Only deported, now he is chasing the Swiss record

He has done it again. With a brief inaugural Kevin Fiala brings his opponent off-balance, puts the Puck and cheer two seconds later, the Game-Winner. It's Th

Only deported, now he is chasing the Swiss record

He has done it again. With a brief inaugural Kevin Fiala brings his opponent off-balance, puts the Puck and cheer two seconds later, the Game-Winner. It's Thursday skort in San Jose and is the sixth game in a row that the 23-year-old from Eastern Switzerland. Just him named the NHL player of the week. But it is much more: It is the Match in which the Minnesota Wild climbs on a Playoff rank. And perhaps a changing of the guard in the Swiss ice hockey .

Because in the squad, the San Jose Sharks, a certain Timo Meier. Also in Eastern Switzerland, the same Year as Fiala and since last season, a national record holder. With 66 points of Herisauer improved at the time, the best performance from Mark Streit. Only a year later, it looks like he would be trumped by another striker – by Fiala.

a year Ago, deported

The has since 1. December in 40 Games 40 points geskort – a cut that he to Minnesota's remaining 15 games exactly to 66 would be. But the cadence of the Uzwilers is Yes for weeks, much higher: Since February, he skirt in the same pace as NHL Superstar Connor McDavid (of 1.53 points per game). It's hard to believe that it was only a year ago that Fiala of Nashville Predators was traded to the Wild. You could also say: deported.

it went with him never about the Talent that was always undisputed. His Skorerwerte speak for themselves, his ambition is huge, from his training and zeal as well. Only logical that he was drafted in 2014 in the first round. But there was also the downside of: Fiala was well aware of his qualities and hid the hardly. As a freshman, he caused a shake of the head at the other players, if he asked at away games at the hotel's reception Desk as the first room key – an unheard-of hierarchy is taboo in the strict Team.

The exchange of the young striker at the Trade Deadline in 2019 should therefore also as a vote of no confidence shall apply. "I bet he will shoot in this League with 30 goals", komplimentierte Nashville's General Manager. However, for the desired Playoff success in the presence of David Poile before attracted but then a player who had achieved never-before-30 goals, but four years older and already a Captain of a Finnish world Championships-team: Mikael Granlund, who came in exchange from Minnesota.

Today, it is clear: The Predators lost the Deal. First they were eliminated in the first Playoff round without a whimper. And last Tuesday there was a reunion with Fiala, the striker crowned with an action that has a good chance on goal of the year. "We can't believe the Fiala hit, still", was the headline after that, the biggest game-Fanblog. And tweeted the simple message: "Wild, wins the Deal." Everyone knew what was meant. While Granlund was in Minnesota for many years as an audience favorite.

for the record

This is the role of another. And Timo Meier did on Thursday, all of it, to outdo his pursuer in the race for the Swiss record in shot eight Times on the opponent's goal. However, Meier remained in this evening as unsuccessful as San Jose the entire season In the Western Conference only Los Angeles has won less points than the Sharks, the race for Playoff is long lost.

Fiala, however, remains High. His Team is on Playoff course. Casually, he set his Skorerpunkten in six consecutive Games set a new club record. And the chances that he beats sid Meier's best performance yet, there is a good. There is likely to disturb him hardly, that it is with the Swiss record in the end still nothing. Because there is a certain Roman Josi. The Nashville defender and Captain, only three points of sid Meier's best performance disconnect. But that is a different story altogether.

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