Mike Tyson plans a Legends Only League

Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 K. o.) could have had the popular Game in the creation of the "Legends Only League" in the sense that you look at are the similar names a

Mike Tyson plans a Legends Only League

Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 K. o.) could have had the popular Game in the creation of the "Legends Only League" in the sense that you look at are the similar names and identical acronyms, aims at a completely different Generation. Where there is currently, in addition to a website, Merchandise, and announcements at once, only one Event: The Comeback Fight of "Iron Mike" against Roy Jones jr. (66-9, 47 K. o.).

This fight is to be only the prelude to Bigger, because Tyson is not only still fit for his age, but also a business man and Entertainer. The 54-Year-old built his brand, he had and his Image to market (among other things, as a Star in an animated detective series), as a marijuana Farmer appropriate Wellness products as a pain-relieving Gel sold, and his Podcast "Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson" raised. In the show, he has not only current Stars such as WBC Champ Tyson Fury, MMA Fighterin Cris Cyborg, and professional basketball player Damian Lillard will be a guest, but also various personalities, who are more likely to say people of older generation something: actor Mickey Rourke, comedian Roseanne Barr, and of course many of the old companions from the Boxing world. Announcer legend Michael Buffer about the former rival Evander Holyfield to Five-weight-class world champion Sugar Ray Leonard. The Podcast appears almost as a precursor of legends-League: Veteran sports idols step once again into the spotlight and meet.

Following a similar pattern to work Tysons latest project. "In each athlete the desire is to continue to fight and never give up. 'Legends Only League' brings the best of the Best back in the Ring, on the court and on the field. Because Talent, skill, and the urge to compete, never leave,“ reads the website of the League. So Iron Mike suggests already that his current Company will go about the sport of Boxing and beyond. In addition, apparently, are not only planned Events, but a League with everything that goes with it. "We offer consumer products, Live events, Premium Content and all-Round Service Management for the greatest sports stars that the world has ever known," promises the website. Alone in the sport of Boxing, there is enough of the old fighters, who had recently announced to want to get back into the Ring, including Evander Holyfield (44-10-2, 29 K. o.), Oscar de la Hoya (39-6, 30 Ko) and Riddick Bowe (43-1, 33 Ko), even if that doesn't seem to be in any of these cases, to be a good idea. Maybe enough Ex-professionals from other sports stands out types of oats, to follow the path of "Iron Mike". The said in turn in a press Statement: "It has always been a dream of mine to create an athlete, to build up and to honor." His League will "support athletes in their respective sports and some of the most epic competitions, products and Live Events in the world created."

of Course, the state will come to be influenced by the legends League is crucial to whether the kick-off with Tyson and Jones Jr. the expectations of the Fans will meet. From a boxers point of view interesting, to all those who could participate, in addition to the already mentioned in the League would be, of course. With names such as Tyson and Holyfield thinks the Boxing fan, of course, immediately to Lennox Lewis (32-2-1, 29 K. o.), recently Tom Loeffler brought a Comeback of Vladimir Klitschko (64-5, 53 K. o) into the conversation (BOXING reported) and there were recently rumors that Floyd Mayweather jr. (50-0, 27 K. o.), it is possible to show fighting back would get in the Ring.

Text: Nils Bothmann

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