Leroy Sané: scandal Comeback Malefactor with a crazy Statement | football

Before the Premier League match between Manchester City and Burnley FC, in the Leroy Sané his Comeback celebrated, there was a scandal. Now the offender speaks.

Leroy Sané: scandal Comeback Malefactor with a crazy Statement | football

Before the Premier League match between Manchester City and Burnley FC, in the Leroy Sané his Comeback celebrated, there was a scandal. Now the offender speaks.

Before the Premier League match between Manchester City and Burnley FC (5:0) there was a scandal. A plane flew in front of the kick-off, with a motto "White Lives Matter Burnley" over the stadium. Liverpool-coach Jürgen Klopp has condemned the action sharp. In this match, Leroy Sané* after several months injury lay-off to be Comeback:

Update from 25. June, 10.25 PM: On Monday evening celebrated the Leroy Sané after a ten-month injury break, finally, be Comeback: for Manchester City against Burnley FC. After his cross Banda crack Sané finally stood once again on the lawn. Sad this joyous Moment was already ahead of the game by a shocking action overshadowed.

A plane with the Banner " White Lives Matter Burnley " flew in on Monday evening about the Etihad Stadium. Burnley Fan, Jake Hepple was, together with his girlfriend Megan Rambadt of this action.

he Now expresses itself well to the incident. "I am 100 percent of this Banner and what is on it," says Hepple compared to the UK's Daily Mail: "I'm not at all sorry, and I am not ashamed for what I've done." However, the Briton also declared that he was not a racist . "My employer, the Association and all the other people have completely overreacted," said Hepple.

The Burnley FC had occupied Hepple after the action in live time with a stadium ban, after which he lost his his Job in an engineering office.

"is The idea of a football friend of mine," says Hepple in an Interview: "I'm not a racist . I have many black and Asian friends, and this Banner was actually inspired by the Black Lives movement.“

The offender also stated that the Banner was a response to the events in Reading. "I was angry that white people had been killed, but no one was about to fuss," said Hepple.

+ Leroy Sané (l.) and Jürgen Klopp - in short, after that knee injury in August 2019.©picture alliance/dpa / Martin Rickett

Leroy Sané: Premier League scandal in his Comeback Jürgen Klopp pissed

Update from the 24. June, 9.59 am : It's the great Premier League upsets, was on Monday evening. Now also is Liverpool Coach Jürgen Klopp has responded to the allegedly racist motivated action in the game between Manchester City and Burnley FC. "This shows that we are not yet where we want to be," said Klopp on Tuesday, the British broadcaster Sky Sports.

"It is clear that all lives count, of course," said Klopp , "but in this Moment, after what happened in America and not only there, it is not necessary to mention the extra. This only shows that you didn't understand it.“

Premier League: Leroy Sané celebrates Comeback for the scandal-game - Jürgen Klopp with a drastic reaction

Klopp added that in this Generation obviously still people who don't want to understand it. There is a need, obviously, even more effort to convince all by the idea of equality. "We start earlier, our kids used to educate," says the 53-Year-old. "We need to explain to you from the first day of the equality. Maybe we have failed in the past.“

That players and coaches would become more willing to raise their voice against racism believes Klopp . "It was never different, to be honest," he said. "I don't know of one Trainer in my whole career, ( ... ), had a racist thought, because it doesn't fit the football ." To forget from time to time to talk about the issue, because other issues come to the fore, so Klopp . "But right now it is an important issue. And I find it well, the intensity with which it is being discussed .“

Premier League: scandal Comeback of Leroy Sané - "Absolute disgrace"

initial message of 23. June, 9.48 PM : Manchester - Unsightly scene on Monday evening in Manchester. Although the FC Bayern* hot sought-after Leroy Sané* in the game of the English master, Manchester City against the Burnley FC celebrated after his last August, suffering a cruciate ligament of his Comeback.

Before the match, a bizarre incident occurred but. Shortly after the kickoff, a plane flew with a Banner that says "White Lives Matter - Burnley" (of White life count - Burnley) via the Etihad stadium .

Premier League: Bizarre incident before the ManCity game against Burnley - "Absolute disgrace"

"Holy shit, what an embarrassment. Absolute disgrace,“ tweeted the British Journalist Sam Lee taking a photo of the banner. City-Star Raheem Sterling showed up, apparently shocked, and a photo of the Banner and sided posted this Post, ironically, with the Hashtag #time browseforchange.

The players of both clubs had previously knelt before the kickoff at the center circle to demonstrate your support in the fight against racism . Since the violent death of black US-American George Floyd to police violence, hundreds of thousands of people against racism protest in the world - under the Motto "Black Lives Matter" (of Black life count).

The Slogan is also the Teams on the jerseys of all the Premier League and replaced the game name. Anyone who has organized the plane and the Banner, was not immediately known.

Premier League: Ugly incident before the ManCity game - Burnley

+ scandal reacts ahead of the game, A plane flew this Banner over the stadium.©Reuters / Michael Regan

Burnley condemned even during the game, the action explicitly. "We want to make it clear that these people are welcome. This is in no way what the Burnley Football Club, and we will work closely with the authorities to identify those responsible and to adopt long bans,“ said the Association in a statement.

Burnley'm fully behind the "Black Lives Matter"Initiative of the Premier League : "We apologise unreservedly for the Premier League, with Manchester City , and to all who contribute to the promotion of Black Lives Matter."

City won its first game after the Corona-forced break thanks to goals from Philip Foden (22./63.), Riyad Mahrez (43./45.) and David Silva (51.) clearly with 5:0 (3:0). Thus, the FC Liverpool with coach Jürgen Klopp on Wednesday can't celebrate at home against Crystal Palace in advance to the first championship in 30 years.

In the 79. Minute a changed City-Coach Pep Guardiola Leroy Sané for the strong Foden. Thus, the German national player who wants to leave the City, after about ten months of injury break his Comeback. (smk dpa)

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