Olympic business: the promise of a better life

The IOC Partner, Airbnb stands for the capitalist development of hospitality. The Protest of the Paris hotel Association is not only sympathetic. Whether the

Olympic business: the promise of a better life

The IOC Partner, Airbnb stands for the capitalist development of hospitality. The Protest of the Paris hotel Association is not only sympathetic.

Whether the tourists stay in the Hotel or on the IOC Partner, Airbnb gives? Photo: Thibault Camus/Reuters

There is a nice report of Kurt Tucholsky from the Olympic Games in Paris. Of course, in the year 1924, not a hundred years later, in 2024. Then, search again the capital of France home. "The tourism industry is big but not as big as you'd think," wrote Tucholsky at the time, and he was delighted with the "tremendous confluence of Leisure, sports people, the Olympic games, diplomats, merchants from all five continents, fashionable women, parasites, adventurers, passers-by, the French province of learning".

How big is the Paris tourist industry is now, will have to be determined in a legal altercation of the next months and years. The French hotel Association, Union des Métiers et des Industries de l'hôtellerie (UMIH) has drawn, namely, at least provisionally, from the Organisation of the world event. Due to the sponsorship agreement, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with the, let's say it's restrained: has completed a controversial apartment exchange, Airbnb is.

Airbnb and the IOC are for the global market, for the desire to make more out of the last corner as much money as possible: Airbnb, the capitalist development of the hospitality, the IOC is the appropriate development of game and Sport.

The French Hoteliers and Paris ' mayor Anne Hidalgo stand now against such purposes, but their economic and political potency is not enough to make everything in the world scale: The Hotels want to keep their old business model, according to which the tourist is first of all, when you descend, and the reason why States invest money in the Olympics, mainly to make the environment in which Hotels deserve your money, attractive. A bit of the Tucholsky Paris, recalled a "loving" metropolis would be. "First of all, the city does not require that you judge yourself according to your – lets you in the Externals of the Foreign will and convenience."

will The current Parisian mayor, that the people who work in the Hotels, in the public services and in other areas, can't afford new at this, so you storm in, at least, the town hall and the office of the mayor. Therefore, Hidalgo, the IOC boss Thomas Bach warns that Airbnb "contributes to the increase in rental rates and the lack illegal bahis of apartments on the rental market tightened".

not interested in it at all. Not only because he wants to earn money and to be not of someone who is, in his eyes, just a local politician – and, consequently, him to services to be disrupted. But also, because the IOC of the very deep Conviction is that it has to do with the Paris Rent nothing to.

The Event, with the Bach's world group since all of the four years in the summer and every four years, in the Winter of life, living and working conditions of people in large towns massive changes, know these people. Olympia – the are beautiful young people, fancy buildings, incredible athletic performances, beautiful images. And the Whole in the usual three, four weeks, and then behind the beautiful circus is a debt-ridden city of ruin, the forfeit part, and the part where she is beautiful, for many people, is priceless. You can not measure the standard of living "of the means of entertainment rice", has already warned Tucholsky.

IOC and Airbnb have in this development, the lives of such mega-events such as Olympic Games, held on new peak-driven. However, it must be said reasonably that this development was created in 1924. "Behind the city of a Stranger, almost completely finished, the work at the end of Paris. Paris is a city in the monster is being worked on; as far as I can see, more than we do and, above all, much more intense,“ had Tucholsky observed. "The delightful fact that at nine in the evening to keep many stores open and that you can buy at this time, even on Sunday, if it makes a pleasure of a tie, means for the employees, increased working time."

The not unsympathetic Protest of the hotel Association, and the mayor is ultimately only for a moderate, not international, but national regulated capitalization. A little smaller, a little cozier, but not something substantially different. The "speculation on the Zureisenden to the Olympic Games," had also criticized Tucholsky 1924 already. Only the Parisian Hoteliers, not in the world group, Airbnb, has speculated, and ultimately conceded it was still there.

If UMIH off from the preparation for the Olympic games in 2024, that will bring little: Some Hotels, especially the big chains, will want to, of course, secure from the huge cake Olympia a few particles and the Association will remember that the French tourism industry is not organized as tightly as he'd like it.

At the Olympic Games of Paris in 2024, it's a backdrop to build up in front of you celebrated the promise of a better life the before the bubble bursts completely, after three weeks of tearing down and leave. "Almost always, the presentation is very appealing, unbearable only because of where she 'pretends to be real old Paris," had Tucholsky wrote in 1924. "This kind of romance does not exist, either at all, or they just take time, which means you feel you might be after months. To a place she is not bound.“

Date Of Update: 22 November 2019, 11:00