McLaren Boss denies negotiations: Vettel will probably come back

McLaren Boss Zak Brown is glad to have Daniel Ricciardo those drivers for 2021 and beyond committed, he wanted to get for 2019: "We wanted to have Daniel been

McLaren Boss denies negotiations: Vettel will probably come back

McLaren Boss Zak Brown is glad to have Daniel Ricciardo those drivers for 2021 and beyond committed, he wanted to get for 2019: "We wanted to have Daniel been a couple of years ago, have missed it at the time, but almost. We have long been a Fan of him."

That Carlos Sainz would probably switch to Ferrari, has not caught McLaren on the wrong foot. Theoretically, the British Team would have to pull for 2021 in a contract extension option and the Spaniards to Stay can force. For this reason, Brown was informed very early on about the talks between Sainz and Ferrari.

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"We had to give him permission to speak with Ferrari. We gave it to him," says the American in the Interview with the Vodcast of the British Pay-TV broadcaster Sky, and stresses: "it was all very transparent."

"We have to see it a little bit to come. We spoke with Carlos in the Winter about his future, whether he wants to drive for McLaren or Ferrari. I can understand his reasons. We stayed with Daniel always in contact since he had left Red Bull. We already knew about that at the end of one of the two in our race car would be sitting."

McLaren remains: With Vettel never seriously

negotiated "We have a very good, open relationship with Carlos, his Management and his father. All of this was not a Surprise for us - what you see in mind how quickly we have announced to Daniel, and how quickly Carlos announced what he will do. This shows that this whole process was agreed between us."

it remains Unclear still how do on 13. May the rumors were that McLaren, Sebastian had obliged Vettel. At the time, Ricciardo his McLaren signed the contract already. McLaren will still be under that Vettel wanted to actually prefer - however, according to Seidl, Brown also emphasizes that you have negotiated with the Germans never seriously. imago images/Motorsport Images McLaren Boss Zak Brown (left) and Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto

"Seb is a great driver, a four-time world champion. We were in Winter very far, and knew that either Daniel or Carlos would drive for us. Outside of the two we have never talked seriously with someone. Especially as the News to Seb were then known, we were [with Ricciardo] is already very far," he explains.

Ferrari look "is not just a happy family," grins Brown. "Seb looks around, whether there is at Mercedes, is a possibility for him, or in the case of Red Bull. In the case of McLaren not Ferrari clearly is not. The next best option for Renault would be. But want Seb to a Team that will not win in 2021, probably? Then he will come back. Unfortunately."

What is behind Sainz' farewell video?

by the Way: Some Fans were surprised that Sainz has been posted on the day of the announcement of his switch to Ferrari an emotional farewell video for his McLaren Team. Many suspect a conspiracy theory, because the Video must have been produced in advance and therefore everything is a long time in dry towels have been.

The Video, however, was a private initiative of the Spanish pilots, and not by McLaren planned: "He has made a great Video. We knew nothing of it - he did all the work," stresses Brown. Only on Sky: DUEL of THE GIANTS (display)

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fact is: of Course weeks before the actual announcement was as good as clear that Sainz would like to switch to Ferrari. The Ferrari-draft contract was ready for signature. McLaren is not granted, but the release for as long as you had the signature of a successor.

The negotiations with Ricciardo had advanced to the point far. However, until specific contracts drafted and signed, offense usually weeks - finally, a number of loops in the case of lawyers in this process. Only Ricciardo really had signed up, then went all very quickly.

Because Sainz had to be Video-ready - because he knew that it was very unlikely that his move to Ferrari is bursting ...

This article written was by Christian Nimmervoll

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