Mercedes dominance in Barcelona: Hamilton with the fastest lap, Vettel is quite weak

the formula 1, GP of Spain Mercedes dominated Friday The race weekend from Barcelona in the Live-Stream formula 1: The Grand Prix of Spain LIVE on

Mercedes dominance in Barcelona: Hamilton with the fastest lap, Vettel is quite weak
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Now formula 1 LIVE stream, result, 2. Free Training

1. Lewis Hamilton, 2. Valtteri Bottas, 3. Max Verstappen, 4. Daniel Ricciardo, 5. Romain Grosjean, ... 12. Sebastian Vettel

16.30 PM: That's it! Also in the 2. Free Training to dominate the silver arrows. Hamilton drives the best time. The Ferraris are way behind far. Romain Grosjean surprised with a very strong time.

16.27 PM: Vettel is again on the outside. But nothing works on the Ferrari pilots. Vettel can't improve. The last minutes of the run.

16.23 PM: Hamilton and Bottas to land after a driving error in each case next to the track. The dominance of the silver arrows, it changes but nothing. Reuters Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes.

16.19 at: driving error from Bottas, whose fast lap is the only time to go. The Finn is still is 0.287 seconds behind team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

Grosejan surprised

16.14 : You can't praise Romain Grosjean often enough. He is still on the fifth rank and the experts RUB their eyes. He drives faster than Leclerc and Sainz - in the Haas it's not supposed to be in there.

16.06 PM: Straight in the third sector, the Mercedes, the competition is miles ahead. The silver seem to be arrows satisfied.

15.59 PM: Currently, it is significantly quieter on the track. Ricciardo and Grosjean, continue bravely on P4 and P5. The last half hour of breaks.

15.54 PM: also Ricciardo and Grosjean on P4 and P5 can Convince so far. With Grosjean in the Haas was so far out in front in a 2. To not expect free Training.

15.50 In the meantime, was able to put Vettel at least to the twelfth. However, team-mate Leclerc is significantly faster on the road. The sovereign of Monaco is currently in the Top 6.

15.47 PM: The dominance of Mercedes is also clear from the fact that Verstappen has on the third position almost a second behind the two silver arrows.

Ferrari is very weak,

15.41 PM: The Ferraris, not much more currently have to report. Only three drivers are currently slower than Sebastian Vettel. Charles Leclerc is back on the 15. Rank.

15.37 PM: Bottas, with the Top time. This is Hamilton but not for long like that. The Brit grabs the first rank only a few moments later.

15.32 at: Racing Point disappointed so far. Perez and Stroller have here in Barcelona are still big problems, not able to build on the strong performances of the first race.

15: 28: As in 1. Free Training, is to fall verse also now well again, and sits behind Hamilton in second place.

15.21 PM: The world champion has pilots on Medium currently by the way, about a second ahead of both Ferrari.

Hamilton dominated

15.18 PM: Hamilton is the same with his first fast lap in the lead, followed by team-mate Bottas and Leclerc.

15.13 PM: Meanwhile, a majority of the cars out there. Vettel ranks fifth in the standings, his team-mate Leclerc moves to a best time in this 2. Free Training.

15.08 PM: Norris and Russell are the first driver, the go here on the track. Otherwise, it is in Barcelona, very calm.

15.00 PM: Continue! Into 2. Free Training!

12.33 PM: To 15.00 o'clock we'll be in touch in time for the 2. Free Training!

12.30 PM: As happens, but nothing more. Bottas and Hamilton to dominate. It verse follows fall, then the two Ferraris!

12.26 PM: Now, Vettel and Leclerc will come again - for three and a half minutes.

12.23 PM: Up to the Ferraris and Latifi all the riders are on the track.

12.18 PM: problems with Mercedes tyres. Hamilton reports that his left front tire throws leaves and bubbles. Long as he should continue.

12.13 PM: Bottas is now ahead of Hamilton. But the Briton is again out there improved his Top time of the day. A good 15 minutes still to go in this first training Session!

12.05 PM: Ferrari is around half a second behind the two Mercedes. In comparison to the last few weeks, the Scuderia can be even successful.

11.59 PM: The Ferraris are back on track and improve significantly, Leclerc moves to Position four. Vettel follows a rank later. Between the Mercedes and Ferrari Verstappen, with his best lap just behind the hotel.

problems in Hamilton

11.53 am: Hamilton is in trouble, speaks of the "vibration on the front wheels". He and Grosejan are on Soft on-the-go.

11.49 a.m.: , The two Mercedes continue in a world of their own. Only Perez and surprisingly Grosejean can at least compete reasonably.

11.45: Vettel is in the Box. The mechanic working on the rear area of the car. It will last only until the Ferrari driver comes out.

11.38 PM: Vettel runs behind only. Almost no driver has completed more laps, but he gets a simple no clever time on the track. Team mate Leclerc is significantly faster, is on the ninth rank.


11.33 PM: As expected, the way to the Mercedes in the front. Bottas ahead of Hamilton. Vettel is currently on the 16. Rank.

11.27 PM: The world champion is also out there. However, Hamilton has had no real time. Otherwise Perez, who is in P3.

11.23 PM: Now it's finally around on the track. Also Bottas is out there and then look at the top time. As usual for a Friday, testing the Teams very much.

11.20 am: Verstappen, with the fastest lap, also Latifi drives faster than Vettel. The Red Bull sprayed very many sparks. The car is not on very often, which is obviously not so good for the Balance.

Vettel early on the outside

11.15 am: Vettel has his time to once again improve. Most of them are after their installation lap, back in, but now there is something more. Esteban Ocon is now on the move.

11: 11 PM: most of The cars are now out, have completed their installation lap behind. Vettel still has the fastest lap. Have to wait the two Mercedes, who were upset after the last race in Silverstone last weekend, quite a bit still.

11.07 PM: Ferrari's early out there. Vettel is on a flying lap on-the-go and equal time on the top. Many drivers, however, are not even on the track.

11.02 PM: let's go!

10.55 PM: In a few minutes it starts here! We are of course live!

09.30: welcome to the Live Ticker of FOCUS Online and to the 1. Free Training. is The formula 1 of these days no break. Last weekend, Max verse could fall into Silverstone prevail. To the Annoyance of the silver arrows, the track on your favorite like to a double victory could be celebrated.

At the GP of Spain will want to beat Valtteri Bottas and, above all, Lewis Hamilton is now back. In the drivers ' championship world champion Hamilton with 30 points, which leads to fall before the verse. Just behind the Dutchman Bottas lurking with only four points less.

victories for Sebastian Vettel in the distance. So far, the German is coming in the first five races only ten points. That's about to change in Barcelona. There-mate Charles Leclerc, to more, and team up with a new Chassis. However, Ferrari does not expect a glaring improvement. Sebastian Vettel is expecting, for example, "no miracles".

Barca has Messi, but Bayern wins in the defense and the midfield clearly FOCUS Online/Wochit Barca Messi, but Bayern wins in defense and midfield significantly


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