Start for a very special inter-boat

The Interboot Friedrichshafen in 2020 will be held. On Friday, the message that the three countries show will be held at the lake of Constance in the first Coro

Start for a very special inter-boat

The Interboot Friedrichshafen in 2020 will be held. On Friday, the message that the three countries show will be held at the lake of Constance in the first Corona of the year finally came – in full length as planned by the 19. to 27. September. The venue remains the same – in the exhibition halls of the city. Much of this year will be different in the case of the South boat show.

"We speak of an event, which will be due to the circumstances and to the rules of hygiene in a special-edition", explains trade fair managing Director Klaus Wellmann to the first Post-Corona-Show in the tri-state area. It is clear, as well as man, that the event "with a concept of security, the extensive health and sanitary measures taken into account", to be organized.

no Need to mask: a dog on Board a Ixylon © Messe Friedrichshafen Float magazine more generous stand placement, wider aisles

tickets can only be acquired digitally and limited per day are available. Interboot project Manager Dirk chalk white appealed to it, to adjust the attitude of expectation: "The fair will feel different and also compressed to represent." This may also have something Good.

The 59. The output is, so to speak, to Buy a Special Edition with a clear focus on the issues, Sell and Transfer of Know-how. The plans provide a more generous stand placement, wider aisles and a new product configuration.

    insight in a Chris Craft © Messe Friedrichshafen magazine Float A Lacustre from the year 2017 © Messe Friedrichshafen magazine precious: Cranchi M Float 44 HT © Messe Friedrichshafen Float magazine

According to the commitment of the state government in Stuttgart the week before last, that measure can be carried out under certain conditions, has now started the concrete planning. Already a few days prior to the public announcement that the inter-boat to take place, had the potential Exhibitor from "Go" to the South boat show.

Internet Stream instead of the Interboot-harbour

The framework programme is focused on the mediation of knowledge, in addition, the experts will be streamed forums on the net. Now that the boat industry is online, is consistently. The worldwide acting Corona pandemic has the digitization, as in many industries, a swing. The active hands-on services will be reduced.

More knowledge transfer, less demonstrations. on the program © Messe Friedrichshafen Float magazine

from July for a year and a half the applicable reduction in VAT could help, that more boats will be purchased In any case, if these are at the "significantly cheaper" as it is to announce to the organizer. At boot Düsseldorf the old tax rate will apply again.

Sobering is that the Interboot Harbor on lake Constance, and the water sports Arena can not be taken at the exhibition grounds as in the successful previous year in operation. In the fair port directly on the lake is a potential that the Interboot Friedrichshafen as Inwater Display and a starting point for Testtörns makes interested. Next year, hopefully.

not Yet released: the Interboot-harbour © Messe Friedrichshafen Float magazine

Until then, especially the Swiss, who travel daily by ferry across the lake Constance, the trade fair-boat traffic on the occasion of the inter-boat. For the inter-boat with a separate exhibition section is, and remains, the largest Swiss boat show. Even if it takes place outside of the Swiss territory.

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This article was written by Stefan Gerhard

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