NRW/Viersen: murder of a girl in kindergarten? Ex-teacher in U-detention - mayor horrified | world

After the death of a three-year-old girl in a Viersen Kita was taken from a 25-Year-old former kindergarten teacher firmly. A former nursery teacher from Vie

NRW/Viersen: murder of a girl in kindergarten? Ex-teacher in U-detention - mayor horrified | world

After the death of a three-year-old girl in a Viersen Kita was taken from a 25-Year-old former kindergarten teacher firmly.

A former nursery teacher from Viersen is murder suspect . You should have killed a three-year-old girl from the daycare. The 25-Year-old is currently in detention .

Update from 25. May, 20.30 PM: In a child day care in North Rhine-Westphalia, Viersen, died in a three-year-old girl, under foreign influence, to which a former teacher was arrested. After it became known that the 25 Years already, due to previous incidents at the focus of the determine, rowed the authorities return .

Kita-death in Viersen: no investigations against Suspicious - source speaks of misunderstanding

According to the new findings had not been determined against the teacher earlier because of Attacks on children in day-care centres. In a message by Monday evening, it was said, "neither the police nor the Prosecutor's office were before the fact, such information".

Previously, the Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported, against the suspects to be determined (see Update of 17 hours). However, this turned out as misconception , such as the source - a Person from investigators circles properly introduced. Office of the public Prosecutor and the police had to Ask after other suspicions beyond of Assaults against children comment . Similarly, the question of whether there were incidents in kindergartens, where the 25-Year-old had worked for was not answered.

Kita-death in Viersen: a governess after the death of three-year old suspect

Update from 25. May, 17 at: After the death of a three-year-old girl in Viersen daycare the 25-year-old Ex-teacher in custody sits. You should have murdered the child. Now, Details about the suspects were made public.

Kita-death in Viersen: a preschool teacher because of "previous incidents" already police

The educator should have stood according to information from the German press-Agency due to historical incidents in the nursery focus of the investigators. This Learned circles, the news Agency of investigators, the image previously reported Similar.

it is Unclear, however, why against the 25 Years was. Also what became of the police investigations, is unknown. The Prosecutor's office announced Monday in the absence of information. The exact cause of death of the girl is also not known, the image of the language of violence against the neck and chest of the child.

was The girl on the 21. April of a ambulance due to Respiratory arrest in the hospital has been brought. On 4. May died the child there. The teacher was arrested and is sitting since 20. May on suspicion of murder in custody.

Kita-death in Viersen: a suspect in the Murder of Ex-teacher in detention

initial meld of 22. May 2020:

Viersen - What looked at first like a tragic accident with fatalities, seems to develop a homicide with the victim and the offender. A 25-year-old former teacher one of Viersen's nursery sits now, because of murder in custody.

Kita-death in Viersen: three-year-old dies in hospital - post-mortem notes foreign exposure

In the North Rhine-Westphalia, Viersen it came to the police, according to the 21. April to an Ambulance after a three-year-old girl had suffered a respiratory arrest . In the face of a medically uncertain situation, the police on September 29. April through the hospital, agreed. Although the girl was revived to a report from according to the back, died it at the 4. May in the clinic. Further investigations and on the findings of the autopsy indicated that the child died due to foreign influence . An act of violence against the child is thus taken into account.

On Tuesday it was the 25-year-old Suspect , which was at the time of the offence in the municipal kindergarten activities, in the course of the investigation arrested. To have been the case, announced by the authorities, no further details. As the Prosecutor's office of Mönchengladbach and the involved police service on Friday said that the Ex-governess the day after the arrest in detention .

Kita-death in Viersen: the mayor is shown to be affected and think of daycare staff and parents

The 75,000 residents of the city of Viersen according to the message in shock. Mayor Sabine Anemüller was shocked. "The horror of the suspicion , that such a Happening could have in a daycare center occurred, leaves us speechless", the SPD-politician in a statement.

Anemüller, the mother of the deceased girl, their condolences, their thoughts were also "in the employees and employees , the other parents and children of the affected day care center. For these people, the suspicion means a severe test.“ The city announced plans to support police and prosecution to the fullest extent, the mayor. The funeral of the child took the information provided by the authorities according to already.


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Date Of Update: 26 May 2020, 01:34