PSG : El Matador Cavani is coming to an end - The Point

Best goalscorer in the history of the Paris Saint-Germain with 200 achievements and idol unquestioned supporters, Edinson Cavani will leave the capital at the e

PSG : El Matador Cavani is coming to an end - The Point

Best goalscorer in the history of the Paris Saint-Germain with 200 achievements and idol unquestioned supporters, Edinson Cavani will leave the capital at the end of the season 2019-2020. In an interview with the Sunday Newspaper, Leonardo, PSG director of football, has confirmed the departure of the Matador : "It was a very difficult decision to make," explains the leader of brazil. "These are players who have marked the history of the club : you always wonder if it is necessary to continue the road together, or if it is not better to avoid the year too. The stories were so beautiful. But, yes, we come to the end. It was necessary to make a logical decision, even at the economic level or in terms of the generation that's coming up, " he said. A new turning point for the PSG which will not extend, not Thiago Silva, his emblematic captain. After six wonderful years of adventure at Paris Saint-Germain, "El Matador" has delivered his last battle.

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2013 to 2019, the obstacle course

Since its debut at the Paris Saint-Germain, it is in the shadow of his team-mates as the native of Salto had to build his reputation. Recruited to € 64 million in 2013 from Napoli, the striker of uruguay immediately melted into the parisian landscape without a wave. Heroes discreet, far from the image of the footballer, star, " Edi " has always had to assume the role of number two. First of all, it is in the service of Zlatan Ibrahimovic that" El Matador " has gnawed its brake. Exiled on a side in spite of its willingness to evolve to a point, its true position from the beginning of his career, Edinson Cavani has never flinch to let it clear up to Zlatan.

At the start of the Swedish, it has assumed its responsibilities, finally becoming the head of gondola offensive of the club from the top of his 49 goals in 50 games. Once repositioned, where it is one of the best in the world, receiving passes and crosses into the penalty area, the Uruguayan had managed to regain the confidence and to silence all the critics. However, the mercato 2017 to enter PSG in a new era. With the arrivals of Neymar Jr. and Kylian Mbappé for a transfer record (402 million to the two of them), Edinson Cavani is back in the darkness, getting a second, or even third knife. If the " MCN " has proved to be very prolific, Cavani has often been the invisible man for his partners, that they could not find, in spite of its dropouts, its calls and its folds in the defensive repeatedly. As if the three attackers did not speak the same football...

" El Matador ", a certain idea of football

But in the summer of 2019, the arrival of Mauro Icardi has sounded the death knell for the striker of uruguay. Formerly number two or even number three, Edinson Cavani must now be content with the role of joker. Loaned with an option to purchase by Inter Milan (champions of France title would have a purchase option of € 70 million), the striker of argentina has taken advantage of the injury to its competitor, to debunk "El Matador" and to talk about his impressive statistics. In Paris, the former player of Inter Milan bears witness to deadly efficiency : it has already registered 10 goals in just 12 games. If it does not hit a lot of balls – with its low-profile minimalist goal scorer opportunist, he shows himself a skillful and decisive when it is needed... the ideal profile of a centre-forward performance record. This season, " Edi " will thus not be the number one choice in attack, less than a reversal of the situation that nothing omen.

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Dethroned by the skill, the science of investing and the economy of movement of the Argentine, Edinson Cavani can always count on the unconditional love that he has had supporters in paris. Hero's fickleness, it combines brilliantly with the supporters for a communion in the fervor. Because Edinson Cavani, it is a certain idea of football. Always faithful to the post, ready to make the efforts that some do not want to do that, he epitomizes what the club is not : humble, determined, at the service of the collective and proud to wear the colors of paris. Beyond his statistics, which will make him the best scorer in the history of the PSG (with 195 achievements in 288 games), it is above all by his attitude on the field, " Edi " has conquered the hearts. Because love has its reasons that the reason ignores.

A departure inevitable

But as soon as this winter, the divorce between the PSG and Edinson Cavani seemed to be confirmed. In the end of the contract, the goleador paris should not sign an extension by next June. The Uruguayan is free to engage where it wants to. But before that, Leonardo hopes to still keep it to play in the champions League in August. And then, " Edi " (33 years) might well be tempted by one final challenge in Europe, where some clubs such as Atlético de Madrid or Naples seemed interested.

Date Of Update: 14 June 2020, 03:33