Soccer-Export to rogue States: All amenities

The criticism of the sweep of the Spanish Supercup in Saudi Arabia is louder. The public TV does not want to transmit the spectacle. business-minded: Turki Al

Soccer-Export to rogue States: All amenities

The criticism of the sweep of the Spanish Supercup in Saudi Arabia is louder. The public TV does not want to transmit the spectacle.

business-minded: Turki Al-Sheikh, owner of UD Almeria and Saudi Arabian leisure Minister photo: Peter Arvidson/imago

Vero Boquete from the language, what many thought, when they learned of the award of the Spanish Supercup to Saudi Arabia. "The message is that anything goes. But I find that not everything goes. We're talking about an Aggressor and oppressor who violates human rights. We should find a way to punish those who do. Instead, we carry sports events there.“

But Boquete is just a well-known Spanish footballer, currently under contract with the US club Utah Royals – and not a footballer. It is, therefore, to many millions of euros deneme bonusu veren siteler poorer, and Yes, apparently that makes a difference, because who has a lot of, not getting the neck right full: old rule in professional sports. 120 million over three years, 40 million Euro per edition, the Spanish football Federation RFEF that he's carrying the newly-designed Final-Four tournament in the Saudi Jeddah.

let's get started in January with FC Barcelona (the Champions), Valencia (Cup winner), Atletico Madrid (League runner-up) and Real Madrid (third), and while coming out of the company of the left-wing party Podemos to the liberal-conservative media such as El Mundo fierce criticism, while Spain's public television, the spectacle of RTVE does not want to transfer out of Protest, the reflectance at the involved Associations only up to the number of stars the hotel Suite. "We have no Problem at all to play there," said atlético President Enrique Cerezo. "I'm going to assume that this country offers all the amenities to make us feel comfortable."

officials and players can be reassured: You will ensure that you get to see on the way Jokerbet to the stadium, no public executions, according to Amnesty International, even if the wahabbit Kingdom has, at least, call superficially a reform price. With the Yemen war, you don't have to struggle around, and as far as the rights of oppressed women, ruled the RFEF even as an emancipatory force. "Women and men are totally equal footing, to the stadium," announced Association President Luis Rubiales. So not as otherwise, since the Opening for women in some areas, such as the Finale in the Italian Supercup, segregated in a separate Block? Or is the promise only applies to Western women?

likely to be the Latter, but Rubiales looks to still be on the right side of history. "Saudi Arabia wants to change his whole culture and the borders open. We can block or participate in, and we have decided to participate in it,“ he explained. Human rights experts to use for such cooperation, a different description: sports washing. The washing away of a rogue state Image on the international Sport. Saudi Arabia to power, on what neighbors, such as Qatar pre. And Spain, with power excited. Two years ago, the League sold nine squad places at top clubs to the Saudis who wanted to join their national players to the world Cup in 2018. They were, ultimately, barely, but was paid anyway.

Turki Al-Sheikh, a close follower of the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and now entertainment Minister in the Kingdom helped broker the Deal at the time. Since the summer he has in Spain, the second division side UD Almería, and it is quite a blast. Club employees, he should have envelopes with 5,000 Euro's, if they courted him as "your Majesty".

In home games, he makes a sports car among the audience giving away, and in spite of sporting success, he has fired in four months two Trainer. The latest exercise, the head is the dazzling Ex-Real professional Guti, and will follow with interest with all the Fans, whether it's running in Almería, unlike in Egypt, where Turki Al-Sheikh 2018 bought the club Alassiouty him under the name of Pyramids FC to Cairo laid and five coaches exhausted this day, before he withdrew after a few months.

Barça and Real are to collect as Antrittsgage 7 million euros, Valencia only 2.5 million and Atlético in between anything. Justification of the distribution key with a different Cut in the history of the Supercup. The footnote to this line of business is no less suspect than its substance.

Date Of Update: 15 November 2019, 13:00