Miraculous conversion of a team: A Kovac-set is now as Comedy

Of all the clumsy sentences, the Niko Kovac FC Bayern left behind, this was one of the most clumsy. At the end of October 2019, the Munich had won in the Cup at

Miraculous conversion of a team: A Kovac-set is now as Comedy

Of all the clumsy sentences, the Niko Kovac FC Bayern left behind, this was one of the most clumsy. At the end of October 2019, the Munich had won in the Cup at second division Bochum Oh and yet more noise, and then the game against Eintracht Frankfurt, and Kovac waited, an idea came to smother the singing whether Bavaria uninspiriertem Gebolze.

"You have to have the types of games," he said defiantly. "You can't try to drive 200 km/h on the highway, if you create only 100."

A few days later lost to Bayern against Frankfurt with 1:5.

A day later, Kovac lost again: his Job.

three-quarters of A year later, the Bavarians ran lifted players like formula 1 racing car on the motorway from Lisbon, speed limit, or non-existent. 8:2 in the Champions League quarter-final against Barcelona, an epic.

1:5 in Frankfurt: Nine Bayern players from the Barca starting line-up

In the starting lineup nine professionals, which is lost in a very, very distant past supposedly 1:5 in Frankfurt: Manuel Neuer, Alphonso Davies, David Alaba, Jérôme Boateng, Joshua Kimmich, Thiago, Serge Gnabry, Thomas Müller, Robert Lewandowski were. The only Changes to Leon Goretzka and Ivan Perisic in place of Philippe Coutinho and Benjamin Pavard were. imago images/MIS His last game: Niko Kovac (2.v.l.) with Thomas Müller (m.), and Thigao at 1:5 of FC Bayern Munich in Frankfurt, imago images/MIS Manuel Neuer had to grab at the last game of coach Niko Kovac is equal to five times behind

It was night, a Football, to the "we remember for a long time", paid homage to member of the management Board Oliver Kahn. To Be More Precise: Of Bavaria 19. Duty game victory in the series, the Double is far from perfect, the Triple close. With the same staff of Frankfurt, less Kovac, the highway analogy seems now like Comedy.

How in the world is this possible?

Bavaria success factor 1: Flick

Munich metamorphosis. "Since then, Hansi Flick, has taken over the Team, everything has changed completely," said Board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to Sky. Kovac successor to the Flick, the Father of the Bavarian triumph months, I found "education form, which I affectionately call consistently," noted Ex-footballer Mehmet Scholl, the "image".

Actually Flick acting is challenging, but not so rugged as Louis van Gaal and not nearly as manic as Pep Guardiola. Obviously, the Bayern Stars will need this guidance, however, with empathic traits, similar to those of Jupp Heynckes; the cosy Carlo Ancelotti and the kind of wavering Kovac was certainly wrong. Flick says of the Gala-Bavaria - then he shows his greatest strength Omnisport Flick enthuses about Gala-Bavaria - then he shows his greatest strength.

Flicks kind of law, "that the players feel comfortable," says Scholl. "And the players feel comfortable when it comes to you, your Position, if you like to come to the Training, if you have fun, and not permanently moved this structure in the hierarchical Structure, or in the Team. A very important point: they are used in accordance with their abilities."

The best of the many good examples, Müller, against Barca is not the only double scorer, but very much more secure.

Bavaria success factor 2: team spirit

Flick embodies the lowest common denominator, the 55-Year-old is respected as the type as a Trainer and also of those that are in the back. "It's a chemistry prevails, as I have rarely seen," says Rummenigge. Obvious, as Müller stressed the concept of community, because it creates the Basis for trust, agreement, social hygiene. Say: for victories. A football team is a complicated bunch.

"As we have played together, such as Robert at the first gate because the heart goes on me," said Müller with a view to Lewandowski selfless filing against Barcelona. "The most beautiful is actually, if you look at the players who come in, have the same Impact, the same joy, the same setting. Just Teamwork! It is important that everyone tortures himself."

Bavaria success factor 3: physical

you, and if Ex-Bayern to do-Coach Felix Magath really is empirically irrefutable Theory that the quality of originally comes from torment, gives's even sense of. Currently, the Bayern draw of a physical Constitution that is superior to others. You were able to post gains, while Barcelona fell. "Flick that's a masterpiece," says Scholl. "Bavaria has trained in the past years, but now even harder." Eight goals against for ter Stegen: Even Manuel Neuer has ridges pity Barca Keeper Omnisport Eight goals against for ter: Even Manuel Neuer has pity with Barca Keeper

Bavaria success factor 4: style

So, you taxes on national and international highways, with a dose of full throttle. Rather, the anticipatory Drive. The Flick-football is not rocket science as in the case of Guardiola, who is part of a three-systems-per-game drill and still crashing at Olympique Lyon fails.

Under the Flick of the Munich games, in fact, always the same, in the 4-2-3-1, and quasi-identical personnel, but you will crush their competitors with an intense and disciplined start-up, and therefore work against the Ball, as it means the coin is so terribly beautiful.

Bavaria success factor 5: yaw

- Pressing, possession of the ball passages, the change of position, Bayern-attack Mechanics. And who saw the sober, almost technocratic approach, this monumental result against Barcelona is to be classified, may have guessed that greed is unsaturated. "We are gluttonous," said Kahn, as he was still a goalkeeper. Has kept the Maxim. "Overwhelmed, I'm not," said Müller to 8:2.

The next game is always the next one. And, probably, the heaviest. Wednesday, Lyon, not Manchester. Deceptive feasible.

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