Kanter sends a political message, the gateway shoes games NBA on Christmas

The multinational clothing and sports clothing have become the NBA games that are played on Christmas day in a walkway of running shoes. The companies and playe

Kanter sends a political message, the gateway shoes games NBA on Christmas

The multinational clothing and sports clothing have become the NBA games that are played on Christmas day in a walkway of running shoes. The companies and players are used at the bottom to show off the models more attractive to those who wish to provide more advertising. NBA program, a menu of the most delicious possible, this time with five matches between the teams with the most outstanding or, in the case of the Warriors, that higher interest could engender.

One of the models that called more the attention was that which led Ennes Kanter, but for reasons that are beyond the interest of the brands. The power forward steam of the Celtics played their first game outside the united States since I visited Toronto when I was a player of the Knicks on November 10, 2018. After Kanter had criticized the president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the country's government withdrew the passport. The power forward, who confessed that he feared for his life because of that dispute, did not travel with the Knicks to London in January and, after being traded to Portland in February, also travelled to Toronto to play a match on 1 march.

The shoes of Glenn Robinson in the Golden State-Houston. T. W. Henderson AFP The shoes of Lowry, with the name of their children, Karter a, and Kameron on the other, in the Toronto-Boston. Vaughn Ridley AFP The shoes of Galloway in the Detroit-Sixers on the 23rd. Rick Osentoski USA TODAY The shoes of Porter in the Cleveland-Atlanta on the 23rd. Jason Miller AFP slippers Brown in Milwaukee-Sixers. Chris Szagola AP The shoes of Paul George on the Lakers-Clippers. J. Kamin-Oncea AFP Antetokounmpo, running shoes in hand, before the Bucks-Sixers. Chris Szagola AP

On this occasion, on this Christmas day, Kanter was presented at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, in the run up to the game against the Raptors, with a t-shirt with the inscription: “Freedom for ALL”. And played with a pair of shoes that read the word “Freedom”.“It has been really amazing,” said Kanter. “I just can't describe it with words. Just go out there was more than a simple basketball game. For me, it was to go out and live this freedom”. Hours before the game, the power forward Turkish had declared: “I Want to thank the government of prime minister Justin Trudeau, the forces of public order in the usa and canada, the u.s. senator Ed Markey, the Celtics, the NBA, and my representatives for their work to make it possible for that you could play against the Raptors, and to ensure my safety in Toronto.”

The NBA restricted the color of the shoes of the players during the season even though Christmas day was an exception. Since last season, since there are no restrictions. But brands are still taking care to be overcome, and display the models more eye-catching on the Christmas day. Many of them are designed by artists and many, in collaboration with the players themselves.

“we Hope that the dynamic color of all of our teams, the socks you wear, the way they coordinate their stockings and the shoes that the manufacturers believe in its full breadth of design and color, are one more reason for fans to admire and take a great interest in this sport,” said Espn Christopher Arena, vice president, identity and attire of the NBA.

The base for the Raptors, Kyle Lowry, used sneakers Adidas Pro Model 2G with the name of their children, Karter and Kameron, in each one of them. Gordon Hardaway, small forward for the Celtics, he played with a model of Anta GH1, with the letters “RBCN” along the heel, a nod to his wife, Robyn, and their three daughters: Bernie, Charlie, and Nora Mae.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, the first international player to receive his own sneaker, Nike Basketball, was measured to the Sixers with a model Freak 1 “Soul Glo”. The model was inspired by the movie The prince coming to america, the favorite Greek player.

LeBron James, in the derby between the Lakers and the Clippers, he used the model Nike LeBron 17 “More Than an Athlete.” In its inception, LeBron used to press Nike to be in keeping with the traditional colours of christmas red and green to their running shoes. Now playing for the 12th Christmas in a row, James is looking to use the platform to expand his message “More than an athlete”. The colors blue, white and black of the collaboration are related to their companies, while the shoe encourages users to use the blue markers and black provided to write their own messages of inspiration along the midsole, and the bag Air Max coated, as James has done over the past few seasons.

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