Pour: dead in plane crash – police have released new Details | world

In the pour crashed a small plane shortly after the Start. A man came to the crash. The police have now released new information. casting is crashed, a smal

Pour: dead in plane crash – police have released new Details | world

In the pour crashed a small plane shortly after the Start. A man came to the crash. The police have now released new information.

casting is crashed, a small aircraft . It was shortly after the Start into a spin and crashed near the airfield cast-lützel Linden . The flight instructor died at the scene, and his student was seriously injured.

Update from Sunday, 07.06.2020, 15.51 PM: After the terrible plane crash to casting , a man was killed, has released the police some new Details on the accident. In the case of the plane it was a teaching plane. A flight instructor was with his students on a training flight. The flight instructor, a 69-year-old man, died in the crash. The 56-year-old student was seriously injured.

Because the plane from a height of 15 to 20 meters crashed near the airfield in casting , had the explosive capsules not triggered the reserve parachute, according to police. Why the plane crash, is still unclear. There is no evidence of a technical fault, a spokesman for the police .

plane after takeoff crashed: Now the Prosecutor's office

Update from Sunday, 07.06.2020, 10.42 PM: identified In a plane crash on a airfield in Gießen , the Pilot is killed. The other occupant of the small plane was seriously injured. The body of the pilot was trapped and had to be freed from the destroyed plane . The salvage work is completed were extremely time-consuming and only at 21 o'clock on Saturday (06.06.2020).

the crash shortly after the Start of the small aircraft, is still unclear. The German Federal Bureau of aircraft accidents investigation in Braunschweig is turned on. Also, the prosecution determined.

aircraft in Gießen to Start crashed: New Details

Update from Saturday, 06.06.2020, 20.37 PM: has crashed After a small aircraft during the boot process at the airfield in casting , there are new Details. "The plane crashed from 15 to 20 metres, and then drilled vertically into the ground," it said of the police. It was only a few meters from the airfield-building happens.

plane crash in casting: the rescue parachute is not triggered from

The seriously injured man was freed according to the police, from the plane and was after the accident, also responsive. The recovery of the dead pilots make due to built-in detonators but difficult. These detonators will trigger according to the police, in the case of a crash, the parachute of the ultra light plane . 15 meters but trigger is too low for the device.

first message of Saturday, 06.06.2020, 15.34 PM: pour – In the Giessen district of lützel Linden a small aircraft is crashed. The first information shows that a human being arrived at the plane crash close to the airfield Giessen-lützel Linden killed.

casting: crash of small plane – A man dies

As the field workers told the plane crash in Gießen as follows: A small aircraft occurred on Saturday (06.06.2020) a stop on the flight space-lützel Linden casting . During the boot process, the aircraft went into a spin and crashed near the aerodrome building.

Two occupants were on Board the small aircraft . The Pilot at crash killed. Another inmate survived hurt the crash difficult.

The rescue work of the dead pilots proved to be difficult, he had to be cut out of the plane. Previously, however, an explosives expert had to defuse the rescue parachute. The terrain at the airfield Giessen-lützel Linden has a spaciously.

plane crash in casting: it is Not the first accident

pour in To a plane accident close to the airfield-lützel Linden did it for the first Time. Also, after problems at the Start, a plane had to make an emergency landing on a field. Two people were injured.

It was a Coup that was pretty impressive: almost two years Ago, thieves stole a plane in Pohlheim (Gießen district), alleged crash of the aircraft,* there was then a few months later in Spain. One of the perpetrator has now been convicted - and keep a secret for themselves.

transparency note: In previous versions, we that the injured occupant was trapped in the plane and in a lengthy salvage operation rescued, had to be written had to. It is true, however, that the corpse of the instructor pinched iwar. The injured inmate was taken by an eye-witness, out of the plane. We apologize for this error.


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Date Of Update: 07 June 2020, 10:34