Sebastian Vettel admits that it Would accept an offer from Red Bull!

The report about a possible return of Sebastian Vettel to Red Bull in the season 2021, was on Thursday one of the big issues in the formula 1 Paddock in Spielbe

Sebastian Vettel admits that it Would accept an offer from Red Bull!

The report about a possible return of Sebastian Vettel to Red Bull in the season 2021, was on Thursday one of the big issues in the formula 1 Paddock in Spielberg. With voltage Vettel's appearance in the FIA press conference in the afternoon was expected. And the four-time world champion tried little to deny the '' scenario outlined above.

On the specific question of whether he would accept an offer from Red Bull after six years of Ferrari, to return to the "old country", not responds to Vettel with any alternate PR end-phrases, but he says clearly: "Probably Yes." Because: "It is a victory car. And I'm here to win."

"you are a very strong Team. I know from the past. The Team has evolved since then and is no longer exactly the same, so I can't claim that I know everything in and out. But I know why you were so strong, and they are still a contender with a car that can win races. That would be interesting."

it is Therefore clear That from the hot summer flirt between Vettel and Red Bull is a sweet Comeback, will not fail to him. Even the prospect of Max Verstappen as team-mates, according to Charles Leclerc at Ferrari the next super talent, does not scare him: "If you want to win, then you have it with every shoot."

Marko sticks to his ' no ' to Vettel

The big question is: Will reality out of the idea that is been around without a doubt, also? The Helmut Marko granted for the time being, a clear rejection: "we have no place for Vettel is. We are staffed with Albon and are also satisfied with it. Albon is half Thai, and Red Bull is 51 per cent Thai people," he says, compared to 'auto motor und sport'.

to return to The Portal '' reports, however, that Marko had to tell on Thursday morning, Vettel "a heavy heart" that there is currently no possibility of Red Bull. Albons Thai Connection seems to be an insurmountable obstacle - and, although the 24-Year-old was actually just a fix solution, as Pierre Gasly has not performed as hoped.

But the Albon is in contrast to Gasly half Thai - just like the Yoovidhya family, the 51 per cent of the Red Bull Empire include. On Thursday afternoon, according to the alleged refusal by Marko a few hours earlier, said Vettel in an Interview with 'RTL' and visibly kinked straight face, that a return to Red Bull is "up to date" is not an issue.

"I think you have to respect that they are set up at the Moment, good and wide and maybe not need it. I think the time issue is always important. Sometimes it's in the Hand, sometimes less. I think the next few weeks and months will be enlightening in terms of many things. And then it will show whether it is or not."

Vettel Red Bulls is the first choice - if Albon drops

That doesn't sound as if Vettel had given up hope on a return to Red Bull already - even if there is currently no concrete offer on the table. But it is clear that If Albon fall to verse drops sharply and Red Bull will lose valuable points for the constructors ' championship, would Vettel be the first choice for 2021.

The 33-Year-old makes no secret of the fact that he wants to return to Red Bull, and he currently speaks otherwise unusually open about his Situation. On the question of whether he had spoken in the past weeks, also with Renault about 2021, he replies without hesitation: "Yes, I have. But it was never really concrete."

"I'm already so long in the Paddock that I know a lot of people. You have chosen a different direction. For me, it changes not much. It depends on my own decision, and as I let myself in the next few days not to put pressure on you. I'm going to take the time I need to decide me."

However, should smash any hope of Red Bull, are the realistic options to continue his career slowly thin. That Vettel wants to, he leaves no doubt: "It is no secret that I'm ambitious. I have achieved in this Sport so much, and I'm interested to achieve more. I don't want to be here."

Vettel and Racing Point of interest is manageable

The argument against speculation that he could be 2021 at the Racing-Point Team that will then go as an Aston Martin to the starting dock. Specifically, in this variant referred to, he says that Racing Point "have left a strong impression" and "this year" was established. And: "I know some people from my past very well and for a very long time."

"This year, they have a Chance with a good car to fight and try to continue to improve," continued Vettel and sounds a little like a be to Racing Point nice and no doors permanently, want to strike, but also no scorching on the variant is interested.

Vettel's best Chance to even open the door to Red Bull, is to show strong performances, unlike in the season opener at Spielberg, and hope for errors of Albon. "The race now is very important for me. In the next few weeks and months, we will see how it goes and what opportunities could open up," he says.

if it didn't work with the summer fairytale of a return to the Red Bull exclusively for commercial reasons, would be a resignation - or at least a temporary - probably. "At the Moment," said Vettel, "everything is a possibility. Go on, take a break or stop. I have not made the decision yet. Depends, of course, what options are there."

Be more Familiar to Marko says at least compared to 'auto motor und sport': "In place of Sebastian, I would take a year off and to me the thing from the outside view. Maybe something is going on in the year, maybe he has a better Overview. Maybe living with the family like him but not so good that he produced the whole thing."

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