Network mock Kovac-rumors - but Ex-Bayern Coach for the BVB would fit?

don't Shift a few tectonic football plates, Lucien Favre, Borussia Dortmund stay again without a title. In the DFB Cup round of sixteen (in Bremen), in the Cha

Network mock Kovac-rumors - but Ex-Bayern Coach for the BVB would fit?

don't Shift a few tectonic football plates, Lucien Favre, Borussia Dortmund stay again without a title. In the DFB Cup round of sixteen (in Bremen), in the Champions League knockout stage (against Paris), now the alleged Of in the League-most of the race. 0:1 against FC Bayern seven points behind, six-games - under normal circumstances, an illusory act. League free of charge display)

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see In the Sky Interview, Favre seemed to be on Tuesday evening of his departure to suggest, as he opened the cryptic, "to speak in a couple of weeks". He did not know how it is, said the 62-year-old Swiss said the industry reflex, the verdict: With Favre Dortmund is not a master.

the next day he qualified to be incorrectly understood: "Give up I don't think at all." Support Favre of BVB-Boss Hans-Joachim Watzke ("Currently no reason for a trainer discussion") as well as Ex-professional Mehmet Scholl, says via, "image": "I'm hard for him."

BVB will stand longer in contact with Niko Kovac

in Parallel, Sky-expert Lothar Matthäus called promptly to the successor candidate Niko Kovac, who earned Bayern the Double, but never recognition, and in the autumn of 2019 was fired. So why Kovac? "Because he is on the market, the title has won, and the League knows it. Dortmund need a coach who has won titles," argued Matthew. In fact, it should have according to the "image" is already contact between Kovac and Dortmund given; according to the report, Leipzig Julian nail man, however, is the favored solution at BVB.

As the Kovac-wave was brought, it was not long before the power is switched on in the usual mocking mode. A selection without any claim to completeness:

"Please, please, please vote in it! I could not stop for hours, laughing after the announcement." - "That makes me across multiple levels speechless." - "The BVB can't be serious! If this club doesn't need one, then even more of a loser mentality in the Form of Niko Kovac." - "Please Kovac to BVB still remember the whole Dortmund have told me what a good coach Kovac. What would I have fun!" - "Should Watzke and Zorc really install Kovac in the summer, you can log out from the game."

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see more sophisticated comments flooded Twitter, such as this:

"For me, this would be a retrograde step," - "Definitely the wrong direction" "I think a lot of Kovac, just didn't fit at Bayern. The question that arises to me: Is he better than Favre? And I say no." - "Whether there is technically a further development under Kovac is questionable from my point of view. The type of coach Kovac fit but certainly better for BVB than the guy Favre."

in fact, would be Kovac, who describes himself as an endurance of the workers, driven by the Ethos and ambition, quality grafters mentality for the Ruhr area club suitable. "To me, Kovac's way too bad. In Germany there is not many coaches that have ever won the Double," says Scholl.

Rather, the discussion at the football philosophy of Kovac failed at Bayern but also (and especially) to enervating tactical problems inflamed. His 4-3-3 System promised Offensive that was in the worst stages but control is missing, especially in midfield, the engine room of a game.

What Kovac at Bayern for undoing

it was The dominance of Bayern for the lack of it, suddenly, of domination, because static-pass sequences, there were no lines broke, and huge gaps between the team to share what values, in turn, is the connection difficult; the Take and Pass.

So, Bavaria was in - depth for the opponent first, easy to look through, to defend the second light and the third - for own attacks-a relatively easy-to-manage. Consequence: monotony in the Offensive, mostly wing runs and a single had to help actions; and part striking imbalances in the Defensive, without access.

the Biggest visible Change under Hansi Flick, the games won 21 of 24 compulsory, the counter-pressing, it is higher, orderly, and intense. So, in principle, a typical BVB gear. "For Dortmund, the point is that maintaining this style, the man has created with the fast switch, fast in the top play, free rooms," said the coaching legend, Ottmar Hitzfeld in an interview with FOCUS Online.

the Name Niko Kovac is just a gentle breeze at BVB. Would be exciting if a wind would blow. And at some point, on the football field, possibly a hurricane, which would all be smart to remain Silent.

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