Of Bavaria, pressing the key to victory or the path will fall into Ruin

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético Madrid and Liverpool against the first Top team was in the CL since the Triple-season 2012/13 regular circuit. Only Juventus

Of Bavaria, pressing the key to victory or the path will fall into Ruin

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético Madrid and Liverpool against the first Top team was in the CL since the Triple-season 2012/13 regular circuit. Only Juventus could be defeated in 2016 in the second round. This year for FC Bayern, but everything is different. With a broad chest, the Champions travelled to the final tournament of the Uefa Champions League in Lisbon.

In the Luggage: A positive basic mood, a lot of self-confidence, a coach who will give players a match plan which you believe in and, not least, the playing squad itself, which is on average as fit as it was a Team of FC Bayern in the decisive Phase of the competition for a long time. Exclusive to Sky: The duel of the GIANTS live to see (display)

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Hansi Flick must-see on Friday (from 21.00 clock in the Live Ticker of FOCUS Online) only to Benjamin Pavard do without. Well, this failure weighs heavily, but after all, the statics of the Bayern game, however, in recent years, there have been much, much worse output to cope with positions. In particular, the last meeting with the next opponent, the Munich went on the gums. 2015 swept over Barcelona, the battered Bayern with 3:0 in the first leg.

this Time the team of the Flick is awarded to, even a favorite role. Not only on Friday but throughout the competition. To impressive achievements in the past few months, and a lot of impression were left behind FC Bayern in the first knockout round against Chelsea, as they would not be counted at least to the inner circle of favorites. But, in the exam you not had up to this final tournament in Lisbon.

Barcelona is untouchable, but...

Perhaps it was the Bavarians, in fact, that you kind of Sweat it had the 4:1 success last Saturday, again on the program. Now they seem to be ready for the big challenge against Barca. Anyone who has followed the Catalans in this season of intense, which is likely to have noticed that this Barcelona has only little in common with that in common, the Europe some time ago, still in fear and terror offset. Who will win the Champions League in 2020? (Display)

Here it gives the best odds!

compare Now and loswetten!

The dynamic and tempo position game with a high (poor)Pressing is followed by a right-exchangeable and almost boring possession game. In particular, under coach Quique Setién is seen from the recognition value of the old days, little. Barcelona plays in the cut, still a lot of passes that win comes only rarely to the Room. In the game forward, the Catalans are subject to spontaneous flashes of their Stars. Reuters/Joan Monfort/AP/dpa, of Course, all about Lionel Messi

The turns at FC Barcelona, always can have it but in itself. For example, if Sergio Busquets breaks down the defensive formation of the opponents ' lungs with only a pass as the important balance in the eighth-final first leg against Napoli. Or when Gerard pique leaves his class on the Ball flash.

of Course, there is also this little Argentinean, one of the few to say that he could play very good football there. Lionel Messi is even after such a long time, still the man for the decisive moments and ensures that Barcelona will win games in which you sometimes my game will give you almost the success cost would have been.

Barca in Bayern's pressing fall?

Barca has become more vulnerable. And just for the FC Bayern is a Team that can reveal the weaknesses of the Catalans mercilessly. With your to Detail, organized Pressing, you will force Barcelona into a Situation in which there is a clear increase in performance compared to the previous season will need.

The Bavarians are already on the feet, if you let the Ball through his own back four to run. Thomas Müller and Robert Lewandowski in the first line that Barca will meet centre-back decisions in the spirit of FC Bayern.

How does it work? Under the Flick of the Munich work a lot with the so-called Pressing. This means that you will be open of Barcelona aware of the scan options that you can attack with a successful play especially well.

A theoretical example of the tactics Board: Miasanrot Bayern against Barca

In this Situation, the Bayern to make almost all of the pass options for the ball leading interior defender. A Pass to the goalkeeper would be too risky, and the second inside defender, and the midfield centre are also out of the game. The rights to winger for Bayern not to be running also, so sent a flat Pass to the left-back is possible. A possibility of the long Ball would be moved forward or in grey signed Chip the Ball in the red zone - because in theory, this player has place. Miasanrot Bayern against Barca

Instead, a different reality emerges. The Bavarians take advantage of the time in which the Chip-Pass to the interior defender is in the air and from the outside, the defender only needs to be controlled to move as a Team and to isolate the Barca players. A ball of profit appears likely.

Bayerns Pressing is the key to success - for both of you!

situations like this might be the most important key to success for both Teams. The Bayern against Barcelona is their Pressing to raise so consistently and almost completely, only you will decide who leaves the court as the winner. Manages Barcelona but, in turn, to liberate themselves, despite all the pressure, you can take the class of their attacking players with a lot of space.

Because one thing is clear: A high-pressing line allows, at least in theory, always one or the other to counter-attack. The Bavarians, however, have brought confidence and security. You are convinced of your game idea. For a successful implementation of the good conditions. Rough’steiner/AK Cheer Bayern's Thomas Müller vs Barcelona like against Chelsea?

And maybe that's been the biggest difference for FC Barcelona, has lost his own identity at some point and never found again. Just because it is a game that will decide the semi-finals, is the discussion about a role of a favorite idle. Barca still has a Central axis, which can also take place without a special tactical assistance of the Coach every opponent apart. At least on good days.

  • FC Barcelona: a flagship club of its Ideal-selling

The Bavarians are the better Team probably. But Barcelona caught one of these days, it will be a great challenge for you, with the elemental force of a Busquets or Messi's cope. It will be the first big test for the football, the Flick last Winter, has been established.

once Again, Bayern are at a point where you meet for the first time in the course of the season on an absolute Top-team. But this time everything will be different. With good mood, self-confidence, Fitness and a Trainer in his Luggage, has been responsible for the upswing in the last few months significantly. How much all this was worth it, it will show the Friday. Barca has Messi, but Bayern wins in the defense and the midfield clearly FOCUS Online/Wochit Barca Messi, but Bayern wins in defense and midfield significantly


Updated Date: 13 August 2020, 16:26

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