Novak Djokovic: Rude awakening - Adriatic Tour fiasco

the Tennis-Star-apologizes - Alexander Zverev a negative impact on Corona-Virus Tennis-tournament - in Spite of the positive corona test: Berliner Tennis-or

Novak Djokovic: Rude awakening - Adriatic Tour fiasco
  • Tennis-Star-apologizes - Alexander Zverev a negative impact on Corona-Virus
  • Tennis-tournament - in Spite of the positive corona test: Berliner Tennis-organizers wait
  • FOCUS-Online-Interview - Nicolas Kiefer want to: "I was shocked, tested when I saw the Zverev-Video in the disco"

In the last two weeks, much of it seemed like one of the more prominent faces of the Tennis circus. Grigor Dimitrov, the former ATP champion of the world (2017), travelled merrily in the history of the world, from Florida across to Europe. From Monte Carlo to Belgrade, in between times a quick home to Bulgaria, then back to Croatia to one of his locations. At the end of his personal before the tour was nothing more, however, as before, on the Sunday evening exercises barged in right in the middle of the subtle lock in the tennis industry, the news that the 29-year-old star player to be the Coronavirus Covid-19 tested.

Dimitrov made his infection itself known to the world, he was on a sick bed, now back in his home town of Monaco. He wore a mask, he attacked had, and he sounded a small voice, with the message, sorry, what damage he had done. The Statement ended with the words: "Stay safe and healthy." Hardly published, reported, however, Dimitrows samstägli cher battle opponent Borna Coric (Croatia) with coverage of the same telegram, with Positive Test and good Wishes for the Rest of the world.

Novak Djokovic: Wild party night with Thiem and Zverev

From common sense and consideration for others, responsible conduct, however, had been a week earlier, not a trace. Because of the severe affected Dimitrov was just one of the many industry sizes which had gathered at Novak Djokovic's Adriatic Tour in Belgrade. Spooky, strange scenes were there in the "Lafayette"to see in the Club, a wild party night with the number one-man and Tour-organizer Djokovic, with Austria's front man Dominic Thiem, Germany's ACE Alexander Zverev. And with that Dimitrov, who had the dubious honour of being alleged as the first well-known actor from the world of tennis tested positive for been. Specifically in the case Dimitrov – he was also a case of Djokovic. A major loss event for the Tennis at all. And for the intentions of the industry to establish itself slowly, but surely, to a limited extent with tournaments.

Wild Topless Party with Zverev: Tennis Stars whistle on Corona-rules, FOCUS Online/Wochit Wild Topless Party with Zverev: Tennis Stars whistle on Corona-rules

Djokovic, the man behind the Adriatic Tour, had countered a few days ago yet the criticism of his Exhibition match with the remark that the concerns of carriers "in the West" knew not exactly know about the situation in some countries. With his Event, he dangled before a perfect world-normality, which could not be fully occupied bleachers, hand punches between the Parties, hugs at any time. Ball, children, ranging, as usual, the sweaty towels. Towels that were thrown after the Match in the crowd. And parties where shirtless dancing the night away was, as it would have given Ischgl and the consequences of never.

"On what planet Djokovic actually lives?"

cancelled While the organisation team of the Adriatic Tour, for Sunday's planned final game in the Croatian Zadar and calling on all persons who had resided longer than ten minutes in Dimitrows close to, a virus test, could Djokovic on a personal shards of the pandemic bunch of look-time. Because the 33-year-old Champion for his combat tour players from all over the world without really responsible of Hygiene and safety concept had taken, was only been the last ride of the world rankings, is missing First. A shake of the head before his pseudo-scientific Statements in a Video had to be created Podcast, which is pure thought-power, contaminated water is purified could be. In addition, the Serb had outed himself clearly as the opponents.

When looking at the recent pictures of Djokovic's Adriatic Tour, and the Party excesses had asked the Dutch professional tennis player Kiki Bertens in horror: "On what planet he lives on?" May be on a planet that he believes to determine for themselves the rules on Monday, in any case, it was also known that Djokovic in the Croatian Zadar, immediately after becoming aware of Dimitrows infection, did not want to test. Allegedly on the grounds that he have "no symptoms." imago images/GEPA pictures Alex Zverev tennis tournament in Belgrade,

had A meticulous tracing of possible Infected around Dimitrov, meanwhile, is illusory. Ball kids, tournament staff, referees, and thousands of spectators – no-one had met in Belgrade distance, hardly anyone had worn masks. The Virus seemed to have before the border with Serbia holding made, but once it was there, at one of the main parties, the Bulgarian Ex-world champion. What is revealed at the same time the Crux of the matter for the tennis world, for international sports, because with each trip, with every movement across borders, the – sometimes asymptomatic – could move Virus effortlessly.

Novak Djokovic is waiting for Corona Test

it remained for the time being, since only tournaments without the crowds, tournaments, such as the planned Grand Slam games of New York with sweeping regulations and massive hygiene regulations. Tournament operations, against the number one-man Djokovic fought back initially vehemently and announced not to participate would be as well for him in question. "Extremely" he even called the plans in the Big Apple. The consequences of his Adriatic Tour could also be done to the extreme, with a potentially major Infection. The Statement left by the creators of the event on Sunday evening to spread, to sound somewhat cynical. In connection with the cancellation of the Finals, it was because: "The health of all participants and guests coming for us first."

While players such as Dimitrov, Borna Coric, Viktor Troicki, as well as two trainers and two people from the environment of the tournament have already been tested positive for the Corona Virus, has pulled Djokovic back in his home city of Belgrade - where he wants to Test. Serbian media reported that Djokovic' fitness coach Marko Paniki is positive. How is Djokovic, the Tennis Star, in the dark.

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