Pablo Alfaro: With Cruyff, everything was easy... until you did

“Look at that, you are pesaditos, huh?”, jokes to pick up the phone and Paul Alfaro (Zaragoza; 50 years), technician of the Ibiza, 2nd B; “but it is a unique op

Pablo Alfaro: With Cruyff, everything was easy... until you did

“Look at that, you are pesaditos, huh?”, jokes to pick up the phone and Paul Alfaro (Zaragoza; 50 years), technician of the Ibiza, 2nd B; “but it is a unique opportunity to publicize the club”. So, to the race, has responded to the journalists that you have been called and the time has prepared the duel in front of the Club. (19.00, DAZN). “They are huge favorites, but the Cup democratizes everything. We will see”, he announces.

Question. What he thought when he left the club in the draw and what you think now?

Response. I took it as a gift that has given us the football and I still think the same. Every time I have more desire to arrive to be able to enjoy it. We have little to lose and this format to a single party in the field of the opponent's small we equalized a little. And the fans will help us because the island has gone mad.

Q. do you Want players brave or with head?

A. I ask you to be true to themselves, who enjoy competing and who do not betray them. We must try to make our game, which also happens by removing it from the back, to be the protagonists... Not to stun, but to do damage. I like that on defense you press and let us be brave because far from the goal you generate less.

Q. But the club will want the same thing...

A. Already. And while in the warming-up there is a ball for each one, in the game there is only one ball for all... And is usually of the club. It is clear that there are many differences, but we have the advantage of the artificial turf field. Sure decades ago is not trained in one. This is a test for the club and for us.

Q. To the club, perhaps it is double because players want to earn the new coach, isn't it?

A. is Usually as well and we might not benefit. But if you are still Valverde, nor would wanting to be deleted, right? There are things you can't control and have to adapt.

Q. is Not concerned that his players step out overwrought?

A. Clear. Many had never faced the club. The trigger level should be adequate and it is the task of the technical body to make them see that one hundred percent yield, but if they exceed those revolutions, not.

Q. do you Prefer to be measured against the poor?

A. The club has good, very good and good. I choose Setién! But yes I would have loved to come and Messi (not in the call). They all wanted to see the crack world. And bring on winter I had a merit. In the summer you see them on beaches, yachts and restaurants...

Q. Spoke of Setién, who was his companion on the Racing.


Busquets recovers the power Setién also needs Messi

A. I spent three years on loan at Racing for the club and in this team he was the veteran and captain. We talked a lot about football and life in your home or mine. And although the time we have been away a bit, I really want to see him and give him a hug.

Q. what Setién I already saw the football under that prism cruyffista?

A. I don't know if both. He was an organizer in the field and the abilities I had because I always enjoyed with the ball and not chasing him. But I think that has gone to convince little by little that that is the proposal that most fits you. He is full of play and win as well. And that is why it has set the club on it, not by its curriculum.

Q. And what have been your references?

A. I've had the fortune of being a top player for 18 years and I've had coaches of all kinds. I like that the team is capable of adaptation. But you try to take the best of each one. The Barça of Guardiola was the summum. And the selection of Luis and Vicente. Defensive, Atletico of Cholo... I am Not taliban of one style.

Q. And what about Cruyff?

A. From him I learned a lot! Explained everything so easy and simple that it did not seem all that complicated, until you had to apply it in the field.... It was the most daring, the most innovative and the pioneer of a style of play that was brought in from Ajax. She had the courage to change the model and convince the people. I played little because they were all so good... but I'm orgullosísimo of that year.

Q. Shared a dressing room with Laudrup, Stoichkov and Koeman. What were made of another paste?

A. Playing, for sure. I remember that they were great, professional and very human. Cracks normal.

Q. In your memory also will be the triumph of League... no?

A. And the two super cups! But yes, the League was special because of how it gave another triumph of Tenerife on the Madrid in the final match that gave us the title.

Q. You were a defense that applied that maxim that passes the player or the ball, but not both. What now gives more importance to know to get the ball?

A. sometimes it seems. But it is not. It is a mix, a mix, because the virtues of defensive not to be missed. Anyway, football has evolved for the better.

Q. Is more complicated to be a step towards the elite in the benches that are in the rug?

A. Much more. There is more competition and less jobs. The club is going to come in with 25 players and one coach... Just do the numbers.

Q. If you are due, what will you do?

A. I don't know. But as a footballer he enjoyed a lot more victories. Now just enjoy 10 minutes because I think of what is coming. I have accepted that you will suffer more defeats than they enjoy the wins.

Without Messi, and with artificial turf

When he held the draw, the players of the Ibiza rested in his house, watching tv. “Oh damn, the club! Jajajajajajajaja” , wrote the central Rubén González in the group of WhatsApp from the computer. Followed a whole litany of exclamations, happy for the opportunity to compete with the leader of LaLiga. “We are a club little is left standing in the Cup and we play against the bigger one next to Madrid,” says the goalkeeper Luke Anacker. “It is a joy for us and for the island, since 1982 was not a great here. Then it was the Athletic”, adds David Morillas, left side that had played all the time, but she fractured a tibia. “Bad luck,” he admits; “but by luck, I played against Barca in my first year of Huesca and I have told you to the guys that is a great experience to enjoy”.

In the stadium, have been added to stands extra to reach 8,000 fans, and in the island there are cakes for get tickets. “We're going to give cane. The field will not find it easy and are going to suffer a lot,” says Ruben. Morillas intervenes: “We have the field by hand. The artificial grass will match a tad forces”. And Luke adds: “We are aware of the difficulty, but we will win”.

All in Ibiza waiting to Messi, but the 10 was not cited by the barca coach. They are neither Pique nor Busquets, the backbone of the team, and instead will travel five players from the subsidiary. “No matter who you are because they are very good. But to have Messi in front would have been very exciting,” close Luke.

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Updated Date: 22 January 2020, 09:00

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