Portrait - Alina Reh: New coach, new ways, accustomed to fast-paced times

Video contribution: Alina Reh and André Höhne in Kienbaum on the long #RoadToTokyo Alina Reh (SSV Ulm 1846) runs on the training grounds of the Olympic and Pa

Portrait - Alina Reh: New coach, new ways, accustomed to fast-paced times

Video contribution: Alina Reh and André Höhne in Kienbaum on the long #RoadToTokyo

Alina Reh (SSV Ulm 1846) runs on the training grounds of the Olympic and Paralympic performance centre for Germany in Kienbaum your rounds, always under the watchful eye of their Coach Andre Höhne. Arms crossed, he observed exactly his protege.

Alina Reh comes back from a 200 Meter Sprint, and looks at him questioningly. He looks at his watch and eyed it critically. "It was a competition of speed?" He laughs. She grins wide, and makes ready for the next 200 meters. Challenge accepted.

change of coach and a change in Schedule

Actually, the Langstrecklerin should now be somewhere else entirely, in a training camp in South Africa, in the middle of the competition season, but it's break mood with Alina Reh prevails. Starting with your Trainer, because since the beginning of the year, you will not be supervised supervised by Jürgen Austin-guy, but has been training with the former world-class runners, André Höhne from the Berlin, of the routes as the coach of the squad of men.

Austin-guy, the 23-Year-old could not due to family obligations in the usual and required levels of service. Andre Höhne supervised you during the world Championships in Doha (Qatar) in 2019. At the end of last year, they drove for ten days together in the ski camp in the Allgäu, followed by a training camp in South Africa.

especially in the first months, the Two worked closely together. Alina learns the new training stimuli know, is hardly home. The Team deer/Höhne starts to level off. But then Corona comes. The pandemic has brought to the joint planning of the Trainer and the athlete neat mess.

Just keep running, in spite of Corona

In February, the multiple German champion and ran on the long distance a half marathon in Barcelona (Spain) and finished in 70:08 minutes 6. Place. The training camp in South Africa in March had to be cancelled. Within a day, we took the plane back to Germany.

it never came To a complete standstill, because even in this time, Alina continued to work deer easy. To be always in motion – that's what she needs, even now in the training camp, where take place most of the training sessions Outdoors. When, or how "normal" you can go further, however, this is plan at the moment very difficult to explain the Langstrecklerin.

"Postponed is not cancelled"

Alina Reh hopes in any Competition, you can perceive, and is planning week-to-week. The biggest goal of the Olympic games in Tokyo (Japan), have been postponed for a year. But a bit of an Olympic Feel to it, however, at least with regard to the design of the training: "We'll get through this year, as the Olympic games," says Andre Höhne.

Alina Reh locker takes the Olympic-shift to 2021. This decision took the pressure out of it. "Postponed is not canceled and I hope that the dream of the Olympics is next year's reality," she says and smiles mischievously. "If I'm standing at the start line, then I want to give 100 percent, I want to have in the end nothing to blame."

Between Remote Coaching and joint training camps

For the U23 European champion, trained over 10,000 meters currently, with your new training group in the performance center in Kienbaum. After the first few days, she has settled in already well-established, a number of joint units are completed. "It's great, with peers, on the sports exchange," says Alina Reh, which is used to train a lot alone. The mood is good and fun, no one can by Corona, the mood darkened.

That's Alina Reh and André Höhne together on the train or on the street, is not commonplace. Normally, the Two almost 600 kilometres. While the Trainer in Berlin is a resident, and there with his group of walkers Leo Köpp (LG Nord Berlin), as well as the medium - range and obstacle runners Nele Weßel, Thurid Gers and Liane Weidner (SCC Berlin) works, Alina Reh in Laichingen in the Swabian Alb, home and start for SSV Ulm 1846 in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

notice the weld on the values of times of the season-start

However, the spatial distance seems to be the Team even more together. "I was a bit skeptical in the beginning because I never wanted to be a "satellite' athlete. But we talk on the phone every day and exchange ideas,“ says the long-haul-Ass about the unusual collaboration with your coach. Home rewinds Alina Reh your units, leads training diary and runs under competition conditions. And again, you accompanied your brother Noah. Usually she runs alone, on the road, in the woods, on meadows, or on an empty track, against a ticking clock.

as last updated in early may with a remarkable Solo of more than 5,000 metres, she was in 15:18 minutes even faster than in the previous year, at DM in Berlin. And also about double the distance, Alina Reh was already proof of that right: At the "Berlin 10k Invitational" ran the 23-Year-old on Sunday also single-handedly in a time of 31:26 minutes, to the best of the time missing by only 3 seconds.

"she's a fighter and makes no compromises. That's the point“, praises André Höhne his new protege. Meanwhile, Alina is getting ready for a 200-Meter tempo run. She runs, is like being in a Tunnel. Focused. When she comes back, she looks at her Trainer questioningly.The grin on his face. "The passage was better than the last." She smiles, pleased, goes back to the Start and makes itself ready for the next 200 meters.

Video contribution: Alina Reh and André Höhne in Kienbaum on the long #RoadToTokyo

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