Served under Löw and Heynckes: German lurching Turkey to save-giants

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Served under Löw and Heynckes: German lurching Turkey to save-giants

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Now, App He download worked as a player with Jupp Heynckes, Joachim Löw, and Felix Magath together, and today is the shooting star among the Turkish coaches. Now Erol Bulut Fenerbahce to lead to success. A task that is not easy, but the Bad Schwalbacher familiar with his "German discipline".

self-confidence, it's not for lack of him. Why because even? He was no longer the scrawny Boy that came over the youth of the TuS Hahn, the SpVgg Eltville and the SG 01 Hoechst to Eintracht Frankfurt. Erol Bulut has had four years of existence behind it, played for Fenerbahce to the title, she even worked with world champion coaches such as Carlos Alberto Pereira and came now as a seasoned professional back to Concord.

Erol Bulut had his luck

Jörg Berger no longer fight it tried seven Times with returnees Bulut, the successor to Felix Magath at all. According to the "Frankfurter Rundschau" is Magath said at the time to Bulut: "We are a good fit." Bulut said: "wanted to Marry I you Yes, but just to play football."

It fits in the career of Erol Bulut (45). Talent was never the Problem, of which there was always enough. Nevertheless, he had to fight for his happiness, as the many stations show as a footballer. As a of him wanted to leave Magath in Frankfurt, neither marry, nor are kick started for Bulut on an Odyssey through many clubs and countries. Turkey, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Ukraine, Greece – there then with two more Transfers and then the end of career.

"I'm fulfilling my childhood dream"

If Bulut looks back today, he sees only the Positive. He sees the experience he gained. The language skills gained. The network that he built. The many coaches that influenced him. The Latter so much so that Bulut self-anpeilte a career as a coach and now a few years later, at the pinnacle of his career arrived. Bulut since the beginning of August, coach at Fenerbahce. Where he was once a name as a footballer, he is now a coach. And important: It is the desire of the trainer.

"I'm fulfilling my childhood dream," says Bulut. "I feel an excitement and much Pride." Fenerbahce, which sits like to rank and name, on the coach position, focused early on, on Bulut and abandoned since March on a permanent successor for Ersun Yanal to Bulut the way to keep. And with good reason: The bathroom Sclwalbacher began his career as a Co-learning to coach the basics. A crucial step is to switch to Basaksehir FK was. There, he was Co-coach, success coach, Abdullah Avci, who granted it to his learners the wizard a lot of free space.

Bulut was in Turkey for his "German discipline," praised

Bulut took care of opponent analysis, tactical issues, an important point of contact. He let me do much, for which I am very grateful to him," says Bulut. It seemed only a matter of time before Bulut, takes on a head coach and his own team formed. The Chance he got at Yeni Malatyaspor. "We had a budget of 8.5 million euros – the smallest in the League," recalls Bulut. But what made the small amount of money was impressive. Yeni Malatya played tactically wise, was hard to beat, and crawled in the table up to the international courts.

A number greater than all was in the case of Alanyaspor. The club resort has a stable financial power, good structures. The club left the coach a lot of freedom. With the start of this season Alanyaspor long as the table leader, later to be always on top. The season finished on a strong fifth-place finish and the Cup final. You can hear in the teams, the Bulut trained, it's possible to admire his meticulousness and attention to Detail. Bulut, who is praised in the Turkish media for his "German discipline," says his skills with his encounters.

success is

"From Jupp Heynckes, I have learned the strength of will, of Felix Magath, the importance of Fitness. From Joachim Löw and I've learned how to deal with people and a team." Actually, Bulut would have shown his skills in the Bundesliga, but once he stands before the great task at Fenerbahce. The club has about 25 million Fans in the country, experienced for years is a sporty descent. The last championship title dates back six years. Each year, the club tried to force the rudder rumzureißen, in the ever-new coaches and players were brought in. Without Success.

Now, therefore, Bulut, was also brought in because he has a stable smell and from his player years, the dynamics in the club knows. Therefore, Bulut also knows that he will only enjoy due to the credit. The success is above all. "I know that I have taken is not an easy task. But I also know what goals I have," says Bulut self-aware. And this should best be achieved immediately. Too much is gone at Fenerbahce in the last few years broken, to celebrated a lot of success in the other. This should now be final.

Fenerbahce wants the title - immediately!

what is striking is certainly the strategy that Fenerbahce is on the market on-the-go. With Gökhan Gönül (35), Caner Erkin (31), Filip Novak (30) have been committed to three experienced players, with Jose Sosa (35) the outcome of the negotiations. Although Fener is looking well and younger players, but the Message is clear: The title immediately.

Who Bulut speak hears, recognizes that it is Packed, no doubt. "I was brought here as a player with four titles. Those were wonderful years. We want to have the feeling again." Who knows, if it works, then Magath wants to get married then Yes, maybe it is. Barca has Messi, but Bayern wins in the defense and the midfield clearly FOCUS Online/Wochit Barca Messi, but Bayern wins in defense and midfield significantly


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