Paralympics: Clara Klug and Martin Härtl also train in Weilheim | Weilheim

winter athletes are made in summer - with Para-biathlete Clara Wise is no different. You and your Coach are also in Hardt at Weilheim on the road - for a very s

Paralympics: Clara Klug and Martin Härtl also train in Weilheim | Weilheim

winter athletes are made in summer - with Para-biathlete Clara Wise is no different. You and your Coach are also in Hardt at Weilheim on the road - for a very special Exercises.

home is because home – The Hardt in because recreation is very popular, he is currently also a training area, a multiple world champion. Clara Smart, which starts in the visually impaired women in the Biathlon and cross-country skiing, completed in these weeks, together with your Guide and trainer, the Weilheimer Martin Härtl, regular units in the area to the East of the County town. Especially between Marnbach and Hardt, meadow, the Duo is on the way.

The terrain profile in the Hardt is well-suited for Exercises on the roller skis. "Since you can make clean technology training," says the Coach. As for the car traffic, "is it usually quiet." Twice per week Wise and Härtl are in the vicinity of the district town on the road – on the program, and also the famous "running Abc" (with the improved running technique), step jumps, uphill or double-stick applications.

Paralympics: Training in Weilheim, Munich and kaltbrunn

units in Munich, where Wise (since yesterday's Tuesday 26 years old) lives, and to the Biathlon center in kaltbrunn. Six Times per week, is trained, "the Sunday break," says Härtl. "We are currently working in the basis area." Strength training on a tractor, as well as Exercises on the treadmill. There is Wise needs to run, among other things, on simulated two-percent incline for four minutes with exactly 10.5 km/h. A short Pause, and continues’s and the reps.

Paralympics: The biggest competitor will come from Russia

The Corona-pandemic has finished the past season abruptly. The whole entourage of the Nordic Para-athletes, had already traveled to the Premiere of a pure race of the Biathlon world Championships in Östersund; hours before the Start were cancelled the competitions. A disappointment for Smart and Härtl, at the Nordic skiing world Championships in the spring of 2019 in Canada, three times Biathlon-Gold, and twice cross-country Bronze had brought. Because after problems (fall, illness) to the start of and during the winter the Duo for Östersund "fit as a fiddle", as the weilheimer says. For the upcoming season there is in terms of "competitions" is a rough-cut planning, but what can really take place, know nobody. "We adapt to many shifts," says Härtl.

Paralympics: Smart/Härtl use Corona time specifically

The coach, the Clever at the races in the trail as the Guide supports, your running ahead, and with the commands guide, in the Corona-Pause is also something Positive: "We use the time to be able to clean train.“ The past Winter has shown that The Russian women were allowed to start after a ban by the International Paralympic Committee back in the world Cup, "are so strong," says Härtl. Vera Khlyzova and Anna Panferova dominated the action both in Biathlon and in the long run. What relates to the performance of Panferova on skis, the Coach is even a comparison with the Norwegian Therese Johaug, who runs in the FIS area of all of them.

to be able to fight for the medals in the future be involved, you need to lift Smart/Härtl your level. The Duo belongs to since last autumn, the training group "top sport" of the Bavarian police. "This also helps huge. As a result, we were able to drive the volumes up,“ says the Coach. 20 hours of pure training time, the Duo is now. Not in Front of - and follow-up (physiotherapy, etc.) and the journeys.

Not a Top-ranked without a good shooting results

With the line Munich - Weilheim-kaltbrunn the way to keep themselves relatively in the frame. "We are almost in a perfect condition," says haertl. At the Biathlon base Wise practice with coach Herbert Mayer. The "is a luminary," says Härtl. Someone "with experience, you will find rare." The visually impaired biathletes shoot with a light gun, but the processes are the same as the small caliber. There is a difference: Smart targets with the ears. The proximity to the destination is displayed by means of headphones and a changing sound. The shoot is of great importance, because in the coming Winter, the distances back to the conventional lengths (Sprint: 6 km, medium distance 10 km, single: 12.5 km) can be shortened. To be on the front line, "you have to bring the Zero," says Härtl.

as of September, the time begins for Smart/Härtl again travel

Until the end of August, will the Duo be program by dragging. After that first performance tests in Oberwiesenthal are planned. At the beginning of September, it should not go to altitude training camp to Livigno or in the Kühtai, the feast is still to come. The first units on snow is to be completed in November. It is questionable what Corona can go all the way.

The real focus is not on the coming Winter, even if in Lillehammer, the world Cup is on. "I look at the Paralympics in 2022," says Härtl. At the Games in Beijing, he and Wise want to be on a par with the Russians. In South Korea, the Germans had trumps been recorded.

world Cup calendar: A first plan to Ski the North starts military-world Cup of the Paralympic athletes in February in Östersund. In addition, there are competitions in Planica, Beijing (Paralympics-Test), and Sapporo. In February, the Ski-North increases by world Cup of the Paralympic athletes in Biathlon and cross-country skiing in Lillehammer.

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