MA Club Championship: A final with two volunteer assigned Elfern | Landkreis Erding

FC wins Schwaig, 1. Open Erdinger circle championship, conducted by the Erdinger/Dorfener Anzeiger, together with MA Gold Cup. Erding– In the final of the MA

MA Club Championship: A final with two volunteer assigned Elfern | Landkreis Erding

FC wins Schwaig, 1. Open Erdinger circle championship, conducted by the Erdinger/Dorfener Anzeiger, together with MA Gold Cup.

Erding– In the final of the MA Club Championship have fired two players for a penalty, deliberately and in the most important game. Daniel Fichera clipper should bring his FC Schwaig against final gegnger TSV Gilching-Argelsried the same time in the lead. He quickly 3:0 was at the front, but Eric Buckley from came back, equalised to 3:3. A short time before – when the score was 3:2 – had fichtl Scherer received an unfair penalty. "Every Fifa gamer knows that anything can happen in this game," explains Maxi Maier, managing Director of MA Gold Cup, which has organised together with the local newspaper, this Open Erdinger circuit championship at the console. "And Daniel has set the penalty on purpose in addition," says Maier. "I didn't want this exciting final is decided by a bad decision," says Fichera Scherer. "And that it was the right one, has proven to be my opponent."Because shortly thereafter, there was the same Situation for Buckl. And he also waived a hit. "This has made me really really proud. The two could not communicate at all. Obviously, it was for you, there's no question that they wanted to get out to no advantage.“ That something like this had happened in the final, continues Maier, "shows the culture that has prevailed during the two and a half months for this tournament. It was a fun game, friendship, and Fairness.“

of Course, it also went on to the victory. Open Erdinger circle master at the console of the FC Schwaig. Buckley and fichtl Scherer separated after a "super exciting and technically at the highest level of the game" (to quote Maxi Maier) 4:4, wherein the compensation is only in the 87. Minute fell. In the second game of Hannes Empl gave time nothing to the imagination. The Schwaiger Top players won against Alper Diker, as in the quarter - and semi-finals with 5:0 goals. This meant that Vincent summer can afford a Four-goal defeat would have.

Prompt, he was also fast. Gilchings team captain Anton Michl, played by the way, with FC Augsburg (summer with Real) spurned a couple of chances for 2:0. When, finally, the Schwaiger offset, wrote organizer Maier in the Chat that the FCS can provide the champagne cold. So it finally came. After the 2:2 draw between Michl and summer, the winner of the first MA Club Championship was. The FC Schwaig can now look forward to the big Cup, the Erdinger/Dorfener Anzeiger has donated,. In addition, there are 15 vouchers for a guided tour of the Erdinger Weißbräu brewery, a Three-Liter tankard, and a case of beer. In addition, the sports Park Scholl Bach, who yesterday re-opened (see page 10) invited to attend the FC Schwaig an hour of training. With 20 man in the district League Kicker to the gym may.

But it has to be worth it for the TSV Gilching the tournament. He gets five cases of beer from Erdinger Weißbräu. "We are really proud to have come this far, but if you look at the tight games of Eric and me in the finals, might have been more to it," said club captain Anton Michl, the reactions from the environment have been delighted. "Many of the team and the circle of friends always wanted to know how it runs and fires well in the Stream. We're going to win now, so a lot of beer, of course, is all the better, because we want to celebrate with all the people, once it is allowed again, a little Firmly.“ The trip to the Erdinger football has fallen to the Trio as well. Michl: "With the boys it was really cool, because you got along with everybody well." He looked forward to Events where you can meet.

Three boxes of Erdinger to go to the third place finisher. And this is the SC Kirchasch, the sat down in the Small final against the young and Wild from the SV eichenried through. Markus Zoller (3:0 against Nico Gruber) and Richard Hehenberger (2:0 against Lucas Huber) had not decided the match in advance, so that the 1:5-swatter of Basti fell Bönisch against Tobias Dobry weight.

The young oak Rieder loose took the last defeat and to think with a certain Pride in the fact that they had the eventual Champions on the brink of a defeat. Lucas Huber: "of Course we flew in the semi-final very unfortunate, since we make no allegations. Against a E-athlete may lose as a hobby gamblers, and also times higher. Of course, we are not satisfied with taking fourth place, I think that would have any expected someone so that we would get this far. For us it was a great time. The organization was super, we had to take care of almost anything.“

A similar Statement also came from the third-placed SC Kirchasch. "We never thought we'd come to this," says Richard Hehenberger. Accordingly, the disappointment had kept to the tight semi-final defeat (3:6 against Gilching) limited. "In this Fifa mode, it has to do a lot with luck of the draw. If it would have been in the semi-finals otherwise the course of lost, we would have won. The other way was the luck of the draw in the quarter-finals on our side.“ Hehenberger, congratulated the FC Schwaig to victory in the tournament: "But the next Time we get us the title."

"will be A next Time, it's safe," says Maier, "just don't, maybe next week," he adds, laughing. Around 670 games it was handled. That was an effort, "but it was me. I got a lot of positive feedback and many new people met.“ The highlight of the tournament, Maier saw in the Fairness action of fichtl Scherer and Buckl. Very pleasant cooperation with the team had been captains. He also thanked Karim Mamo, which converts the tables graphically, and in the case of Julian Schaub, created on Fupa the tables. Around 8400 calls have had the tournament on fupa, the soccer Portal of the local newspaper,. "And to the final, which we broadcast live on Twitch, have clicked 231 viewers in."

The final word to Daniel Fichera Scherer, for the fair play campaign was, of course, "because Fairness and fair play went through the entire tournament and will soon be asked on the real football field".

The MA Club Championship

is an Open Erdinger football district championship, the MA Gold Cup and the Erdinger/Dorfener Anzeiger on the console to play. Played EA SPORTS FIFA 20 on the PS 4.

Updated Date: 09 June 2020, 15:34

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