Marc Marquez speaks: What he thinks of the Driver rotations at Honda

Marc and Alex Marquez will only be a shortened season, the team-mates in the Honda factory team. Honda has chosen for the future. In the next year, Pol will be

Marc Marquez speaks: What he thinks of the Driver rotations at Honda

Marc and Alex Marquez will only be a shortened season, the team-mates in the Honda factory team. Honda has chosen for the future. In the next year, Pol will be Espargaro's new teammate, Marc Marquez. Alex Marquez will switch to the LCR Team. For Cal Crutchlow to leave Honda.

What Marc Marquez has signed a new four-year contract with Honda says to these operations? "Before, there were rumors, I knew about everything there was to know," said the reigning MotoGP world champion. "Of course, you have informed me and I accepted it."

"As Jorge would have to say I can Honda no and other members of their team challenge. I'm in this Position, but I would never do that. Each driver may have the second motorcycle. It is the decision of Honda. And I respect this decision."

"I always respect the decision of Honda, because they are trying to make the best decisions for the Team and the driver. Next year I will have another team-mate, but that was also the year before the case."

"In Valencia we had this special Moment with Jorge. Honda has been trying to get the best driver available. That was the Moto2 champion. I have my career. This year, my brother is my teammate, but on the track he is the Moto2 world champion."

Alex Marquez happy about the new two-year contract

Spicy is at the entire Situation, that Honda's Alex Marquez handed before he ever has a single MotoGP race and went to the LCR Team. "It is a difficult Situation, because I have not had the Chance to show my potential," says Alex Marquez himself.

"Therefore it was my goal, for a further two years to write and this opportunity I got. For Honda, the Situation is never easy, because it is a winning team and all decisions are delicate."

at Least Alex Marquez know that he will continue until the end of 2022 MotoGP. He will also have a current plant material, and from next year, the third official factory rider next to his brother and Espargaro to be.

"I think that all of this is very good for him," says Marc Marquez on the exchange of his brother to the LCR. He knows that this will also take some of the pressure from the shoulders of his younger brother, because comparisons will always be made.

"As a Repsol Honda rider, you have to stand on the Podium," stresses Marc Marquez. "For a Rookie, it is actually normal to start with a Team like LCR. It is good for him that he will receive the full support of Honda."

"I'm happy with this decision and happy for my brother. It is a normal decision. Pol will be a strong team-mate, because he wants to fight with Honda for the Podium and victories. I am also looking forward to share the Team next year with Pol."

Marc Marquez with the Situation

"It will also be interesting to what Level of KTM and Honda. But as I said, if you stay with Repsol Honda, then you have to be on the Podium. If not, then it is a Disaster. That's why I'm happy with this Situation," stresses Marc Marquez.

Because if Jorge Lorenzo had come to the end of 2019, then Alex would see Marquez ride this year, one more season for Marc VDS in Moto2. Now he sits at Repsol Honda in the saddle and know that he will travel to the next two years in MotoGP.

"Everyone has his opinion on this," says Alex Marquez. "I can only say my opinion. My goal was to extend for a further two years. I'm happy about that. I can't say more, because I am grateful to be a further two years with the plant material in a good Team."

Evil tongues might say that Crutchlow is the "pawn sacrifice" this exchange has become history. The British emphasized, however, that he knows for about three months, and the decision for him is in order. Its future is currently still open.

"of Course, has given Cal Honda a lot of Input," says Marc Marquez. "He was long in the Honda family with official support. It is a decision from Honda, but of course it is sad when someone has to leave the Team."

"In this case, it is my brother, so it is okay for me. Cal has been working for Honda is very good. He was a key driver. But it's a Honda decision. It is not in my hands. At the moment we have Bradl as a test driver. It works very well. At the moment I don't know how the decision for the future will look like."

This article was written by Gerald Dirnbeck

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Date Of Update: 16 July 2020, 14:26