui-Chef recommends five holiday destinations

initial message of 23. May 2020

Madrid - Great parts of the Spanish population live from the tourism , but the measures of the Corona-pandemic the country concerned to take. Now an announcement by the government squashed hopes on an early recovery of tourism. These grew, as Corona-Hotspot Italy the opening of the border for visitors from the 3. June had set.

summer holidays/Corona: time for opening of the border in Spain announced

"From July reception foreign tourists will be included under safe conditions", announced, Spain's Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez in a speech to the population on Saturday. The politician said, to guarantee "that the tourists will take no risks, and also that they cause no risk for us".

transport Minister José Luis Ábalos , the increasingly restless population to tell the news is not good. "We can't allow the entry of foreigners, while we pull the Spanish population is still a nightlife barrier." The pressure on the government is, however, not less. Rallies and protests in the big cities of the country are calling for Sanchez‘ resignation.

summer holidays/Corona: Tui-Chef Mallorca-flights - Spain extended a state of emergency

Although there were already first loose of the lock downs in Spain, the emergency was to 6. June extended. With the announcements of Tui CEO Fritz Joussen, what they want to "take the middle/end of June, the air traffic to Mallorca again," had you leaning forward a bit too far out of the window. "From the end of June, we want to fly on time to the summer holidays again," said Tui chief to the düsseldorf "Rheinische Post".

The popular vacation countries-Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Bulgaria were also very well prepared, the Tui boss. The Hotel season should be done in these countries by 1. July start. With Turkey currently in the Dialog. "There will be a dynamic of Openings, because there is no reason for a permanent Lockdown of tourism."

Date Of Update: 24 May 2020, 15:33