Reader story: Through Boxing, I like to digest my life easier

I would like to tell you the story of my life. A few years ago my father fell ill. By a stroke, he is handicapped since then 100%. He can't speak, he can't br

Reader story: Through Boxing, I like to digest my life easier

I would like to tell you the story of my life. A few years ago my father fell ill. By a stroke, he is handicapped since then 100%. He can't speak, he can't breathe independently. For me it was the worst thing that could happen. My father, the man who was always so incredibly strong. The my role model is and to me everything with calm and patience taught. My mother had lost after this Happened my mind completely and my brother, who is mentally ill, has thrown himself completely into the swamp. So I stood there now, all alone, fought on a daily basis with Doctors, authorities, etc., fighting for the life of my father. Until today, accusing me of why I do this. Because I love my father, and never a people have seen the will, shows so much life. I was living at the Moment in my life where I had the feeling that I, or don't live. I was always depressed and my world is always black. I thought to myself again and again to choose a simple death; Yes, I was a coward and wanted to just give up.

My father always wanted to return home. Since we were not financially strong enough to take a larger apartment for a sick people to buy, I decided to just take off. My brother was in the time in psychiatry, so he didn't have to think about it. I grabbed my things and was non-resident. My girlfriend took me in; I spent two months with her. Finally, I found an apartment, the apartment was beautiful and I got it also. I got at the same time, unfortunately, becoming more frequent problems with my work, because I was very unfocused and so many mistakes made. One day, I went to the care of my father for the boxes. Our coach, Robert spoke to me, whether I need a bike. We organised an appointment, and while he chats with me and gave me the offer to train in the Park. I assumed that he just said that because he had not pity, since I looked in this time, visually healthy.

It happened, he took a few clamps and we went to the Park. He explained to me over and over again, as I had to beat. I had a Moment in my life where I forget all my problems, and me only on the boxes concentrated. I sucked everything he told me, bought books, looked on the Internet, practiced again and again, whether I was at work or at daddy's, I tried it again and again. Robert decided to take with me more often to train and I showed him how much I like Learning. In the hall we had bags back Exercises on the sand; because I wanted to show Robert as a best performance. on it I slammed again and again. I felt the pain on the hands, but wanted me to say. After the Training, I was able to move the right Hand. I had to go to the doctor and he told me that the Hand was broken. At the Moment, the world collapsed for me, but I had to get quickly back in, after I had talked with Robert about it. I asked him whether I can come anyway, and only the Left work. He laughed and said: "Well, let's go."

We trained only with the Left of the 45 minutes on the punching mitts. The first days were terrible; I could move the left Arm hardly, but I wanted to not miss a day. I always drove with my Bicycle with an enormous speed, so I was always there on time, because I wanted to miss not a Minute. Six weeks passed and I was able to finally get back to normal, the boxes. Unfortunately, the days were getting shorter and shorter as the Winter came closer. I trained with Robert still. Whether in rain, darkness or snow, we have not stopped. I couldn't stop. I have experienced something in life where I'm making progress and I can deal with. It makes me so much Fun. We practiced in the middle of the forest, we attached a streamer to the trees and were moving with the torso and blows to and fro. We ran with a huge hammer or an axe. We played in the cold of Winter Basketball. Or did gymnastic exercises. It reminded me of my Childhood , I felt a child again positive, carefree and happy. I was just free. He showed me everything he knew.

Robert is a living legend for me, my life saver. Who knows, maybe the Boxer with wings. It is an honor for me to experience these moments and to inherit his Knowledge. The sport of Boxing is not only an activity. it enchants you, it feels as if every day you learn, piece by piece, and his body know. In the meantime, I'm digesting my life easier, the problems are there, but the difference is, I get up again today. No matter how many times I fall down, I stand up again and again. I don't want to tell you this, it is important, if I have trophies or money for it deserve, it is important that I'm going to lose love, and my love for Boxing never. Today I am a confident woman who knows what she wants, her family is holding firmly in his Arm and everything not trying to lose you.

beware, if you see the small fighter with the living legend when Sparring in the Park ;)

Text: squad Kushan

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