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The professional snowboarding Konstantin Schad, 32, leaves behind, his subjects now are: family and the environment A Kick in the pedals, a Grin – the way he

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The professional snowboarding Konstantin Schad, 32, leaves behind, his subjects now are: family and the environment

A Kick in the pedals, a Grin – the way he is. "A bit of what is still there in the muscles," says Konstantin Schad, as he looks back over his shoulder. It is Monday morning, and the Snowboard"retired" from Fischbachau invites you to join him on his morning round. The Board, he has hanged in the spring to the nail, after one and a half decades in the world Cup, three Olympic took part. Because harmful with 32 years but is still in great shape, he must decide now, in the morning between two other passions. Saturday he played a solo round of Golf (Handicap 5). Today, he shows the small Caravan meadow in his other game, the river ISAR, between Wittelsbacher bridge and Schäftlarn.

Many of his snowboarding friends with the mountain bike downhill on the road. Harmful, the father of two, has left the wild years behind. A typical day for him looks like this now: daughter Antonia (2 years) and son Jonathan (10 months) Wake him up. After that, the sport is early marriage harmful to take care of young athletes, as he was one of your own. Often this is in the home office. Today, however, he turns to the grosshesseloher bridge and ride to the Bundeswehr Uni in Neubiberg. This is to be an employer – only that he has changed sides. From the funded athlete to one who gives valuable advice. The concept of sports promotion group he describes as: "It is a great package where you not have to Worry about in the volatile world of Sports."

harmful is experienced enough to be a good Mentor for young talents. No major event is left out, unfortunately, is hardly a violation ("The ligament tear I had fortunately saved"), but this is no wonder, when the world Cup is in the breakneck mountain and Valley routes of the Board in cross-on-the-go. The decision to stop Smoking was hard for him, but harmful found that it was at the time. "The children's theme has it had an influence, for the most part," he says: "The body, I would have had maybe a couple of years in grip, but also has now and again expressed concerns." Two other big topics, which fell to him the decision: The Corona-a crisis that will change the world of Sports came: "The margins next to the football could break a little bit," he says. In him the feeling is also that he has now climbed enough aircraft; keyword ecological footprint.

malicious is a lot to do with the Bike on the road ("usually with a children's trailer") and a Biogas-car sets has come about. "I'm a militant buddy has expected for me, what I'm in all of the years . . .“ Much, allows harmful, to the topic of the day. He says: "I'm getting out just a bit on the brakes for everything I've done in the last years." It is not enough for him to have on "the classical balance of the pages in the Internet," a green Conscience bought.

the subject of The environment has him in private. His small family is looking for a building site. Not in Miesbach, where he comes from, but in Munich, as far as possible in Radl distance to the Isar. He says: "I'd prefer to build ecological regional – this is my violent desire just." Only a small luxury, he would treat "The ceiling in the basement should have 2,80 m in height." A Grin. "So I can beat in the Winter with the Golf Simulator, balls to the walls."

Golf, Surfing, mountain Biking – not rusted-harmful. 15 years in the Snowboard circus beautiful successes (three world Cup wins), first of all, the two bronze medals at the X stay Games. In addition, innumerable friendships, because "the Board cross all the "super " together" – together they travelled the globe. "I'm going to miss the Travelling and the Team," says Schad, don't want to be nostalgic. "Because," he adds: "The ultimate Team is the family."

To which he cares passionately. After Jonathan's birth, he took a break – he has noticed, that have shifted the values. He says: "madness, if you have a new giant to be the anchor pick an emotionally with such a decision. Right now I'm just happy with how it is.“

The Sport, he will continue to receive. The talents, of which he supervised. The snowboard Association as an active member of the Bureau. Until the fall of the FIS athletes ' representative on the Executive Committee. A charismatic athlete was lost. Won the associations a young official who has recognized that the Sport has to make new topics. Harmful says: "Similar to the concept of the DFL for international professional soccer, as the concept of climate protecting from, Germany could be hit Export."

Updated Date: 22 May 2020, 10:34

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