Roger Federer's Guru is looking for new ways

Ivan Ljubicic will be in March of 41 and only two and a half years is older than Roger Federer . But with his tall figure (1.93 m), he was bald, and his knowi

Roger Federer's Guru is looking for new ways

Ivan Ljubicic will be in March of 41 and only two and a half years is older than Roger Federer . But with his tall figure (1.93 m), he was bald, and his knowing look, he has something of a spiritual teacher. Federer said many years ago about the Croats who had to flee as a 13-Year-old with his mother and little brother because of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina: "He is very clever and a natural Leader."

joined As the former world, ranking third in 2016, Federer's coaching team, he was kept after his surgery on his left knee for months from the actual Job remote. He had to practice patience, to Federer, in 2017 the big Comeback began. Now, four years later, it's Federer's meniscus on his right knee that required surgery and again the plans of his team messing up.

"He is very clever and a natural Leader,"Roger Federer

Severin Luthi, Federer's other Coach, currently takes care of the Davis Cup Team, the needs of today and tomorrow to compete in Peru. But Ljubicic, it's not boring. The Davis Cup Champion in 2005, is already on the way, his own little Kingdom and build it up. Ljubicic is in principle no more Interviews, since he works with Federer. Compared to this newspaper, the Croatian gave but now, for the first time insight into his business life, his Motivation and his plans.

Tennis in the blood

he sent, his focus completely on Federer, "he's my first, second, and third priority. I have 52 weeks in the year, and will remain so, as long as he wants to continue to play". He had been Federer's Operation of 19. February was also the case in Switzerland, and followed the therapy. Since the course so far "great", hope to work again soon with him on the Court.

But, Federer's career is about to end, and as a wise man Ljubicic, in front of building. He is the CEO and founder of two agencies (LJ Sports Group and Ljubicic, LLC). From 2013, he managed the now retired Tomas Berdych. Meanwhile, Borna Coric (ATP 33), the 17-year-old Ukrainian Marta Kostyuk (WTA 141) and 23 belong to-year-old Chinese Zhizhen Zhang (ATP-140) to its clients.

Federer and Ljubicic, a good Team. (Photo: Keystone)

The ten times winner of the tournament is a self-confessed Tennis Enthusiast. He had this Sport in his blood, he was his first love, and he'll never get enough of it, he says. "I am grateful for the opportunities I receive as a result of it, it was no greater than the privilege to work with Roger." They both are very similar in their Tennis passion and their attitude, and this makes his work very satisfying and entertaining.

The ten times winner of the tournament is enthusiastic, a self-confessed Tennis.

Federer's injury break, he wants to says to use

His intention was mainly younger players in the role of a mentor the path to success in Tennis and in a fulfilling life afterwards, the former TV pundit by Sky Italia. The reason is that he once had little or no support, all by yourself had to find out, and to him many of the errors were run.

it is Important to find the right people this way, especially for the young, which are particularly dear to him. Ljubicic was in December also on the first professional tennis event in Saudi Arabia, where he participated in an event for juniors part. Federer's injury break, he wants to use now to travel to Turkey to help in Tennis.

That he thinks he's in Federer's Team in such a way in the Background, has led to Ljubicics underestimate the influence of love. The Dutch top coach Sven Groeneveld, for instance, that Federer without the Croats in 2017 at the Australian Open not 18 believe. Grand-Slam-title brought to would, the first after four years of break (since then two have been added). "Without him, he would not have been able to play on the backhand side so aggressive and to take the opponents so much time," says Groeneveld.

family ties

Meanwhile, Ljubicic, heard in the fifth year, to Federer's Team, which is longer than all the other coaches except Lüthi. Federer, who won against him, 13 of the 16 games (the first 20 years ago in Marseille), you will not see in him only the sporting qualities. In Melbourne, he said: "it is Important only Forehand and Backhand or the next opponents are not always. It is important that it fits to the entire organization and also to my family life." Ljubicic harmoniere with Mirka and Pierre Paganini, the fitness coach. He and Luthi were friends of his, "and it is important that you respect yourself". To come: "We have fun with each other, and this is valuable, because we spend a lot of time."

"We have fun with each other, and the value of friends, because we spend a lot of time,"Ivan Ljubicic

chess lovers Ljubicic and Federer are in years, even by their families (the Croat one eleven-year-old son and an eight-year-old daughter has). If he is to Federer, someone other coach, he knows not. "At the moment, I can't imagine that."

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