Oak Rieder pilgrimage is cancelled due to Corona: concern by E-Mail, and letter | Eching

Because the oak Rieder pilgrimage to Altötting fails heuer due to Corona, pilgrim deacon Dieter Spöttl on behalf of the believers. In his Luggage, he has their

Oak Rieder pilgrimage is cancelled due to Corona: concern by E-Mail, and letter | Eching

Because the oak Rieder pilgrimage to Altötting fails heuer due to Corona, pilgrim deacon Dieter Spöttl on behalf of the believers. In his Luggage, he has their concerns to the mother of God.

oak Ried– Some of the pilgrims, to ask for help in a difficult life situation; others make thanks to have a particular challenge in your life mastered, on the way. And for many, it is simply Tradition to go on whit Saturday to Altötting. A Tradition, to which the faithful made of oak Ried and its surroundings heuer must refrain, because of the Corona-crisis, the penitential prayer for peace has been cancelled.

A pilgrimage as a proxy for all the folks back home

As a long-standing pilgrimage Director deacon Dieter Spöttl want to offer you still be able to bring their personal concerns to the place of grace. "In the Whitsun holidays, I will represent all home a pilgrimage remained to Altötting company. I will gladly take some of your personal concerns along the way and to bring you to prayer,“ explains the oak Rieder. "In Altötting I trust the Beck and call of the intercession of the mother of God and of the Holy brother Konrad. No matter whether it is a Please, a thank you or have any other concerns.“ The deacon emphasized that everyone should bring his concerns, whether it is a regular pilgrim or not, no matter whether from the parish Association or not: "This is completely open for everyone."

"I am a pilgrim at heart"

The idea that the pilgrims of the concerns to take for other people who can't even go, "is as old as there are pilgrimages," says Spöttl. In the past it happened from time to time, that he had almost fired in the order a candle or a prayer. "So the idea is not new, but this year it is still a very special Situation," explains the 57-Year-old. "I am a pilgrim at heart, the call always, and I went constantly through my head, that the pilgrimage is not simply to fail," says Spöttl. After all, every year pilgrims between 150 and 200 believers from eichenried from Altötting.

+ pilgrims head to the oak Rieder pilgrimage deacon Dieter Spöttl since 1983.©Private

"This place means a lot to me, and I quickly understood that I'm going to make this year on the way," says Spöttl. As he did, but then I heard in the Radio that the Regensburg Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer of the concerns of the faithful personally to the mother of God wants to bring, came to him with the idea: "Then I'll take my group of pilgrims, just in a different way and offer to bring your concerns to Altötting."

In the case of the believer this came out good so far. Hardly the posters were hung in the parish offices, have already sent two people their concerns. How many of them there are yet? "I am just waiting to see what emerges."

The oak Rieder pilgrimage was 1922

The oak Rieder pilgrimage was founded in 1922. Since then, she's been never know Spöttl, with the exception of the war years, when she was banned. How they came to be, you can't say exactly, because there are only vague records. A possible cause could be a vow of soldiers from the First world war, the one have gone to their homecoming on thanks to the pilgrimage.

From the Tradition of the pilgrimage began always the Saturday before Pentecost of Eichenried on foot and by train to Altötting. So the faithful were able to celebrate on Pentecost Sunday the Holy mass and then back home. "The participants come from different places of the parish Association and of the adjacent parishes, but also from places further away, such as Oberföhring, Germering or Dachau," says Spöttl.

In October 2010, ordained deacon in

The married father of two adult sons, lives in oak Ried, and was on 2. October 2010 in Munich, ordained deacon. Since then, he is a deacon in the parish Association of the Bogenhausen district-South. This January was also the task of the spiritual companion of the deacons-in-training and their families in the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. Pilgrims head to the oak Rieder pilgrimage Spöttl since 1983.

"The pilgrimage has for my vocational journey, the deacon is essential. My experience from the encounters with people in the Faith, and my personal experiences in the Faith at the Shrine of Altötting have given me the courage and the perseverance to pass the path to the diaconate,“ says Spöttl.

a replacement pilgrimage in the autumn of

His great-grandfather was once one of the founders of the oak Rieder pilgrimage, for a long time, he held the pilgrim line. "I have admired him as a child, always very much in favour," recalls Spöttl, as a teenager, even twice went on a pilgrimage, before he was asked as a young man, whether he would not take on the line.

Even if Spöttl makes this Pentecost alone on the road – is planned in the future. "We want to make up for the pilgrimage to Altötting in the autumn, if the measures to contain the Corona of a pandemic to allow it." Eye the Team for Saturday/Sunday, 12 has taken./13. September.

Whether and in what Form, ultimately, the pilgrimage takes place shall be announced no later than mid-August, known. "I am convinced, it will be very different than the pilgrimage to Pentecost. Alone of the Season, and we are not allowed to be without conditions, on-the-go.“

contact the pilgrimage Director

The concern can. no later than Sunday, may 31 Pentecost May, to the parish office Eichenried, z. Hd. Deacon Spöttl (personally), Münchner Straße 38 in 85452 Eichenried, or there thrown in to be sent. In addition to contact by E-Mail to d.spoettl@gmx.de, subject: concerns Altötting is possible.

100 years of oak Rieder pilgrimage

In the year 2022, the oak Rieder pilgrimage you will celebrate the 100th anniversary. Ideas for the Celebration, there is already some, says Dieter Spöttl. So you think to organize a Bus for the pilgrimage, so that more can participate, who is so good to foot. Maybe there will be an updated edition of the chronicle, which is published for the 80th anniversary. "And with safety, we will celebrate a festive divine service in eichenried," says Spöttl.


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