So it goes on after the Whitsun holidays in the schools | Wolfratshausen

After the Whitsun holidays, the schools full of: pupils and teachers return. But there are exceptions. Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen– After all, some 1.7 million ch

So it goes on after the Whitsun holidays in the schools | Wolfratshausen

After the Whitsun holidays, the schools full of: pupils and teachers return. But there are exceptions.

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen– After all, some 1.7 million children in Bavaria to press again in a literal sense, the school Bank. Until the beginning of the Pentecost holiday there were only around 600 000. The goal, according to the Prime Minister, Markus Söder, that after the summer holidays in early September is a normal school operation is taking place. However, teachers are essential and which are not currently complete for the classroom available. Approximately eleven percent (Stand 18. May) the teachers at state schools for the Corona-risk group and working in the home office.

"To Pentecost, the use in the classroom for teachers over 60 years – since the 27. April, on a voluntary Basis,“ says Zoran Gojic, Deputy press spokesman for the Bavarian Ministry of culture, on demand from our newspaper. "If, after Pentecost, the pupils of the other classes that were not yet in the classroom, may go back to school, is intended for teachers of all age groups, a Teaching operation in the Presence mode."

Ü60-teachers can be freed from the classroom

But according to Gojic, there are exceptions: "teachers and other school staff, for in a specialist medical assessment found that infection with the Covid-19-Virus could be the employed Person is a special individual risk situation arise, the use of the school in the classroom as not acceptable, we must continue to give neither the classroom nor will they be used in emergency care.“ Exception two: Think of a teacher or school personnel over the age of 60 years by the Covid-19-Virus as very vulnerable, "is made after notice to the Executive Board no use in the classroom and in the emergency care".

who is exempt from the presence, needs to Wolfratshausen work

+ Petra Burkhardt, Director of the Supervisory school authority in the Kreis Bad Tölz -. ©Photo: archive

Gojic value attaches to the statement: "they are Freed from classroom teaching and involvement in emergency care as in the past, obligation to provide service – be it at home or in another protected area." The latter could optionally be used in the school. Teachers who do not can face for the same reasons their students personally, "fulfill your service obligations, particularly when Learning at home, as well as in the Adoption of corrective and management," explains the Deputy Ministry spokesman. They can be used according to his words, but also "other activities" that you can exercise at home or in another protected area – "if necessary, also in the field of health management," says Gojic.

Department of education Director widespread optimism

About eleven percent of the teachers – not teachers are included in elementary and middle schools were 18. May the presence of instruction delivered. This includes Pregnant women, teachers, belonging to a risk group, teachers who are older than 60 years and not in the classroom want to participate, teachers who were seconded to the health authorities, as well as educators, are due to a Covid-19 infection in quarantine. count

How is the Situation at the elementary and middle schools in the district from? "An exact number of the risk group in front of us, since these are recorded directly in the school," says Department of education Director Petra Burkhardt. To your knowledge, there are between ten and 15 per cent of the teachers. She stresses: anyone Who belongs to the risk group, for the duty, "in the context of the Online applicable be-schooling and to provide either the class or teachers, are increasingly being used in the classroom".

"Completely new type of schooling" was good for

so Far, the bottlenecks could be compensated "largely in line with Mobile reserves and additional commitment of teachers on-the-spot", the education office of the Director. "We are very grateful to the many teachers who are over 60 years old, are willing to be in the classroom working." She was optimistic that the classroom teaching could be ensured up to the summer holidays. Not to forget: The classic teaching find up to 27. July "in the week changes each have only a part of the students and alternates with phases of learning home 3.0".

A "big thank you" says the education office of the Director of the school boards, which would bring in these times of crisis, "masterpieces" in full. And this in an Interaction with the teachers, the "lift extraordinarily flexible and creative, and with great personal use of this completely new type of schooling". Burkhardt pays in addition, the students respect that often has to be Buffalo at home "and on the important social contacts with classmates and teachers had to do without, or have to do without". Her hat pulls in front of the parents who have taken in addition to Job, home office and budget, "the care and support of their children". All of this concern, the bottom line is this, "that even in this very special time is very much running very well".

Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 15:33

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