Municipal Supervisory checks of annual accounts: a criticism of Ex-mayor of Wallgau | Wallgau

criticised It is a 21-point thunder from the district office: The local supervision of the Wallgauer annual accounts 2012 to 2017. In the centre of the criticis

Municipal Supervisory checks of annual accounts: a criticism of Ex-mayor of Wallgau | Wallgau

criticised It is a 21-point thunder from the district office: The local supervision of the Wallgauer annual accounts 2012 to 2017. In the centre of the criticism: Ex-mayor Hans-jörg payer (CSU).

Wallgau – For 16 years, Martin Stuhler looks at the Landratsamt in the books of the municipalities. In the autumn of 2019, the expert of the municipal Supervisory authority has examined the annual accounts for 2012 to 2017 of Wallgau. What came out of it? "The sharpest report he has ever written," according to Wolfgang Rotzsche, the speaker of the district administrator's office, without further ADO. The Black Peter is pushed at the same time still a Black part: Ex-mayor Hans-jörg payer (CSU). Him Stuhler before accused in his 21-points-thunder weather, among other things, procurement violations, lack of transparency and laxity in public meetings.

Acting mayor of Wallgau takes a position on criticism: "Not all clean,"

all of This came to the Council meeting in the house of the guest language. Particularly striking is The controversial item on the agenda was the hand-picked audience literally pushed through. Mayor Bastian pus (voters Association) argued, the individual sections of the audit report, Treasurer Hans payer then read the opinion of the municipality to the district office. On each of the 21 points of critique, the representatives of the people voted then in each case unanimously. No demand, no discussion, nothing. You almost had the impression that the gentlemen of the councils wanted to leave the payroll of the official auditor quickly endure without the noise.

Tags out from the Tagblatt addressed, acknowledges the payer's successor, that "not all were 100 per cent clean". Criticism of Stuhler was "in part certainly true," says pus in the style of political professionals, he is himself only since less than two months in office. In the city Council meeting, he referred to Stuhlers Memorandum as a "very instructive". It remains in General. The open confrontation with his predecessors, he is not looking. There were some things he could with Hans-jörg payer, by exercising.

A point of criticism from the district office: the principle of Public is not enough

So it is a point of criticism observed: "The principle of publicity must be complied with." From the Tagblatt confronted with it, underlines Hans-jörg payer, that in some of the procedures considered, should be. Often must be treated in the standard practice of things confidential, especially when it comes to "future questions".

In a conversation with the payer, you can hear easily that him and Stuhler combines, apparently, a cordial dislike. "There were two completely opposite positions," describes a payer, the tense relationship between examiner and examinee. Also, the behavior of Stuhler, will have for its activity according to the payer of € 24,000 for the County-cash-greased, didn't appeal to him. "That was no kind of cooperation." The fact that it is not time was due to this atmospheric tension to a final exchange, is significant. District office spokesman Rotzsche formulated as follows: "efficiency and cost has been omitted based on a final interview."

Another point of criticism from the district office: the award of breach costs a municipality money

What's not surprising, especially since Stuhler holds in his Dossier that "agreements are to be drawn up in written form". As a matter of course would think to the layman, but Reportedly not always happen. The Ex-town hall chief is surprised. "I don't know what he means." Another accusation that is in the room: It's supposed to be coming to a procurement violation, because the former mayor had not obtained three quotes. This is, however, necessary to state funds. Reportedly had to therefore make the municipality a reimbursement of 13 000 euros to the government.

Hans-jörg payer, is not gross negligence-conscious. "Well, that's no big stories. Much of it is explainable and justifiable.“ Not, however, the lax attitude in terms of the people's Assembly. A topic that has already been picked up for the umpteenth time, the Tagblatt. And not only there: "We point each year, we have not punished only", shall Rotzsche from the district office. In this context, he refers to article 18 (1) of the Bavarian municipal code. It says explicitly: "In each municipality of the first mayor at least once a year, at the Request of the municipal Council, more often, a citizen to convene a meeting to discuss local authority matters."

New mayor praised improvements: facilities planning town hall meeting for 28. October

"That's not gone to plan," admits the self-payer. Although he adds that the preparation for a citizens ' Assembly "tremendously time intensive". Quite apart from the chronically meager interest of the population. Payer's successor-praised, especially in this point, improvement, and has already been on the 28. October. To this date, Bastian facilities of the base would be available to answer questions. "This is to me a quite personal concern."

Nevertheless, rebuke, after Stuhlers also for the local councils of the affected years (2012 to 2017), the question of the extent to which they have fulfilled their control function. Public criticism of the leadership style of the former mayor could be heard, almost never. Apart from the times of Karl-Heinz Schwaiger (voters Association), which asked in July 2018, the administration and your boss by the request of his group, a citizens ' Assembly to convene. Otherwise, Silence in the forest – such as at the most recent meeting. At least, the local councils have a comprehensive opportunity to study Stuhlers report exactly what the acting mayor welcomed only. "To each is given the opportunity, draw conclusions from it, and to ask whether everything was in order."

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