Pipinsried: FC Pipinsried brings two new player | Landkreis Dachau

In the changing time the player turns the Trainer and game carousel. FC Pipinsried it rotates very quickly. Now League-leader will be added in the Bayern, the g

Pipinsried: FC Pipinsried brings two new player | Landkreis Dachau

In the changing time the player turns the Trainer and game carousel. FC Pipinsried it rotates very quickly. Now League-leader will be added in the Bayern, the goalkeeper. With Stand 23. June, five Keeper in the squad are the same. In addition to Johann Hip, Sebastian Hollenzer, Roman Artes and Julian Kirr Tim upper now comes true Brock from TuS Haltern.

Pipinsried – Tim upper true Brock is a total new arrival number six at FC Pipinsried. The 30-year-old staff-officer has experience in the top League-Westphalia and the regional League West. At the beginning of this season of 1.88 meters great Keeper for the club TuS Haltern in the first eleven Games between the posts. The last point of the match he played at the beginning of October in the away game at 0:0 in Lippstadt. Earlier, the youth of the SpVgg Erkenschwick-coming goalkeeper for Rot-Weiss Ahlen, Westfalia Herne and TSV Marl-Hüls kicked.

"on the basis of my professional career, I moved to Munich. I would like to play again in the near future in the regional League. All the conditions for this are given in Pipinsried. The project Pipinsried has convinced me, therefore, the decision was easy for me,“ said upper true Brock at the time of his contract signing.

+ Soon in Jersey! New Arrival Marc Cook. Right Tarik Sarisakal.©Photo: Haelke

The sporting Director of FC Pipinsried, Tarik Sarisakal, says: "It was important to take an experienced goalkeeper like Tim on Board. Due to his sporting CV and experience, Tim will give the trailing team the necessary stability.“ According to his statement, it is assumed that the previous Keeper of the Bayern League leaders will leave the club. Johann Hip has extended in Pipinsried, however, most insiders expect that he will not give to another year with the end of the season satisfied. Everything would have been normal, he would have played with the Ilmtalern from the summer in the Regionalliga. But Corona and the BFV have prevented this. It should be with the regional team in Burghausen and book Bach in connection.

FC Keeper number two, Sebastian Hollenzer, had already flirted last season, with a change, remained, however, in the FCP. According to the most recent happenings in the Dachau Hinterland, it is assumed that Hollenzer will leave the club also. In the interview, the TSV Landsberg, which would not be surprising, because that's where his "old" coach from Pipinsried is not with Muriz Salemovic only players, but also for the squad planning. The Pipinsrieder audience extremely popular Hollenzer played three years for the FCP, unforgettable moments had. Hollenzer the 1:0 away victory in the book Bach in the first regional League of the year, when he gave a class performance in his first regional League game for his Team made a big step in the direction of relegation In addition, he was in the 1:3 home defeat against FC Bayern Munich II between the posts. Here, too, he thought brilliantly.

enough, next to the goalie carousel, the box, the game carousel continues to spin, of course. In addition to the previously fixed outlets Amar Cekic (Schweinfurt) as well as the coaches Fabian Hürzeler and Muriz Salemovic (Landsberg), it is assumed that the master players Dennis Hoffmann and Fabian Müller, the next player will leave the Pipinsrieder. Hoffmann could connect the TSV Landsberg, Müller is the VfR Neuburg in the conversation. In addition, the future of striker Marcel Pascal Ebeling in the Yellow-and-Blue seems to be uncertain.

Youngster Marc Koch, however, is new signing number seven for FC Pipinsried. The 19-year-old defensive specialist comes from the U 19 TSV 1860 Munich at the Bavaria League-leaders. Chef kicked in the current season ten Times in the U-19 Bayern League team of the lions and was once used in the Reserve of the TSV. In the Match at Türkspor Augsburg of 19-was the last three minutes of the game of the Year celebrate his Bayern League debut in the men's.

"Pipinsried I see as a springboard for higher tasks. I want to prove myself here and to prevail, in order to grasp as soon as possible in the Regionalliga feet. The Association offers me the opportunity to continue to play the higher-class in Amateur football. I'm the FC Pipinsried grateful and my best will help possible to reach our goals.“

"With Marc, we have a new young player, due to his good training at TSV 1860 Munich very well in our concept fits. Marc can act both in defensive midfield, as well as on the Position of the inside defender. So our squad planning is complete for the time being“, so Sarisakal.

What's missing, however, when FC Pipinsried is a Trainer. The two success coaches Fabian Hürzeler and Muriz Salemovic be the club with the expiry of the 30. June because of their expiring contracts leave. Since months of speculation, the Corona-crisis plays the club in the cards, because a quick decision was not necessary.

One possible candidate is Ex-Pro Halil Altintop, whose contract at the Schwaben Augsburg to 30. June will expire in 2020. With all the speculation, there is a fact: The team that remained in 23 Games unbeaten is broken apart.

Bruno Haelke

Date Of Update: 27 June 2020, 00:33

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