Possession and passes the time of Guardiola

The hand of Setién was noted from the warm-up because the Barca players have changed habits that seemed immovable. Not only did the warming to all, members and

Possession and passes the time of Guardiola

The hand of Setién was noted from the warm-up because the Barca players have changed habits that seemed immovable. Not only did the warming to all, members and alternates —the technician, sitting on the bench while caught the tone, but Ter Stegen was brought with two coaches and the session passes final was not for the couples but were triangulations, such as the goal that marked Messi after understanding with Griezmann and Arturo Vidal. Although the hand of Setién was noted, especially with the ball in play.


Setién also needs to Messi, Leo, the false 9 Setién

Such was the superiority azulgrana Barcelona was 1.005 passes, the third time in LaLiga which is achieved since 2005, as the club signed 1.046 with Guardiola against Levante in 2011, and Tito Vilanova, two courses later, it reached 1.035 also against them in their tracks. The data expressive was that 921 of those passes were good for the 719 that I had to Betis as a record on this course. “Of course I like that they travel faster. But it depends on the opponent, of the difficulties that you put spaces... It's about having the control and not to provide cons. That is why I have asked for control, pause and prevent unexpected losses that will not allow you to be better situated for the watches and that will force you to run back,” he mused Setién, and expanded: “I Put a remarkable. We've lacked a little bit of success in the auction but the Granada was defended very well and with a lot of people inside. We hope to improve, especially more fluidity and success in the face of the goal”. Setién, however, was happy because the club signed its largest register of possession (82,6%), at a meeting of LaLiga, behind only two figures in the era of Guardiola in 2011 (84% in the face of the Racing and 83,9% against the Lift). “We've had the absolute control of the party,” agreed Setién.

Riqui Puig calls shift

“We've been a very solid team, we have created little, we had possession and we've combined well to reach the top,” said Busquets. “We've had a lot of possession and the majority in the field opposite,” said William Love, head of the institutional relations of the first barca team. Also recovered Setién the defense of three major phases of the encounter —Alba is screwed in field rival— and especially another sign of identity of the team as the harassment progressed. “When you have a lot of people inside, when they lose the ball it is better to run forward and press. They have dropped physically and we have been able to steal plenty of balls”, resolved Busquets, unwilling to look back: “this is Not to compare it with Valverde. Every coach has his style and we're not going to reveal what he asks of us now Quique”. On the pressure also is positioned Riqui Puig, who seems to have to Setién and that caused the goal after sisar the ball in the field opposite. “Recover the ball is not so much the physical, but know to stand to steal. What we have been able to do and we've scored a goal collective,” said Puig, enchanted by play —“Quique has given me the opportunity and I appreciate it,” he said— and in accordance with the authority: “I Will do what I say. If I have to play in the B, I'll play in the B. And if I am still in the first team, I will continue to work for the team.”

On the young squad, who in 20 minutes gave more passes (39) than any player in the Pomegranate, also referred Setién: “Has made very good use of his minutes. Maybe it tends to losing shape a bit, but the factory already brings a lot of concepts that it is not necessary to explain”.


Possession fc barcelona of 82.6%, the highest for a team in the League since Guardiola in 2011: 84% to the Racing and 83,9% to the Lift.

1.005 passes, the best figure from Guardiola in 2011 before the Lift (1.046) and Tito Vilanova (1.035) to the same opponent in 2012-13.

Busquets with 157 passes (145 poor), a record of combinations of a player in this League.

Riqui Puig came out in 71 minutes, and gave 39 passes, more than any rival in the party.

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Updated Date: 20 January 2020, 00:00

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